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Do Snakes Make Good Pets? Pros & Cons of Owning Them


If you’re interested in a pet snake, then the best thing that you can do is research how to care for one before heading to the store. Pet snakes can definitely make good pets for those who enjoy their company, but they certainly aren’t for everyone.

We highlighted a few of the perks here, as well as a few of the drawbacks. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether a pet snake is right for you.


The 4 Pros of Owning a Snake

While some people would never dream of owning a snake, those who do reap plenty of rewards. We highlighted four of the most prominent perks here.

1. Snakes Are Low Maintenance

Once you set everything up properly, there are few pets as low maintenance as a snake. They only eat a few times a week, and cage cleanings only need to happen about once a month.

Once you compare this to a dog that needs daily walks, feedings, brushes, affection, and more, a snake requires less work. If you’re living a busy life, a snake won’t mind if you leave them alone all day, although you need to keep the humidity levels up in their enclosure.

As far as low-maintenance pets go, it’s hard to find an easier pet to care for than a snake—once you know what you’re doing.

Corn snakes in a tank
Image By: Annmarie, Pixabay

2. They Are Friendly

Snakes get a bad rap from many people, but most snakes are extremely docile. You can handle them and have them slither around you, and the chances of having them bite or attack you are incredibly slim.

With time and patience, your snake will actually start to enjoy spending time with you, which means you’ll get a companion that you don’t need to devote a ton of time or energy to.

3. Snakes Can Help Reduce Stress

Plenty of studies have shown that having a pet can reduce your stress levels and have multiple health benefits, and owning a pet snake is no different.

Simply having a companion waiting for you after you come home from the office or to hang out with you while you’re watching a television show can reduce loneliness and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Snakes Can Make You Happy

It might seem like a minor thing, but happier people tend to be healthier people. Happy people exercise more, eat healthier, and simply enjoy life more. If a pet snake is going to make you happy, then it’s well worth it.

corn snake on a man's hand
Image By: gliciafernandaalmeida, Pixabay

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The 3 Cons of Owning a Snake

While a pet snake might be the perfect match for some people, for others, they don’t offer anything that they want from a pet. There’s no wrong answer here, but it’s best to know what a few of the drawbacks are before you purchase a snake.

1. It Can Be Challenging to Meet Their Needs

While it is technically easy to care for a snake, they do have a unique set of needs that you need to meet. Without enough time and research, you might neglect them without even realizing it.

Before you purchase a pet snake, do plenty of research, and don’t just rely on the person at the pet store trying to make a sale. Ensure that you have everything you need to care for them before you bring them home.

2. They Like to Escape

Timber rattle snake
Image By: Vladislav T. Jirousek, Shutterstock

If you’re planning on getting a pet snake, you need to ensure that you have an adequate enclosure with a top that secures. Otherwise, you might end up playing a game of “find the snake” one day.

It’s not about keeping your snake happy; it’s about their rampant curiosity. The snake wants to explore what’s out there, and they often don’t realize the danger that they’re putting themselves in.

When they need to heat themselves back up, they might not be able to find the warmth they need and all the other things that you provide for them in their enclosure.

3. They’re Not for the Faint of Heart

Even if you get over your initial fear of snakes, there’s a good chance that you’ll slip up at some point and have a food-smelling hand wander too close to your snake and get bit.

You also need to feed them thawed or frozen mice or rats, and some people don’t like having those around.

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Final Thoughts

Before you head to the store and purchase a pet snake, research what you’re looking for and how to care for them. While there are tons of perks of owning a pet snake, if you don’t properly care for them, you won’t get any of the benefits, and you might end up killing your new friend.

But after you do your research, head on out and get a new companion for your home!

Featured Image Credit: tousaujardin, Pixabay

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