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11 Benefits of Pet Insurance: Is it Worth it in 2023?

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Have you ever been to the vet with your pet, thinking it would just be a normal checkup—but when you leave, you have an outstanding bill that you have no idea how you’ll pay? Unfortunately, vet care can be expensive, and there are no guaranteed prices at any given time.

Companies adopted pet insurance into their elected services because it helps to protect your pets and your pocketbook. Since this concept is growing so much, let’s discuss exactly what pet insurance is and how it can help your animals live their fullest lives.


What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a service companies offer to owners to cover medical costs. Vet care can be very expensive, especially when you consider unexpected emergencies. But even general exams can get a little pricey after a while.

Pet insurance offers a variety of policies to meet the needs of your animals, so you don’t have to fret about health care expenses.

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There are quite a few things that pet insurance does—some obvious, some not-so-obvious.

To truly understand what is covered when getting pet insurance its always worth comparing plans to see which one is right for you. These are just a few of the best pet insurance companies on the market worth checking out:

Top Rated Pet Insurance Companies:

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1. Cuts Down on Vet Costs

One of the immediate payoffs to insurance is that you can trim vet appointment costs around the board. Many traditional vets have quite pricey fees, especially if your dog has an existing health condition. Insurance coverage will reduce any output so you can stay ahead of the bills.

2. Protects You from the Unexpected

Accidents happen—illness occurs, and sometimes you don’t see it coming. As a result, emergency visits can really climb, especially if it is after-hour clinics. If you run into an issue that requires immediate care, insurance will help you get the care for your pet upfront without the extra worry.

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3. Promotes Regular Vet Care

Sometimes, you might not have the extra cash to go to an appointment. So, it makes you procrastinate, which in turn—delays regular vet care. If you’ve found it hard to keep up with routine checkups, having pet insurance might increase your likelihood of following through.

4. Increases Treatment Options

Having pet insurance can make specific treatment options a possibility for your pooch. For example, certain medications can be costly. However, it can remove a good deal from the total cost when you have insurance, making it affordable and convenient.

5. Trims Down Costs of Expensive Procedures

If your dog or cat needs something that is more expensive than regular vet care, insurance might help to decrease those costs tremendously. However, you need to make sure you carefully dive into the details of your plan so your pet is getting the best care coverage.

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6. Pet Insurance is Available to Pets of All Ages

Health insurance premiums can escalate as we age, but that isn’t always the same for pets. Our animals are covered, no matter the candles on the cake.

7. Pet Insurance Can Help You Stay Within Budget

Vet visits can be expected sometimes—and other times, they might catch you totally off guard. For example, if you come in for a general exam but your vet sees that your cat has fleas, treatment will be quite different.

8. Pet Insurance Protects Your Savings

No one wants to dip into the savings account when you can avoid it. Therefore, having pet insurance can decrease the likelihood of pulling from any accounts you’re stashing away for other real-life emergencies or trips.

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9. You Can Pick a Tailored Plan

There are tons of different options to choose from when it comes to the insurance plan itself. If your cat has a particular set of needs, you can match the right plan to your budget while covering their much-needed care.

10. It Can Reduce Pet-Owning Stressors

It might always make you a little cautious—knowing how many things could go wrong. Or maybe you know your animal is prone to a genetic illness, and you’re worried it will rear its ugly head. But, again, knowing you have a safety net alleviates a lot of the concern.

11. More Pets Could Receive Much-Needed Affordable Vet Care

Sometimes, we might push off issues if we worry we can’t afford the bills. But, don’t let this hold you back. With an increase in pet insurance popularity, it could literally make the difference between life or death for a beloved animal.

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Pet Insurance Coverage

Many companies offer pet insurance policies. So it’s good to compare rates to see which company offers the most comprehensive plan worth the monthly or annual fees.

Major Pet Insurance Companies
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance
  • Lemonade
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance
  • Pet Insurance 101
  • Embrace Pet Insurance

There’s plenty more where that came from. Always mull over your options before committing. You will want a reputable company that takes your pet’s health as a concern above all else.

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Do Companies Offer Exotic Pet Insurance?

Your furry and scaly friends are covered, just like dogs and cats. Of course, you might have to search for an exotic pet insurance company to see the costs and overall options—but they do exist. Companies like Pet Assure offer exotic pet insurance, for example.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

We think any improvement to your pet’s health is a wise investment. However, when you think about the amount you could be paying in medical costs versus how much insurance shaves off the top—it’s really worth it.

Emergencies happen to every pet owner. Medical ailments pop up with age and genetic factors. You can stay ahead of the game, just like you do with your family’s healthcare.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to health, It’s probably better to be safe than sorry. Lots of companies offer more than affordable plans to fit most budgets. You can shop around for the plan that best suits your pet-or multiple pets.

Keeping your pets safe has to be one of the most critical responsibilities among pet owners. Now, you can protect the furry friends you love so much.

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