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Cheerble Wicked Ball Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Our Verdict

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Our Final Verdict

We give Cheerble Wicked Ball a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 5/5
Safety: 4/5
Value: 5/5

Step into the future of pet entertainment with the Cheerble Wicked Ball, a must-have in the realm of interactive toys for our beloved four-legged companions. In a market flooded with conventional pet toys, the Wicked Ball stands out as a unique and interactive device designed to endlessly engage and entertain your pets.

Since 2017, Cheerble has been committed to fostering joy and engagement between pets and their human counterparts. Cheerble has become a trusted name in the industry, with their core values being pet-oriented. The Cheerble Wicked Ball SE, their latest creation, embodies this dedication.

Designed with both dogs and cats in mind, the Wicked Ball is set to captivate the hearts of pet owners seeking a dynamic and entertaining way to enrich their furry friends’ lives. Its intelligent design, combining unpredictable movements and interactive features, ensures hours of stimulation, making it an ideal choice for pets with varying energy levels and play preferences.

What sets this ball apart is its ability to roll, spin, and jolt, captivating the attention of even the most discerning pets.


About Cheerble

Cheerble Wicked Ball - product box

In 2017, a group of self-proclaimed “pawrents” wanted to create new, innovative ways pet parents can interact with their fur babies. With technology overtaking every industry, the founders of Cheerble believe the pet space should be no different. Their goal in mind was to create tech-forward pet products designed to “cheer pets up”, hence their name.

Their first creation was a moving bone-shaped toy that responds to different touch from your pet or from an app controlled by the owner. From there, Cheerble grew to more variations of technology-based pet products. Now, hundreds of thousands of pet parents spoil their fur babies with these high-tech toys.


Now, if you’re like me, I usually pick out pet toys that are on the bottom shelf in the discount section. Toys in my house usually last a maximum of 6 minutes, so why spend a lot of money on something that is bound to be destroyed? So, when I saw the price of $39.99, my first thought was that I would never spend that much on a dog toy. However, the experience we’ve had last week definitely justifies the price. The durability and endless entertainment the Wicked Ball is providing are worth every penny.


Upon arrival, you will receive a little box that contains the manual, the charging cord, and the ball, of course. The ball comes charged and ready to go so your pet can immediately start to enjoy it. The manual is easy to follow. There are 3 interaction modes – passive, normal, and gentle. Switching between modes couldn’t be easier and the bright colors are fun to watch.


  • Durable rubber
  • Water-proof
  • 3 interaction modes
  • Fun, random movement
  • Ideal for toy-small dogs
  • Rechargeable

In Summary

  • Durable
  • Decent battery life
  • Potential choking hazard (for larger dogs)


Key Features

Cheerble Wicked Ball - cat sniffing the product


Pet toys don’t last long in our house. We also have a dog, Tater Tot, who has a history of ingesting foreign objects. One instance even led to an emergency surgery. So, we are diligent in monitoring her playtime with her toys to prevent another surgery. All of my dogs have put this toy through the ringer, and you can’t even tell.

Automatic and Interactive Modes

The Cheerble Wicked Ball SE offers 3 modes to keep your dog busy. The “Gentle” mode means slow rolling and shaking when touched. The “Normal” mode means the ball will jump and roll around without needing to be touched by your pet. The “Passive” mode makes the ball jump around on contact.


The Wicked Ball SE comes in two different sizes and a variety of colors. The two sizes are perfect, depending on if you have a small or large dog.


Is Cheerble Wicked Ball a Good Value?

I usually go for the cheaper toys since they don’t last long. However, the Cheerble Wicked Ball is definitely worth the extra money. The ball is extremely durable and I can’t remember the last time a toy entertained my pets as much as this one. An added bonus is that you don’t have to constantly and repeatedly throw the ball for them.

Cheerble Wicked Ball - tater tot wanting to play the product



Can the Cheerble Wicked Ball be used outdoors?

Absolutely! Given that the ball is durable and waterproof, the toy can easily withstand the outdoor elements. However, if you have longer grass, the ball may have some difficulty moving around compared to flat carpet or hardwood.

How do I charge the Wicked Ball?

The Cheerble Wicked Ball comes with a charging cable. The metal port is inserted directly in the center and will flash to confirm charging. The manual does say to use caution when inserting the charger and emphasizes the importance of a 90° angle when plugging in as it does seem a little fragile.


Our Experience With Cheerble Wicked Ball SE

When it comes to dog toys, my husband and I are very particular. Our small dog, Tater Tot, has the bad habit of eating things that aren’t necessarily edible. A few years ago, she decided to eat the stuffing from one of her dog toys and earned herself an expensive, emergency surgery to remove a blockage. So, since then she has limited access to toys and can only have ones that are labeled as durable. The Cheerble Wicked Ball SE has honestly been such a great experience with no complaints.

While the version I received was meant for small dogs, my entire crew is completely obsessed with this toy. My four cats and two other dogs love this ball. I can’t even hide it from them while it’s charging without one of them whining for it. My pets are even happy to play with it even if it’s not jumping and moving around.

My biggest dog, Annie, loves to chew and roll around with the ball. This version is meant for small dogs, so it is not technically made for a dog her size. I did become a little nervous about choking as it is a small ball. If Annie were any bigger, I probably would be hesitant to leave her with it unattended. Cheerble does make it clear to supervise your pets while they play with the Wicked Ball, but I think that should be a standard rule for any toy.

My other dog, Oakley, who normally is indifferent to toys, was seen prancing around with the ball flaunting it to her siblings. The battery life is good and will last around an hour of play. This does vary based on the mode the ball is set on and how much interaction it has.

I was surprised by how much the ball could move, shake, and jump around. The bright colors that flash with movement make my pets even more excited. The version we got is Cheerble’s new and improved Wicked Ball SE. The company reports enhanced durability, 40% bouncier, new textured surface, reduced noise, and lighter weight compared to the first generation Wicked Ball. I have no complaints when it comes to this ball and I think my pets would agree. As a veterinary technician, I appreciate the added mental stimulation the toy provides. The durability gives us peace of mind since Tater Tot has a toy she absolutely loves without the risk of ingestion. The Wicked Ball SE has officially replaced all the toys in our home and has made a great addition to our pet’s playtime.

Cheerble Wicked Ball - showing the product to pets



The Cheerble Wicked Ball SE is a stellar product in the world of interactive pet toys. The ball is designed with safety and pet stimulation in mind. Enhanced durability combined with unpredictable movements means endless play for our pets without the risk of breaking apart.

While pricier than traditional pet toys, the value speaks for itself. The ball was designed to last. Some pets become bored with toys after the initial excitement, but I’ve seen firsthand that the interactive modes keep pets entertained and wanting more.

The durability, flashy colors, exceptional battery life, and fun movements all combine to create your pet’s next favorite toy.

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