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Does Airbnb Allow Pets in 2024? Pet Policy, Tips & Exceptions

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Traveling requires extensive planning, especially if you travel with pets. Some lodgings accommodate pets, and others outright ban them. If you are looking for an Airbnb to stay in and want to bring your pet along, you must verify that the property you are considering accepts pets.

Airbnbs are not required to allow pets (only in specific circumstances, but we’ll get to that later), so there is no guarantee that each Airbnb will welcome your furry friend. However, plenty of Airbnbs still accommodate pets, and it’s just a matter of finding them.


How to Search on Desktop or Mobile for Pet-Friendly Airbnb Homes

Whether on your computer or your phone, there are ways to search through the available Airbnbs to find one that accepts pets.

To find your pet-friendly Airbnb, follow these steps:
  • Go to Airbnb’s website.
  • Enter your destination in the “where” search bar.
  • While scrolling through options, click on one you like and scroll down to “What this place offers.”
  • Search through all of the amenities offered. If “pet-friendly” is not among them, you will know that specific Airbnb is not accommodating to pets.

Remember that not all Airbnbs are pet-friendly, so it is vital to verify that the place you are booking will accept your pet.

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What You Need to Know About Pet-Friendly Airbnb Homes

Pet-friendly Airbnbs are a wonderful treat. Still, there are some things you should know before you book a trip.

1. Amenities May be Limited

A pet-friendly Airbnb does not necessarily mean that you will find all your pet care needs inside the home. This usually is fine since most travelers bring their pet supplies, but it is still important to be aware of. You can ask the host if they have any pet care supplies on site, such as food and water bowls, but you should generally be prepared to supply your pet’s needs.

2. Check the House Rules

You must speak with the host to confirm they’ll allow your pet. Even if pets are allowed at the house, that does not mean they are allowed everywhere. For instance, some hosts may have a rule about not allowing pets on the furniture. Make sure you know and follow all of these rules, or you may see an added fee to your lodging expense.

3. Expect an Additional Fee

Many Airbnb hosts consider it an added luxury to allow you to bring your pet, so there is likely to be an additional fee. This fee is meant to cover any extra cleaning necessary after your pet stays in the house. Also, if your pet breaks or damages anything, you can expect an additional fee on top of the established pet fee.

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Airbnb’s Accessibility Policy

Airbnb hosts reserve the right to deny your pet access to their home as long as your animal is not a service animal. With service animals, Airbnb allows you and your pet to access any Airbnb home, no matter what the host’s listed amenities are.

Hosts are not allowed to refuse a reservation, charge pet fees, apply different treatment, or use discriminatory language against you and your service animal. They are, however, allowed to ask whether you need the animal due to a disability and which tasks the animal is trained to perform for you. If you are staying in Brazil, the host is allowed to ask for official identification of your service animal.

Emotional support animals are not offered the same protections from Airbnb unless you are staying in a location that prohibits the abandonment of such protections. Service animals need to be kept under control during your stay. Service animals are not allowed to be uncontrollable, unhousebroken, left in the house alone (without prior approval from the host), or allowed in a public space without a leash or harness.


There is an exemption to allowing service animals. If the host of an Airbnb may experience health-threatening or life-threatening effects due to the animal’s presence, they are allowed to ban any animals, whether or not they are service animals.

Likewise, if a service animal’s handler breaks the rules (such as allowing the pet to roam uncontrolled or unleashed), the host can demand that the service animal be housed elsewhere.

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If you are planning your next trip, don’t forget to check how pet-friendly your Airbnb is. Although not all Airbnbs are required to house your pet, many hosts are willing to if you reach out and ask. In the case of a service animal, you have the right to bring your pet as long as you obey specific safety stipulations, but the host can decline if they have their own health issues. Even if one Airbnb you were considering does not offer your pet a place to stay, dozens of others will happily welcome your furry friend.

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