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10 Best Cat Commercials & Ads: A Look Back in Time

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Ever since humans discovered the collective draw of cats, these adorable creatures have been used to tug at the heartstrings (and pockets) of consumers everywhere. Thankfully, the internet has allowed us to preserve the various cat commercials and ads for all to appreciate for years to come.

We’ve rounded up the best ones for your enjoyment, so grab your popcorn, and let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Here are some of the most memorable cat commercials ever made.


The 10 Best Cat Commercials & Ads of All Time

1. Cravendale “Cats with Thumbs” (2013)

Cravendale Milk gave us one of the funniest cat commercials to date by answering a bizarre question: what if cats had thumbs? The commercial featured cats using their newfound opposable thumbs to create a cat army and steal milk. It was surreal, entertaining, and cemented Cravendale in the minds of viewers everywhere.

2. O2 “Be More Dog” (2013)

O2 took a unique approach by urging cats to “Be More Dog” in this memorable commercial. The ad features cats acting like dogs—chasing cars, swimming, and jumping after frisbees—all while using Queen’s classic song “Flash” as the soundtrack. It was a fun and energetic ad, perfectly reflecting O2’s message of embracing change and being more adventurous.

3. McVities Digestives “Kittens” (2014)

In this sweet and soft-focused commercial, McVities Digestives compared their biscuits to something even more heartwarming—kittens!

With the theme of “sweet,” the advertisement showcases kittens adorably popping out from a packet of biscuits, and it’s nothing short of a serotonin booster. The kittens were a hit, and the biscuit company clearly succeeded in leaving viewers feeling warm and fuzzy.

4. Wells Fargo “Suspicious Activity” (2019)

Cats or dogs? The age-old debate that divides households found its way into this hilarious Wells Fargo commercial. The ad captures the moment a cat owner discovers a suspicious dog-related transaction on her card, much to her cat’s disappointment.

The commercial brilliantly presents Wells Fargo’s alert system while amusingly showcasing the dynamics between a cat lover and her feline companion.

5. E-Trade “Sneezing” (2011)

E-Trade tapped into the allure of cats and babies to advertise a traditionally dull topic—investing. The memorable commercial features a talking baby discussing stocks and investments.

And for good measure, there’s also a sneezing cat named Pepper, adding a healthy dose of humor to a complex subject. The ad effectively used Pepper’s adorable sneezing antics to ensure audiences remembered E-Trade.

6. DirecTV “MEOW” (2018)

Who better to feature in a cat commercial than one of the biggest cat lovers in the world, Taylor Swift? DirecTV smartly played up Swift’s love for her cats, Meredith and Olivia, in this hilarious ad, where the pop star finds her feline friends upset after being left in the dressing room.

The commercial was not only full of charm and humor but also a clever way to market DirecTV’s services. Fans of Taylor’s cats loved every second of it, and non-fans were introduced to a dynamic duo that stole the hearts of millions.

7. GoPro “Laser Cats” (2012)

GoPro’s creative team took a simple concept—a cat chasing a laser pointer—and turned it into a gripping, action-packed adventure. This ad ingeniously highlighted the product’s features, demonstrating the camera’s high-resolution capabilities and stability in capturing fast-paced action. The cats’ playful antics, coupled with dramatic music, made this commercial unforgettable.

8. Hill’s “Moto: A Love Story” (2020)

In this tear-jerking ad, Hill’s, the pet nutrition company, used animation to tell a heartfelt tale of unconditional love between a pet owner and her cat, Moto. Even though it was technically about Moto’s diet, the commercial brilliantly showcased the deep bond between humans and cats, leaving viewers with a strong emotional connection to the brand.

9. Temptations “All It Takes Is a Shake – Holiday Catsequences” (2019)

This hilarious ad, part of Temptations’ “Careful What You Shake” series, features a horde of cats stampeding after a little boy shakes a present full of Temptations treats on Christmas day. The sight of domestic cats transforming into a wild animal stampede was brilliantly comical and showcased the irresistible appeal of the cat treats.

10. EDS “Cat Herders” (2000)

Debuting as a Super Bowl ad, this commercial from EDS features a group of rugged cowboys herding cats across the prairie, a comedic spin on the phrase “herding cats”. The ad cleverly illustrated the challenges of managing data and won multiple awards, including an Emmy nomination, proving the power of humor and cats in advertising.



These are just a few of the memorable commercials that harnessed the power of cats to reach audiences. Advertisers who tapped into our love for these furry companions created campaigns that not only entertained us but left lasting impressions. From kittens to laser chases, these ads remind us why cats continue to rule the internet—and our hearts.

Featured Image Credit By: RAW-films, Shutterstock

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