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Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle? Breed Temperament Explained

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Bengal cats are beautiful felines coveted for their unique coat pattern, but many people do not know much about them. For instance, do Bengal cats like to cuddle?

The answer is yes, Bengal cats will cuddle you. Bengals are very interactive cats that enjoy giving and receiving affection from their humans. However, like most cats, Bengals require affection on their own terms. This may mean that they refuse to cuddle with you when you ask for it in favor of cuddling at less convenient times or that they will cuddle for a little bit only to grow bored.

If you want to learn about other ways Bengal cats can display their affection as well as their personality quirks, keep reading.


Will a Bengal Cat Sit on Your Lap?

So, Bengal cats will cuddle when they are feeling up to it. But will they sit on your lap?

While there may certainly be occasions when a Bengal will sit on your lap, it probably will not be a regular occurrence. Bengals are not the sleepy creatures that many people associate with all cats. Instead, Bengal cats are full of energy and will likely not sit still for too long. They are curious felines that love to explore, and you can expect them to climb all over you if given a chance.

bengal cat on owners lap
Image Credit: golubovystock, Shutterstock

What Other Ways Will a Bengal Cat Spend Time with You?

Other than cuddling, in what ways can you expect a Bengal cat to show affection?

Sleeping in bed with you is one common way Bengals show affection. If you expect to have the bed all to yourself after inviting a Bengal cat into your home, you should probably give up on that expectation. Bengal cats love to sleep with their humans, which will likely be one of the main times your Bengal will cuddle with you.

An odd way that your Bengal may spend time with you is by joining you in the shower or the bath. That may sound surprising since a common cat stereotype is how much they hate water, but Bengals love water. If they see the shower turned on, they may start meowing to be let in!


Bengal Cat Personality

Clearly, Bengal cats are affectionate, even if they show it in odd ways. The cats are always eager to be around their humans and like to watch over you. They do not enjoy being left alone for prolonged periods, as they are very social creatures. Having another cat in the home is an excellent way to prevent your Bengal from feeling lonely while you are gone.

Bengals are curious and playful and always looking for an opportunity to explore and have fun. If this cat becomes bored or feels neglected, it may try to entertain itself through destructive means. They are rambunctious and lively, and it is vital to keep them engaged to avoid any mischief.

bengal cat gives high five paw to owner
Image Credit By: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock

How Active Are Bengal Cats?

Bengal cats are highly active, and they are also extremely clever. If left to their own devices for too long, they will certainly get into some trouble.

Thankfully, training Bengal cats is relatively easy. The cats are intelligent and eager to engage with you, making them great cats to train. Training can be a perfect opportunity to teach desirable behaviors while keeping it mentally stimulated, which is a win-win scenario when it comes to Bengal cats.



Bengals are affectionate felines that will cuddle on their own terms but are often too active to sit still for long. Still, there are plenty of ways that a Bengal will show love, such as laying with you when it is time to sleep. When it comes to building a relationship with a Bengal cat, it is all about learning how their little quirks correlate to their affection.

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