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5 DIY Horse Jumps You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Commercial horse jumps can be expensive and complicated, especially for someone new to working with their horse. Whether you want to save money or practice jumping your horse before buying equipment, there are many DIY horse jumps that you can make yourself. Here are five DIY horse jumps you can build today.

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1. A Basic Wooden Jump

This DIY horse jump can be created using 1×1 lumber and a 6-foot wooden dowel or something similar. Cut the 1×1 lumber into four pieces of equal size (at least 2 feet in length), then make a cross with two pieces of the lumber and nail them together. Do the same thing with the other two pieces of lumber so you have two crosses.

Place the crosses on the ground so the two legs act as the support, then lay your long dowel crosswise over the crosses. The low height of this jump is suitable for young horses, ponies, and adults that are just learning to jump for the first time.

2. An Adjustable Horse Jump

If you want to train your horse to jump at different heights without having to utilize multiple different pieces of equipment, this DIY horse jump is the one for you. Cut a piece of 4×4 lumber in half to use as your jump posts. Use short pieces of 2×4 to create a base around one end of each 4×4 so the 4x4s stand up erect.

Then, find thin dowels of at least 4 inches in length. Drill holes the same width as the dowels at various distances up and down the 4x4s. Place the dowels in the holes, stand the 4x4s up about 5 feet apart, then use a piece of PVC to create a jump by resting the PVC on the dowels.

3. The Upside-Down Horse Jump

This is one of the easiest DIY horse jumps that you can make yourself at home. All you need is an old, empty watering trough to get the job done. Simply turn the trough upside down, and the jump is made. If you do not have a trough available, you can use any long container that is a height that your horse can clear, such as an old, raised garden bed frame.

Horses are used to posts on either side of the jumps that they maneuver over, and they help guide a horse over the jump. Therefore, you should consider standing tall plants, wooden posts, or other objects that are noticeably taller than the upside-down trough. This will create the illusion of a professionally made jump and help ensure that your horse does not get confused.

4. The Multi-barrel Horse Jump

Placing a series of wooden or metal barrels side by side is an extremely easy way to create a makeshift DIY horse jump. You can easily move the setup from place to place when necessary and utilize the barrels for other things when they are not being used as a jump. To help your horse focus, consider placing a plank across the tops of the barrels.

It is a good idea to cap the ends of the jump with taller barrels or other objects to act as posts. If no barrels are available, consider using garbage cans, old planters, or even cardboard boxes. The idea is to create a temporary jump for practice, so choose objects that you do not mind getting damaged during practice.

5. A Basic Tire Jump

If you happen to have a few old tires laying around on your property, you can make your horse a basic jump that does not cost you a dime. Just line about four tires up on the ground side by side to use as a base. Then stack as many tires as you want on top of the base to create the jump height of your preference.

Find a long log or piece of lumber that spans that length of the tire jump, and place it on the top layer of tires lengthwise to create a clear jump line. You can stand a few tires up against the ends of the jump to create short posts if you want to. Otherwise, use posts, garbage cans, or anything else.


Final Thoughts

All these DIY horse jump ideas are feasible, affordable, and effective. It’s a good idea to try more than one so you can determine which are the most suitable for your horse. Making your own horse jump is an awesome way to find out if your inexperienced horse even enjoys jumping before deciding whether to invest in commercial-grade equipment. Have you ever made a DIY horse jump before? If so, share your designs and tips with us in the comments section. If not, let us know which of the ideas listed here you are most excited to try first!

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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