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8 DIY Ferret Playpen & Playground Plans (With Pictures & Instructions)

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)If you have ferrets, you know just how much they love to play. For times that you aren’t able to play with them, it’s helpful to have a ferret playground or playpen where they can be active and play to their heart’s content. But buying a good ferret playground or playpen can be expensive, and sometimes they just aren’t that exciting.

So, why not build a playground or playpen that specifically meets your ferret’s needs? Even if you’re only moderately good at DIY projects, you should be able to find a playground or playpen below that’s easy enough for anyone to build. Check out the plans we’ve found and get inspired to create the perfect play area for your pet!


The 8 DIY Ferret Playpens & Playgrounds

1. DIY Ferret Tunnel On The Wall by Pet DIYs

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Pet DIYS

Skill level: Advanced
Materials Needed: PVC pipe, paint, flexible plastic pipe, PVC connectors, duct tape, screws
Tools needed: Drill, saw

This ferret tunnel is a bit on the advanced side, but once it is finished, your ferrets will be in heaven! PetDiys shares a simple explanation of how to make this tunnel, and though it requires some advanced skills, overall, it appears not to involve a lot of work. All that’s required are some PVC pipes and flexible plastic pipes that are cut into different sizes, then connected and set to the wall.

2. DIY PVC Playpen by Instructables

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Instructables

Skill level: Intermediate
Materials Needed: PVC pipe, PVC elbow, PVC tee, mosquito net, cable tie, PVC cement, rubber mat
Tools needed: Scissors, saw, brush, cutting list

While this DIY playpen was technically created for a child, it should work equally well for your ferrets, so long as you modify the top so they can’t escape. Plus, at a total cost of approximately $20, it is a steal! While this may look a bit complicated with the cutting of the PVC, you should only need some intermediate skills to put this one together. Just remember to complete the playpen by adding lots of toys and comfy places, so your ferret can play. You can check out the instructions on Instructables Living.

3. DIY Cardboard Ferret Castle by Schroeder Family

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Schroeder Family

Skill level: Beginner
Materials Needed: Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes
Tools needed: Utility knife, hot glue gun

If you’re working with beginner DIY skills, this cardboard ferret castle put together by the Schroeder Family will be right up your alley (and your ferrets will love it!). All you need are a bunch of boxes and a couple of tubes for this masterpiece. Stack them together in different formations till you find the one you like, cut out holes big enough for ferrets to go through, then glue it all together. Just remember to clean up any strings of glue so your ferrets don’t eat them. You can even decorate the castle if you’re feeling ambitious!

4. DIY Infant Gym Ferret Playground by Pet DIYs

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Pet DIYS

Skill level: Beginner
Materials Needed: Infant gym, ferret toys, lanyard clips
Tools needed: Scissors

This ferret playground by PetDiys is so incredibly simple to put together. You’ll need to have an infant gym, but once you’ve acquired that, all you need to do is remove any of the infant toys that aren’t suitable for ferrets and replace them with ferret toys! You can even poke holes in the side of the gym for your ferrets to climb through to make it even more fun.

5. DIY Ferret Ballpit Bag by Ferretocious

Skill level: Beginner
Materials Needed: Ballpit balls, pop-up mesh bag
Tools needed: None

If there’s not a lot of time to build a big playpen or playground, and you want something small and quick that will work in a pinch, this easy ballpit bag is just the thing. All you need is a pop-up mesh bag with a zip to throw balls into, and you’re done! Just don’t put too many balls, or your ferrets will be drowning in them. Ferretocious had this bright idea; you can check out their ferrets trying out their tiny new playpen here.

6. DIY Ferret Race Track by DIY Daddy

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: DIY Daddy

Skill level: Intermediate
Materials Needed: Gutter extenders, PVC pipe, duct tape
Tools needed: Hot glue gun, wall fasteners, something to cut pipe with, drill

This race track from DIY Daddy is another fun pipe-on-the-wall playground for your ferret. While some work is involved, it should only take around 2 hours to put together. Just cut off the ends of the pipes, put them together however you’d like with hot glue, and reinforce them with duct tape. Then attach to the wall and cut in some air holes for your pet. A great thing about this one is that you can work it so that a pipe attaches directly to your ferret’s cage, and they can go in and out whenever they want.

7. DIY Ballpit Playpen from Imgur

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Imgur

Skill level: Advanced
Materials Needed: PVC pipe, mesh, zip ties, foam mat, foam, ball pit balls
Tools needed: Hot glue gun, pliers, or utility knife

While this ballpit playpen was also created for a child, it would make a great playpen for your ferrets—though one for when you can keep an eye on them, unless you want to modify this to add a door and some mesh to the top. It is a bit of work and will take a while to put together, but your ferrets will have a blast in it! Putting together the PVC pipe shouldn’t take long; it’s attaching the mesh that seems to take a bit of time. While the guy who made this used zip ties to attach the mesh, you could also try hot glue to attach instead. Once it’s assembled, just toss the balls and your ferrets in, then enjoy the fun.

8. DIY Milk Crate Ferret Playhouse by Pet DIYs

DIY Ferret Playpen and Playground
Image Credit: Pet DIYS

Skill level: Intermediate
Materials Needed: Milk crates, plastic tube, zip ties, wood, fabric
Tools needed: Something to cut through crates, measuring tape, saw, scissors, hot glue gun, something to sand plastic with

This playhouse on PetDiys is fairly simple but involves a bit of work to put together. You don’t need a lot of material for this one, so it will be relatively cheap to set up. Just take a few milk crates (however many you want) and cut out the sides so you can weave the plastic tube through them. You’ll need to sand away the rough edges on the crate holes so there are no sharp edges. Stack crates, so the holes line up, then fasten them together with zip ties. The wood and fabric are to cover the floors of the crates, so your ferrets don’t get caught in the crate’s holes.



There’s no need to purchase a ferret playpen or playground if you don’t want to. Instead, you can put together a unique place for your ferrets to play. Even if you didn’t find an idea you loved on this list, you could use what’s here to spark your creativity and make a DIY ferret playpen or playground with materials you have lying around!

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