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5 DIY Horse Jumps You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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Commercial horse jumps can be expensive and complicated, especially for someone new to working with their horse. Whether you want to save money or practice jumping your horse before buying equipment, there are many DIY horse jumps that you can make yourself. Here are some DIY horse jumps you can build today.

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The 5 DIY Horse Jumps

1. A Basic DIY Wooden Jump by Platinum Jumps

DIY Basic Wooden Jump
Image By: platinumjumps
Tools:  Lag screw
Supplies:  1×1 lumber, 6-foot wooden dowel, wooden rail, PVC pipes

This DIY horse jump can be created using 1×1 lumber and a 6-foot wooden dowel or something similar. Cut the 1×1 lumber into four pieces of equal size (at least 2 feet in length), then make a cross with two pieces of the lumber and nail them together. Do the same thing with the other two pieces of lumber so you have two crosses.

Place the crosses on the ground so the two legs act as the support, then lay your long dowel crosswise over the crosses. The low height of this jump is suitable for young horses, ponies, and adults that are just learning to jump for the first time.

2. A Basic DIY Tire Jump by Pet DIYs

DIY A Basic Tire Jump
Image By: petdiys

If you happen to have a few old tires laying around on your property, you can make your horse a basic jump that does not cost you a dime. Just line about four tires up on the ground side by side to use as a base. Then stack as many tires as you want on top of the base to create the jump height of your preference.

Find a long log or piece of lumber that spans that length of the tire jump, and place it on the top layer of tires lengthwise to create a clear jump line. You can stand a few tires up against the ends of the jump to create short posts if you want to. Otherwise, use posts, garbage cans, or anything else.

3. Easy DIY Jumping Coop by Budget Equestrian

DIY horse jump
Image Credit: Budgetequestrian
Tools:  2 x 4 x 8′ lumber, 1 x 4 x 8′ lumber, 2 1/2″ wood screws, drill bit, Drill, Sandpaper, Orbital sander, Circular saw, or table saw, Jigsaw
Supplies: (8) 20″ 2 x 4 pieces of wood, (8) 22 1/2″ pieces of 2 x 4 wood, (8) 5″ 2 x 4 pieces of wood, (16) 60″ pieces of 1 x 4 wood

This jump is a simple triangular jumping coop. This one is fun because you can leave it unfinished, or you can finish it into something more decorative, like a tiny chicken coop or house. The construction is fairly simple, and there is even a helpful video that will walk you through every step. This coop jump is built out of simple boards and some screws. This is a great beginner to intermediate jump that can be decorated to match your style. If you buy enough wood, it is easy to assemble multiple jumps in a single day if you work diligently.

4. DIY Roll Top Jump by DIY Horse Ownership

DIY horse jump
Image Credit: Diyhorseownership
Tools:  Hammer and Hand saw
Supplies:  Four 2x6x10’ boards, Nine 1x3x6’ boards, Four 2x4x8’ boards, 2.5″ #10 Wood Screws, 2″ nails, 4 Handles (optional), Exterior paint and primer and a paintbrush.

For something a little more complicated, you can try your hand at this DIY roll top jump. These jumps are a bit tricky to build, but the results are fantastic. These jumps are versatile, and they look great. You can build them up to a variety of different heights and sizes to fit your individual skill level. These roll-top jumps can be used for jumping or for obstacle training. If you paint them bright colors, they can be used to teach your horse not to spook around them. Each one of these jumps doesn’t require a ton of materials. The difficulty lies within the number of precise cuts you have to make to get it to hold its shape.

5. DIY Faux Brick Jump by DIY Horse Ownership

DIY horse jump
Image By: Diyhorseownership
Tools:  Steel Measure tape and Drill
Supplies:  2 1″x3″x7’6″ boards, 1 2″x4″x8′ board, ½ 2″x6″x8′ board, 1 4″x4″x8′ board, 14.5″x6′ plywood board (in our case, we used parts of a laminate shelf) You may want to make this board taller; we were using what we had, 2.5″ deck screws or nails, 1.25″ screws, 1 roll of 3/4″ painter’s tape, 1 can white spray paint & primer, 1 can red spray paint, 2 handles

Consider a more stylish or stylistic jump with this DIY faux brick jump. Using simple wood, some painter’s tape, and spray paint, you can easily create a sturdy jump that looks like a brick wall. The toughest part of this build is cutting the plywood to size, which will require the use of a table saw or circular saw. This jump is very useful and versatile and can add some color to your arena. Being a lightweight wood jump means that it will tip over if you strike it, unlike an actual brick wall jump which will not fall if you miss it. That is useful for training purposes, especially if there is a course that has a true brick wall jump. You can get your horse used to the look of a brick jump without an actual brick jump!


Final Thoughts

All these DIY horse jump ideas are feasible, affordable, and effective. It’s a good idea to try more than one so you can determine which are the most suitable for your horse. Making your own horse jump is an awesome way to find out if your inexperienced horse even enjoys jumping before deciding whether to invest in commercial-grade equipment. Have you ever made a DIY horse jump before? If so, share your designs and tips with us in the comments section. If not, let us know which of the ideas listed here you are most excited to try first!

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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