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Can Parrots Eat Cucumbers? What You Need to Know

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Parrots have strict (and sometimes confusing) dietary needs. If you want your parrot to live a long and healthy life, they must be fed correctly. Often, this includes providing a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies.

Cucumbers are healthier options for parrots, though that doesn’t mean they should be provided all the time. They can make good additions to your parrot’s fresh food rotation. However, a varied diet is the best way to go with most parrots.

There are a few complexities to feeding your parrot cucumber, though. In this article, we look at everything that you need to know about feeding your parrot cucumbers.


What Kinds of Cucumber Can Parrots Eat?

Parrots can eat most types of cucumber. They can eat raw, boiled, mashed, and sliced cucumber. You don’t have to remove the seeds, as they are not toxic to birds. This is not true about the seeds of most veggies, though, so don’t assume that all seeds are safe.

The only potential issue with cucumber is the peel. If you purchase your cucumbers from a store, the peel may be covered in wax and pesticides. You should wash it before giving cucumber to your bird.

We recommend peeling most cucumbers entirely, as you can never know if you’ve completely removed all the pesticides and wax. For your parrot, it is better to be on the safer side of things.

sliced cucumbers
Image By: monicore, Pixabay

How Much Cucumber Can Parrots Eat?

Cucumber should only be a supplement to the parrot’s usual diet. You want to feed your parrot a variety of different foods. A varied diet helps them consume various vitamins and minerals, which are essential for their overall health.

Many parrots are prone to deficiencies and obesity, especially if they are fed inappropriately.

Pellets should make up the majority of your parrot’s diet. At least 75% of what they eat should be made up of pellets. This commercially available food is specifically designed for parrots. It is fortified with the nutrients that they need, which helps prevent deficiencies.

While cucumbers are great, they don’t contain everything that your parrot needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t let them push out the more balanced pellets. However, the remaining 25% of a bird’s diet can be made up of fruits and veggies. Seeds may be given occasionally, but cucumber is a much better choice.

That doesn’t mean you should feed your parrot a diet consisting of 25% cucumbers. You should choose a variety of veggies instead, with cucumber being one of your options.

Parrot Eating
Image By: Tanuj_handa, Pixabay

Can You Feed a Parrot Too Many Cucumbers?

Yes, but luckily, the short-term consumption of high amounts of cucumbers shouldn’t be too troublesome for most parrots. If they overeat cucumbers once or twice, they likely won’t experience much of a problem.

Cucumbers are primarily made out of water. This helps keep your bird hydrated, but they can overeat watery cucumber, which may give them diarrhea. This ailment is prevalent if your parrot isn’t eating enough fiber-rich foods to counteract the watery cucumber.

If you feed cucumber to your parrot, consider adding a veggie that is lower in water. This combination will help balance your pet’s diet. Pellets also tend to have a large amount of fiber, though if they have enough will depend on the exact pelleted mix.

While diarrhea isn’t necessarily troublesome for all species, it can be a severe problem for some parrots. Birds aren’t good at cleaning themselves. If their cage isn’t cleaned by their owner, they may be more prone to infections. In some cases, a dirty cage may attract bugs, which can lead to troublesome outcomes.

For this reason, we don’t recommend feeding your pet cucumber if they get diarrhea from it. It may be a sign that cucumber doesn’t settle well in their stomach.

parrot eating cucumber
Image Credit: David Mark, Pixabay

Benefits of Cucumbers

If your parrot can handle cucumbers, there are many benefits to including a small amount in their diet.

Like many veggies, cucumbers are high in nutrients of all sorts. They contain quite a bit of vitamin C and many other vitamins. They tend to be denser than other options out there, even though they have such high water content.

They are also high in antioxidants. These prevent oxidization damage, which is associated with a variety of different illnesses and diseases. They’re beneficial to people and parrots. Your parrot can’t really overeat antioxidants either. Typically, more is better.

Cucumbers are high in moisture, which can help parrots stay hydrated. However, most parrots don’t need help staying hydrated, so this isn’t helpful in most cases.

Cucumbers are among the easiest veggies to serve parrots. They’re also straightforward to consume, especially if the bird is younger.

Do You Need to Prepare Cucumbers for Parrots?

Cucumbers don’t need much preparation before they are given to your feathered friend. However, we do recommend peeling it and chopping it up into small pieces. This isn’t officially necessary. But it will make cucumber a bit safer and easier for your bird to eat.

The cucumbers seeds do not need to be removed. They are entirely safe for parrots, even in higher amounts. Many parrots will love picking them out, which can add to the entertainment factor of the food.

vertically sliced cucumbers
Image By: Alexei Chizhov, Pixabay

What Cucumbers Are Potentially Dangerous?

Cucumbers are incredibly safe for most parrots. There isn’t much that can make them dangerous. The seeds aren’t even a risk!

However, there are a few ways that cucumbers can be dangerous for birds.

In many cases, this involves adding something extra to the cucumbers. While plain cucumbers are suitable for parrots, any extras typically aren’t great. For instance, you shouldn’t add salt to the cucumbers before giving them to the parrot.

While a bit of extra salt is okay for us humans, it isn’t okay for our feathered friends. Their smaller body weights can make salt potentially dangerous if it is overfed — and it is easy for owners to give too much to their birds.

Therefore, we recommend not providing anything extra alongside the cucumbers. Plain cucumbers should be given only. Any seasonings or extras should be avoided.

You also shouldn’t feed your parrot pickled cucumbers. These cucumbers are often too high in sodium and usually have extra additives that may not be highly healthy for your parrot. Many pickled cucumbers are flavored, which also makes them unsafe.

Fried cucumbers should be avoided as well. As you can imagine, fried foods aren’t good for parrots. They may upset your parrot’s stomach. Even if the excessive fat doesn’t affect them, it isn’t good for them.

People are usually fine with small amounts of fried cucumber. However, birds are much smaller, so it takes far less for parrots to become affected by these foods. Even a small amount of fried food can seriously upset a parrot’s stomach.


Feeding Cucumbers to Your Parrot

Parrots can benefit quite a bit from cucumbers. They’re tasty and nutritious. Their high-water content means that they shouldn’t be fed in high amounts because they can cause diarrhea. Cucumber can be a suitable part of a balanced diet, though it shouldn’t make up the majority of it.

We highly recommend putting cucumber in your parrot’s food rotation. You can safely feed cucumber in small amounts a few times a week, preferably alongside a high-fiber vegetable or fruit. Since cucumbers are so watery, we don’t recommend feeding them alongside another watery veggie.

You should only feed plain cucumber to your parrot. Don’t add salt or any other seasonings. Use fresh cucumbers, not pickles or fried cucumbers. Fresh ones are the best option, as they don’t contain any extras and provide the maximum amount of nutrition.

Many parrots love cucumbers and will readily eat them. But some don’t. There is little reason to force your parrot to eat cucumbers if they don’t want to. This veggie is nutritious, but your parrot will be fine if they don’t eat cucumber.

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