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Do Cats Really Need a Cat Bed?

cat sleeping peacefully in its bed

If you’ve recently adopted a cat (or are thinking about doing so), you might wonder if you really need to invest in a cat bed for your new buddy. As most people know, cats generally sleep anywhere, from on your bed to your clothes hamper. So is it a requirement? Let’s say it’s complicated!

Cats will sleep anywhere, so if you choose not to invest in a pet bed, your pet will find somewhere pleasing to nap. But a nice cat bed can go a long way toward creating a pleasant environment for your pet. It’s also fundamental to keeping your sofa from becoming your pet’s new favorite napping spot.

Providing your cat with a cat bed gives them a place that is warm, cozy, and familiar. If you’re not in the mood to jump on the commercial treadmill, there are many inexpensive ways to give your pet a bed they’ll love that won’t cost you a penny. Read on for more about cats, their happiness, and cat beds!



How Much Do Cats Sleep?

ginger cat sleeping in bed
Image Credit: Alena Ozerova, Shutterstock

Cats love to sleep, with the average feline getting around 15 hours of z’s per day. And some sleep even longer, zonking out for up to 20 hours. Anywhere from 12–20 hours of sleep per day is usually fine. Kittens and senior pets often require a bit more time in the sack.

Cats prefer to be active around dawn and dusk, so many enjoy a long snooze right after breakfast and get energetic again close to dinner time. Kitties also enjoy spending time with their family and will adapt their sleeping patterns so they’re awake when their favorite person is around.

They often get up and go to bed around the same time as their owners. Cats tend to sleep more on rainy days, and indoor kitties typically spend more time napping than outdoor pets.

Should I Be Worried If My Cat Sleeps Too Much?

Cats have wildly individual sleep patterns, so it’s not a big deal if your healthy cat sleeps a bit more (or less) than average. But you should still pay attention to your pet’s sleep since changes in sleeping patterns can sometimes indicate that your pet isn’t feeling so great.

Cats often sleep more when struggling with a cold or a stomach bug, and conditions such as hypothyroidism and anxiety can keep kitties up at night. Reach out to your veterinarian if your pet’s sleep patterns don’t return to normal within a few days.

Consider contacting the practice sooner if your pet has any signs of illness, such as lethargy or lack of interest in eating. A veterinarian should always see senior pets that exhibit sleep and behavior changes.

What Can I Use Instead of a Cat Bed

red cat sleeping in basket near winter window
Image Credit: vubaz, Shutterstock

Suitable cat beds don’t have to be expensive. Cats love cardboard boxes, and there’s probably not a cat on earth that doesn’t enjoy attacking a new cardboard box followed by a nap.

Grab a box, add a towel or pillow, place your buddy’s retreat in a location where they tend to enjoy napping, and you’re done. For something more attractive, grab a wooden crate and put a pillow on the bottom.

If you have a senior cat, turn the crate on its side so your pet doesn’t have to jump to climb in. Giant baskets make excellent pet beds and decorative choices. Just grab any reasonably large lidless basket with low sides, add a pillow or towel, and allow your cat to explore it.

Is It Comfortable for Cats to Sleep on the Floor?

Cats are happily sleeping just about anywhere, and plenty camp out on the floor, particularly if there’s a nice thick rug to act as a cushion. But most gravitate towards something soft when hanging out on the ground; some sit on throw rugs and other cozy surfaces instead of directly on the floor.

Many cats enjoy sleeping in different locations throughout the day, and many will nap right on the floor in a bright ray of sunshine if given a chance. Sun-filled spots are great locations for a simple cat bed on the floor.

Alternatively, you can fold an old blanket or duvet and put it in your cat’s favorite spot to sprawl on the floor to give your buddy a cozy place to while away the hours.

Are There Several Types of Cat Beds?

There are several cat beds on the market, and it’s easy to find a brand that’ll meet your pet’s needs. Several companies offer wall-mounted, space-saving options ideal for giving your cat a fun place to sleep.

There are covered beds for kitties that crave privacy and cat mansions packed with toys to keep your buddy busy when they’re not napping. Cat beds with bolsters give cats something to curl up against, and options with at least one open side permit senior felines to enjoy a nice nap without struggling to climb over a raised edge.

Cats that like to spread out often enjoy large pillow-like options, and kitties that like to sleep curled up usually do well with high-walled designs. Heated beds are ideal for senior pets’ aching joints.

My Cat Ignores Their Cat Bed

cat playing with catnip toy
Image Credit: Ellie Burnett, Shutterstock

Nearly every cat owner has bought their cat a pet bed and watched their cat ignore it for months on end. Most cats need a bit of time to adjust to new objects in their environment. Spray or sprinkle catnip on the bed to convince your pet to examine the new object.

Put your pet’s favorite toys close by so they begin to associate good things with the bed. For best results, place the bed in a location where your pet already likes to sleep! Warm sunny places are almost always popular with the feline set. To encourage them, give your cat plenty of praise if you see them checking out their new bed.

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Will a Cat Bed Help With the Zoomies?

A cat bed alone won’t make a huge difference when it comes to the zoomies. As crepuscular creatures, cats enjoy the wee hours, but they also love spending time with you and are generally inclined to adapt their sleeping patterns to yours.

Cats often sleep better at night if they’ve had sufficient exercise to wear them out. So, consider giving your pet a few workouts throughout the day to get those feel-good feline endorphins running and your pet tired enough to sleep through the night.

How Can I Keep My Cat from Sleeping on my Furniture?

To convince your cat to choose an alternate place to sleep (one that’s not your sofa), make your furniture unappealing and provide your buddy with a better place to hang out. Cats don’t respond well to punishment or scolding, so it’s crucial to ignore feline behavior that you don’t want to see and reward what you do.

Try spraying your couch with a feline deterrent, and look for a non-staining and non-toxic option. You can also place sticky tape or tinfoil in areas you want your cat to avoid to convince them to find another place to sleep.

Provide your cat with an alternative (a cozy cat bed liberally sprinkled with catnip), and there’s a good chance your buddy will decide they’d rather hang out in their new nest.




Cats don’t need a cat bed; they’ll find a place to sleep around your house. But a cat bed goes a long way towards creating a welcoming environment for your new family member and provides a warm, familiar place all their own to curl up and nap in. Cat beds play an important role by giving your pet a place to snooze in safety and peace.

A perfect bed doesn’t have to be expensive, and some cats are happy sleeping in an upcycled cardboard box with a soft towel as a cushion.

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Featured Image Credit: Aleksandar Cvetanovic, Unsplash

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