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Boots & Barkley Cat Toys Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Boots & Barkley Cat Toys - Featured Image

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Boots and Barkley Cat Toys a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars

Durability: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Product selection: 4.7/5
Pricing: 4.8/5

Target-owned brand Boots & Barkley sells pet supplies online and in-store for cats, dogs, and rabbits, though most of their products are geared towards cats and dogs.
Boots & Barkley is known for its products’ sense of fun, quirkiness, and unique designs. When checking out the Boots & Barkley cat toys range, we found all the usuals like food bowls and scoops, but also a bunch of cute and imaginative toys like cat scratch houses in various designs, including a double-decker diner, a pride-inspired “Everyone Welcome” house, and a spaceship. We also found a range of kooky chaser wands, balls, and some cozy-looking cat caves.

If you’re considering buying some Boots & Barkley toys for your feline friend, this post shares all you need to know to make sure it’s worth your while.

Boots and Barkley is a brand owned by Target. It sells pet supplies for dogs and cats including beds, food, bowls, leashes, gifts, and toys online and in Target stores. It also offers a range of small pet, bird, and fish supplies, though the most extensive product selections are in its dog and cat categories.


Boots & Barkley Cat Toys – A Quick Look

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Double-Decker Diner Scratch House Double-Decker Diner Scratch House
  • Portable cardboard scratch house
  • Two-story scratch house
  • Fun details and the words “Feliner Diner”
  • Second place
    Glitter Fish Taco Toy Glitter Fish Taco Toy
  • Encourages play time and exercise
  • Catnip inside toy
  • Set of two taco toys
  • Third place
    Rubber Lattice Tie Dye Cat Toy Balls Rubber Lattice Tie Dye Cat Toy Balls
  • Includes 2 rubber balls
  • Withstands clawing and chewing
  • Jingle toy in the inside
  • Chicken Wooden Wand Cat Toy Chicken Wooden Wand Cat Toy
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Infused with catnip
  • Bell added
  • Pounce & Chase Mylar Crinkle Balls Pounce & Chase Mylar Crinkle Balls
  • Ideal for indoor cats
  • Crinkling sound draws cat's attention
  • Ideal for cat to chase
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    Who Makes Boots & Barkley Cats Toys and Where Are They Produced?

    The Boots & Barkley brand is owned by American retailer Target, which is headquartered in Minneapolis. Target products come from “all over the world”, according to its products and services page.

    Who Are Boots & Barkley Cat Toys Best Suited For?

    Boots & Barkley’s cat toy range is best suited to people looking for affordable, fun, and quirky products. If you’re looking to do a bulk order of toys, Boots & Barkley is also a good choice because you need to spend at least $35 to get shipping on many products.

    If you live near a Target store, you can opt to reserve and pick up your order, or you can get same-day delivery with a Shipt membership.

    cat playing with toys
    Image Credit: winni-design, Shutterstock

    Who Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    We think Boots & Barkley’s cat toys would be suitable for all cats—they’re cute and funny, and there’s a pretty decent selection. That said, if you plan on spending less than $35 on your online order, you might want to look elsewhere due to the $35 minimum order threshold on some products—especially small toys like balls and chaser wands.

    However, some Target products are “eligible to ship”, which means they do not need to meet the $35 minimum. We’d advise you to check individual products before ordering, as not every product needs to meet the $35 minimum order.

    If you’re looking for an alternative, you might want to take a look at some of Chewy’s bestselling cat toys.


    Discussion of Boots & Barkley Cat Toys

    Affordable Prices

    One of the best things about Boots & Barkley is how affordable its cat toys are. You can get some really nice small toys for just a few dollars, as well as unique scratch houses for under $20. That said, there is a $35 minimum order threshold for shipping on many products, so you’d be better off popping into a Target store if you only want a few small or inexpensive toys.

    Free Shipping for Orders Over $35

    The $35 minimum order threshold is great if you’re planning to spend more than this amount, as it means you can benefit from free 2-day shipping.

    Product Selection

    Though Boots & Barkley’s cat toy selection isn’t the biggest, we’re still impressed by what’s on offer. There are all the standard toy types like chaser wands, balls, soft toys, and scratchers in various designs and styles. What’s more, most of these toys are very creative and eye-catching.


    A Quick Look at Boots & Barkley Cat Toys

    • Affordable
    • Fun, eye-catching, quirky designs
    • Decent product selection
    • Free 2-day shipping if you spend $35 or more
    • Available online or in-store (doesn’t apply to all products)
    • Largely positive user reviews
    • $35 minimum order threshold on some products
    • Some online products are not sold in certain stores


    Reviews of the 3 Best Boots & Barkley Products

    1. Double Decker Diner Scratch House – Our Favorite

    Feline Diner

    We chose this Double Decker Diner scratch house as our favorite Boots & Barkley cat toy because of how multi-purpose it is. It doubles up as a cozy hideout and scratching post for both cats and rabbits. Plus, the design is just superb. It’s definitely a refreshing change from the more traditional scratching post!

    We also chose this scratching post based on its largely positive reviews. The cute design and fun factor have received a lot of praise, and it seems to stand up well and last for a long time, even when used by heavier cats. Not everyone was pleased, though—a few users commented that it didn’t last very long for their cats.

    • Cute and creative design
    • Doubles up as a scratch post and cat house
    • Suitable for rabbits as well as cats
    • Reasonably priced
    • Great user reviews
    • May not last long for every cat

    2. Glitter Fish Tacos

    This two-pack of fish taco cat toys is another of Boots & Barkley’s bestselling and most highly-reviewed products. They contain catnip to tempt your cat to play, and, like other Boots & Barkley products, nothing is boring about these toys—they’re brightly colored and glittery with a variety of textures.

    User reviews are overwhelmingly positive—several users mention how much their cats enjoy playing with their little fish tacos. On the other hand, if your cat isn’t a fan of catnip, it may not be interested. That said, they may still enjoy tossing and carrying these around.

    • Various textures
    • Bright and colorful
    • Contains catnip
    • Inexpensive
    • Many positive reviews
    • Not every cat cares for catnip

    3. Rubber Lattice Tie Dye Cat Toy Balls

    Another bestselling Boots & Barkley product, this pack of tie-dye balls seems to be delighting kitties across the US. They’re made of rubber to increase their durability and contain jingle balls inside to help get your cat’s attention.

    According to user reviews, these balls are great attention-getters due and are nice and sturdy, which is great because it seems that many cats (and even some dogs) are obsessed with them! On the downside, you might find them irritating if you’re sensitive to noise.

    • Simple and eye-catching
    • Contain jingle balls
    • Made of durable rubber
    • Highly reviewed
    • The jingly sound may be annoying for some


    What the Users Say

    Most of the reviews we found for Boots & Barkley’s cat toys have been positive in nature. The general consensus is that people love Boots & Barkley’s fun and quirky designs, and most of the bestselling toys quickly become favorites for many cats. Here is what some people are saying about Boots & Barkley’s cat toys:

    • “One of my cats just loves this toy. Will take the ones I give you the other cats and “guard” them for her own use.”
    • “Both of my kitties love these! They have 6!”

    If you’re interested in reading about what users have to say for yourself, check out some reviews here.



    To conclude, we consider Boots & Barkley cat toys to be pretty refreshing compared to some of the more traditional cat toys on the market—they’re certain to put a smile on your face.

    Of course, no brand or product is perfect, and not every Boots & Barkley reviewer sings its praises, but the toys we checked out seem to be—for the most part—durable, affordable, and creatively designed. For this reason, we give Boots & Barkley cat toys an overall score of 4.7/5 stars.

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