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10 Best Pet Insurance Plans in Vermont 2023

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Seeking quality veterinary care for a sick or injured pet is expensive. Investing in pet insurance is a surefire way to add some financial security to your household. Your policy will save you from footing the full cost of an unexpected vet bill.

If you are a new pet parent in Vermont considering pet insurance for the first time, you might appreciate a little help. We evaluated popular policies to analyze their terms, prices, benefits, and extras.

Take a peek at our top 10 picks. Hopefully, you’ll find a plan that ensures you never have to choose between your pet’s health and your family’s financial well-being.


A Quick Glance at Our Winners for 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pumpkin Pet Insurance Pumpkin Pet Insurance
  • Plenty of coverage limits options
  • No upper age limit
  • No per-condition deductibles
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Figo Pet Insurance Figo Pet Insurance
  • Generous reimbursement options
  • Wellness plan available
  • Only one day waiting period for accidents
  • Third place
    Embrace Pet Insurance Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Extensive range of deductibles & annual coverage options
  • Two-day waiting period for accidents
  • High age limit for enrollment
  • Spot Pet Insurance Spot Pet Insurance
  • Highly customizable plans
  • Unlimited annual coverage option
  • No upper age limit
  • Coverage for pets with special conditions
  • Wellness plan available
  • No upper age limit
  • The 10 Best Pet Insurance Plans in Vermont

    1. Pumpkin Pet Insurance — Best Overall

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance Logo

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance is the best overall choice. This company offers an accident and illness policy and a wellness coverage plan. There are no per-condition deductibles, and the reimbursement level for all policies is 90%. Also, the company does not exclude any pet breeds and has no upper age limit. You are assured of paying as little as 10% for your vet bills, even as your pet ages.

    There are plenty of coverage limit options available. If you have a feline friend, you can choose an annual coverage limit of $7,000, $15,000, or unlimited. Pumpkin offers a yearly coverage limit of $10,000, $20,000, or unlimited for dogs. With so many options at your disposal, it’s easier to customize a plan whose premiums are within your financial means.

    Pumpkin has a 14-day waiting period for accidents and illness. While the company does not have a mobile app, its website is optimized for tablets and smartphones. You can file a claim online, and Pumpkin will directly pay your vet. A potential downside you should know is that the company has no 24/7 pet healthline.

    • Plenty of coverage limits options
    • No upper age limit
    • No per-condition deductibles
    • Direct payment to vets
    • No accident-only plan
    • No 24/7 pet healthline

    2. Figo Pet Insurance — Best Value

    Figo Pet Insurance Logo

    Figo Pet Insurance has no geographical restrictions over vet visits. You can see a vet from anywhere worldwide as long as they are licensed. Moreover, the company offers generous reimbursement options on their accident and illness and wellness coverage policies.

    Most pet insurers only allow a maximum of 90% reimbursement. Figo lets you opt for a plan that offers up to 100% reimbursement with no annual payout limits. Even if your pet requires extensive care, you don’t need to worry about incurring any out-of-pocket expenses. You can also add a wellness plan to your package to dodge the costs allied with vaccinations or desexing your pets.

    The minimum age limit to get your pet insured is eight weeks old. There is also a one-day waiting period for accidents and 14 days for illnesses. If your pet suffers an orthopedic concern, you must bear with the six-month waiting period. It is also crucial to note that Fogo does not offer an accident-only plan.

    • Generous reimbursement options
    • Wellness plan available
    • Only one day waiting period for accidents
    • Six months waiting period for orthopedic concerns
    • No accident-only plans

    3. Embrace Pet Insurance

    Embrace Pet Insurance Logo

    Embrace Pet Insurance provides one of the most extensive options for deductibles, reimbursement, and annual coverage making it easy for pet parents to find suitable policies, irrespective of their needs and financial means.

    Moreover, Embrace has a waiting period of only two days for accidents. However, the illness waiting period is pretty average at 14 days. While the usual waiting period for orthopedic conditions is six months, Embrace stands out for allowing an option to have it reduced to 14 days. You only need to take your pet through an orthopedic exam and complete the waiver process.

    Moreover, Embrace Pet Insurance plans extend to pets under 14 years. You can also benefit from accident-only coverage if your pet is 15 or older. With most companies only insuring pets under 10 years, this is a benefit you’ll want to enjoy if you have an older pet.

    • Extensive range of deductibles & annual coverage options
    • Two-day waiting period for accidents
    • High age limit for enrollment
    • No unlimited annual coverage option
    • Six months waiting period for orthopedic concerns

    4. Spot Pet Insurance

    Spot Pet Insurance Logo

    Spot Pet Insurance offers coverage only for cats and dogs. There are two plans to choose from: the accident-only and accident and illness policies. The company also offers Gold and Platinum preventative care packages, ideal for those that want wellness plans for their pets. Additionally, Spot allows plan customization through its preventative care packages.

    The coverage options you choose will influence the cost of pet insurance. For instance, you can purchase an annual wellness exam package to get exam fee reimbursement for select conditions. Depending on your chosen plan, your cat or dog can benefit from dental services up to your coverage limit. But you’ll have to settle your vet bill and then file a claim to seek reimbursement.

    Spot Pet Insurance has no upper age limit. You can insure any cat or dog as long as they are at least eight weeks old. There is a 14-day waiting period for both accidents and illnesses.

    • Highly customizable plans
    • Unlimited annual coverage option
    • No upper age limit
    • Coverage only available for cats and dogs
    • Does not pay the vet directly
    • 14-day waiting period for accidents

    5. ASPCA

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Logo

    ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a non-profit organization best known for its work in preventing animal cruelty. The company offers some of the most convenient pet insurance plans that don’t lock out pets with congenital or hereditary conditions. Also, there is no upper age limit, meaning you can find reliable policies for older pets.

    ASPCA offers a “complete coverage” plan for pet accidents and illnesses. You can also add the wellness plan to your package as an add-on. The policy allows you to seek reimbursement for dental cleaning, wellness exams, flea treatments, and more.

    ASPCA’s plans have a waiting period of 14 days for both accidents and illnesses. The extended waiting period for accidents is a potential drawback because accidents can happen anytime. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a waiting period for cruciate ligament conditions.

    • Coverage for pets with special conditions
    • Wellness plan available
    • No upper age limit
    • No waiting period for cruciate ligament conditions
    • 14-day waiting period for accidents
    • Maximum annual coverage is only $10,000

    6. Pawp Pet Insurance

    Pawp Pet Insurance Logo

    Pawp Pet Insurance gives you an emergency medical fund of up to $3,000. You only need to pay an affordable flat monthly rate and seek approval from a Pawp vet to access the funds. On average, you can connect to a Pawp vet on video call within two minutes, and the expert will determine whether your case qualifies as an emergency.

    Once approved, you can seek treatment for your pet within 4 hours. Pawp will directly pay the vet bill, ensuring you don’t have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses. This is more so if healthcare costs are within the annual payout maximum of $3,000. It is also crucial to note that once you secure your policy, you must wait 14 days before using the emergency plan.

    Most pet insurance companies don’t offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. An aspect that makes Pawp policies stand out is that they cater to vet bills related to an emergency caused by a pre-existing condition.

    • Quite convenient during emergencies
    • Affordable flat monthly rate
    • Coverage available for pre-existing conditions
    • Must seek approval from a Pawp vet
    • Only $3,000 maximum annual payout

    7. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    HealthyPaws Pet Insurance Logo

    Healthy Paws offers insurance coverage for cats and dogs in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C. The company has a single plan available for accidents and diseases. While there are no payout caps, it’s important to note that certain services are excluded from coverage because there is no wellness plan.

    On the bright side, the available plan covers diagnostic tests, hereditary and congenital conditions, and even alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic care. There is a 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses and a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia.

    If your pet is at least six years old during sign-up, it is not eligible for hip dysplasia coverage.

    If you have a younger pet, six years and younger, Healthy Paws pet insurance is an ideal choice to consider. It offers unlimited annual coverage, giving you peace of mind even if your pet needs extensive medical care. Also, the company makes direct vet payments, limiting your out-of-pocket expenses.

    • No coverage limit
    • Comprehensive accidents and illnesses policy
    • Pays your vet directly
    • One-year waiting period for hip dysplasia
    • 15-day waiting period for accidents
    • No wellness plan

    8. Wagmo Pet Insurance

    Wagmo Pet Insurance Logo

    Wagmo Pet Insurance, like other insurers, including Spot and ASPCA, have no upper age limit. However, an aspect that makes Wagmo policies ideal for older pets is the availability of comprehensive yet affordable wellness plans.

    Depending on your pet’s needs, you can choose three wellness plans with different covered treatments, annual limits, and premiums.

    The wellness plans have no waiting period, and you can purchase a policy as a standalone product. However, there is a 15-day waiting period for illnesses and accidents. The waiting period for cancer treatments is 30 days after enrollment. Once you can file a claim, Wagmo will send reimbursement via bank transfer, Paypal, or Venmo within 24 hours.

    Wagmo has an annual limit of $20,000. While this is pretty generous, you must also beware of the $10,000 limit per incident. There is also a lifetime limit of $100,000, which means you are on your own once you hit this mark.

    • Option to purchase wellness plan only
    • No upper age limit
    • No waiting period for the wellness plan
    • Fast reimbursement (within 24 hours)
    • Lifetime limit of $100,000

    9. Prudent Pet Insurance

    Prudent Pet Insurance Logo

    Prudent Pet Insurance offers three unique plans with different levels of coverage. Apart from the accident-only plan, you could also opt for the Essential plan, which has a $10,000 annual payout cap. It covers accidents, behavioral treatments, and treatments for hip dysplasia, cancer, congenital abnormalities, and hereditary conditions.

    The Ultimate Plan lives up to its name by providing unique extras, like reimbursement for advertising and reward fees if your pet is lost. The policy also caters to boarding fees if you cannot take care of your pet for more than four days because of hospitalization. Prudent also offers reimbursement for cremation, burial, and pet replacement expenses if your pet dies!

    Moreover, you can include two add-ons to your package for added convenience. Apart from a wellness plan that covers vaccinations, microchipping, fecal exams, etc., the company also offers exam and consultation fees add-on. You can tailor your insurance package to suit your pet’s unique needs.

    • Highly customizable insurance package
    • Plenty of extras
    • The ultimate plan covers pet replacement
    • $10,000 payout cap on the Essential Plan

    10. Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Many pet insurance companies only insure traditional pets like dogs and cats. Nationwide Pet Insurance has an advantage over the competition in offering coverage for exotic animals like parrots, hamsters, snakes, goats, turtles, etc.

    Nationwide offers four unique plans, allowing you to choose a package that best suits your pet’s needs. They also have a wellness plan that can help cover vet bills for vaccinations and routine care. The policy you purchase will influence the benefit limits you enjoy.

    Unfortunately, Nationwide insurance plans are not ideal for older pets. The company has an age limit of 10 years. Like most companies, it does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, your pet may be eligible for coverage if a specific disease has been cured for at least six months.

    • Coverage available for exotic pets
    • Option to choose from four unique plans
    • Wellness plan included
    • 10 year upper age limit


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Plan in Vermont

    Policy Coverage

    You must understand three important terms before getting a pet insurance plan. This will help you know the coverage level to expect.

    • Deductible
    • Reimbursement level
    • Annual payout maximum

    You must spend the deductible amount on vet bills before your pet insurer starts approving your claims. On the other hand, the reimbursement level you choose will dictate the percentage of the vet bills your insurer will pay. For instance, most plans allow between 70% and 90% reimbursement level options. A lower reimbursement level will lower the cost of premiums.

    Because of the reimbursement level options, most plans don’t cover 100% of the vet bill. Moreover, a cap could dictate the maximum amount your policy can pay yearly. For instance, a plan with a payout maximum of $10,000 means you cannot file more claims once you receive an annual reimbursement of at least $10,000.

    Some plans have unlimited payout maximums. However, opting for them will also drive up the cost of monthly premiums. On the bright side, you are assured of providing the best care for your pet, even if it requires extensive treatment.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    While coverage is an essential thing to consider, so is customer service and reputation. This may mean that having access to someone from the insurance company is high on your list. If so, look for companies that have a 24/7 telehealth line.

    Something else to consider are other people’s personal experience with the insurance company. While no company will have all 5-star reviews, it is important to look at the good and bad experiences.

    men sitting at the table discussing insurance
    Image Credit: RODNAE Productions, Pexels

    Claim Repayment

    Insurance plans have a waiting period that dictates the time between purchasing a policy and receiving your first reimbursement. While some insurers have shorter waiting periods of a few days, others require you to wait up to 14 days.

    Moreover, insurance companies can set separate waiting periods for particular health concerns. For instance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has a 14-day waiting period for accident coverage and a 6-month for orthopedic conditions. It is necessary to ensure you are comfortable with the proposed arrangement.

    Price of Policy

    Apart from the type of insurance plan you choose, various other factors can influence the cost of coverage. For instance, your insurer will consider your pet’s breed, age, and gender. Where you live, the deductible, reimbursement level, and annual maximums you choose will also dictate the cost of your monthly premiums.

    Generally, cats are cheaper to insure than dogs. The insurance cost is even lower for bunnies, birds, and reptiles. On the other hand, it is cheaper to insure a younger pet than an older one. Your insurance will also cost less if you have a female pet and not a male one.

    Pet insurance in Vermont costs between $28 and $35 monthly if you opt for a low annual maximum, high deductible, and low reimbursement level. If you are interested in a plan that allows unlimited annual payouts, a low deductible, and a high reimbursement level, the policy will cost between $39 and $53.

    Another aspect that will influence the cost of pet insurance is the number of pets you have. Fortunately, many insurers provide enticing discounts when insuring multiple pets. You can also lower costs by paying annual instead of monthly premiums or by buying different policies from the same insurance company.

    person holding pet insurance form
    Image Credit:, Shutterstock

    Plan Customization

    You can choose from the following plans if you need pet insurance coverage.

    • Accident and illness plans
    • Accident only plans
    • Comprehensive insurance plans (nose-to-tail coverage)
    • Pet wellness coverage(includes wellness and routine care coverage)

    The plan you choose will dictate the medical expenses your pet insurer will cover. While accident-only plans solely cover accident-related vet bills, a comprehensive plan covers the basics, wellness care, and a range of add-ons. For instance, you will get reimbursed for microchipping, routine check-ups, and even vet bills for chronic and hereditary conditions.

    Accident and illness plans are by far the most popular. They offer coverage for emergency health care, surgery, fractures, hospitalization, prescription medications, and even chronic conditions like diabetes.

    Irrespective of your chosen plan, your policy will not cover non-veterinary expenses like grooming, food, and nutritional supplements. Other standard exclusions include experimental treatments or medical expenses allied with pre-existing conditions.



    Do Pet Insurance Plans Cover Dental Work?

    Whether you can file a claim for dental work will highly depend on your chosen plan. Most insurers cover the cost of dental services and procedures under the wellness coverage plan. Also, you can obtain reimbursement if your pet needs a tooth extraction or dental reconstruction caused by an injury or illness. It is crucial to consider any exclusion listed in the terms and conditions of your policy.

    Does an Accident and Illness Policy Cover Pet Vaccination?

    Accident and illness policies cover medical expenses stemming from an injury or illness. However, the plan will not cover wellness services like vaccinations, desexing, or teeth cleaning. However, you can add wellness coverage to your package for your pet to enjoy these services under its health insurance policy.

    Can I File a Claim for Vet Bills from a Pre-existing Condition?

    Generally, pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. This also includes health concerns yet to be diagnosed, but your pet showed symptoms. However, you can file a claim if an illness occurs after enrollment for coverage. Just fill out the claims form in the insurance company’s app or website and attach the vet bill.

    a woman using a laptop with a beagle dog on her lap
    Image Credit: Kampus Production, Pexels

    What the Users Say

    As mentioned before, it is important to look at what people say about their experience with the insurance service provider. Our best overall pick, Pumpkin, has plenty of positive reviews. People praise the timely response for claims and incredible friendly service from the providers. Some people did mention issues with getting things covered; however, those issues involved pre-existing conditions.

    Users had similar things to say about our other top choices, Figo and Embrace. People were incredibly pleased with the service and how quickly most claims were processed. However, like the situation some customers faced with Pumpkin, some issues arose with pre-existing conditions not getting covered.

    Which Pet Insurance Provider Is Best for You?

    There are several considerations to think about when selecting a pet insurance provider if you live in Vermont. It is definitely not a “one size fits all” deal. Consider what kind of pet you have. If you have an exotic animal, your options will be more limited. Do you have an older pet? Check which provider does not have age limits. Are you looking for varied holistic options you can add on to a coverage package? See what kind of extras will be right for your pet.

    It will take a little bit of time finding the right plan. However, spending a bit of time looking at these options that are available in Vermont will save you stress and money in the long run.


    Final Thoughts

    Pet insurance offers a financial safety net you can fall back on if your furry friend is injured or ill. Even if your pet needs extensive medical care, your policy will provide a reliable financial cushion. This ensures a reduced risk of going into debt because of a huge vet bill.

    If you live in Vermont or plan on moving there with your pet, Pumpkin Pet Insurance is our best overall for having a decent range of options for deductibles, reimbursement, and annual coverage. It also has one of the shortest waiting periods for accidents. If you want a more budget-friendly option but still highly reputable, we recommend Figo.

    Featured Image Credit: FamVeld, Shutterstock

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