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120 Most Popular Cat Names That Start with T: Terrific Names for Your Feline Friend

Cat Names That Start with T

Whether you’re looking for the perfect “T” name to match those of your new cat’s feline siblings, or maybe your cat has a distinctive T marking on its coat, there are plenty of cat names beginning with T to choose from. There are obvious choices, like Tom of Tom and Jerry fame or Tabby for a tabby cat. Alternatively, you can pick a name that is slightly less obvious (Tommy and Tabitha, for example). You can also search for inspiration in your favorite books or your favorite movies.

Alternatively, below, we have listed 120 popular cat names that start with T to help inspire your feline friend’s new name.


How to Choose a Name

Choosing a cat name is important, which is why it can take some new owners an age to settle on the ideal choice. You need something memorable and catchy, that isn’t easily confused with the name of another pet or somebody in the house. It shouldn’t be too similar to words that you use regularly, especially when talking to your cats, either. Generally, two-syllable names are best. Single-syllable names typically sound too similar to everyday words.

You should also avoid using any name you wouldn’t be comfortable shouting in the street. Even if yours is an indoor cat, there may come a day when the cat gets out and you need to call out its name.

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Male Names Beginning with T

Below is a list of traditionally male names. They range from the very traditional Tom to the literary-inspired anthropomorphic Thumper. Do try and avoid picking names that sound like the names of family members: if you have a Tim in your household, naming the cat Tom can cause confusion, primarily for the cat but potentially also for Tim!

  • Tango
  • Tanner
  • Taylor
  • Taz
  • Ted
  • Teddy
  • Theo
  • Theodore
  • Thiago
  • Thomas
  • Thor
  • Thumper
  • Tig
  • Tiger
  • Tigger
  • Timmy
  • Timothy
  • Tito
  • Tobias
  • Toby
  • Tom
  • Tommy
  • Travis
  • Trevor
  • Tristan
  • Tucker
  • Tyler
  • Tyson

Female Names Beginning with T

The same goes for female names. If you have a Lily at home, calling your cat Tilly may cause confusion, although it is cute to have cats, kids, and other pets with similar-sounding names.

  • Tabby
  • Tabitha
  • Taffy
  • Talia
  • Tallulah
  • Tamika
  • Tammy
  • Tamsin
  • Tansy
  • Tasha
  • Tawny
  • Taylor
  • Teagan
  • Tempest
  • Tessa
  • Thalia
  • Tia
  • Tiana
  • Tiger Lily
  • Tiki
  • Tilly
  • Tina
  • Tinker
  • Tinnie
  • Topaz
  • Trina
  • Trixie
  • Trudy
  • Tulip
  • Twilight
  • Twinkle
  • Twyla
  • Tyra
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Food-Inspired Names

Food-inspired names are popular with cat owners, and whether you’re a keen amateur home cook, a professional chef, or you just love to eat, what better way to show off your love of the culinary arts than to give your name a food or cooking-inspired moniker.

  • Tabasco
  • Taco
  • Taffy
  • Tahini
  • Tamale
  • Tangelo
  • Tangerine
  • Tart
  • Tapioca
  • Tarragon
  • Tater
  • Tater Tot
  • Tayberry
  • Tea
  • Tempeh
  • Tempura
  • Teriyaki
  • Thyme
  • Tiramisu
  • Toast
  • Toffee
  • Tofu
  • Tomato
  • Tootsie
  • Tortellini
  • Tortilla
  • Treat
  • Trifle
  • Truffle
  • Tuna
  • Turnip
  • Twinkie
  • Twix
  • Twizzler
  • Tzatziki

Historical Names

You don’t have to be into history, or even be able to list all of the former Presidents, to choose a name inspired by historical figures. Below are names inspired by historical figures or events that can make great cat names. Alternatively, pick your favorite period from history and find a name or location beginning with T, try it out for a few days to see if it rolls off the tongue, and use it for inspiration for your cat.

  • Teddy
  • Tesla
  • Thatcher
  • Thomas
  • Tiberius
  • Tinker
  • Tolstoy
  • Truth
  • Tubman
  • Tycho
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Image By: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

Names Inspired by Movies and Books

Books, movies, and other forms of modern culture can provide great inspiration when naming pets. You can name your cat after your favorite author, an epic character from a movie, or after a famous cat that has appeared in literature. Below are some examples of cat names beginning with T that have been inspired by films and literature as well as the creators of these pieces of work.

  • Tabitha
  • Tesseract
  • Thor
  • Thoreau
  • Tigger
  • Tinkerbell
  • Titan
  • Tolkien
  • Tom
  • Tom Kitten
  • Twain
  • Twitchit
  • Tybalt

Do Cats Respond to Their Names?

Cats are intelligent animals, and most will learn their names quite quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that they will always respond to their names when they hear them called. Cats are quite independent and if yours is super busy basking in the sun or laying on the couch, it may choose not to listen. It doesn’t mean that the cat hasn’t heard or understood its name, it has just decided that whatever it is doing is more important than responding.

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Image Credit: Sviatoslav_Shevchenko, Shutterstock

Can You Rename a Cat?

Generally, it is a good idea to avoid renaming a cat, but if you have adopted an older cat, you may be stuck with a name you don’t like, or you may not even know the cat’s name in the first place. It is possible to change a cat’s name, but don’t expect your feline friend to respond to the new name straight away. Try to choose something similar to the original name and start by using both the existing name and the new name when calling your cat.

Over time, you can start to drop the old name and just use the new name. It can take weeks or even months for your cat to transition to a new name.



Naming your cat is an important element of getting a new pet, and considering most domestic cats will live around 15 years, it is a name that you are going to be using for a long time. Choose something memorable and make sure you are comfortable calling the name outside your house. Don’t choose a name that might be easily confused with another name in your household.

Beyond that, you can be as creative or original as you like. Alternatively, you can go the more traditional route and give your cat what might be considered a traditional cat’s name.

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