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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

Ginger cat getting brushed

Ginger cats are special; they have unique personalities, as all cats do, but they’re often so bright and beloved that their owners fall madly in love with them no matter their breed. That is exactly how Ginger Cat Appreciation Day came about! Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is an international celebration for all ginger cats around the world and is observed each year on September 1st.


What Is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is a worldwide celebration day for ginger cats of all creeds and breeds. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day aims to spread love and appreciation for ginger cats and bring knowledge of their special traits to the public. Many ginger cats are waiting in rescues for loving homes, so Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is the perfect way to attract possible adopters and match the orange kitties to their perfect forever families.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is also a great opportunity for people to spend some time with any ginger cats they know or even strays. Giving them extra attention, providing food, or even looking into homing or rescuing a stray ginger cat are all great ways to show appreciation on this special day.

Cute ginger cat lying in bed
Image Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

Who Founded Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

A software developer founded ginger Cat Appreciation day and used his skills to establish a company that carries one special ginger cat’s legacy and helps stray animals around the US. Chris Roy founded Ginger Cat Appreciation Day in 2014 and pledged to celebrate all ginger cats in honor of Doobert, an orange and white tabby cat that changed his life.

Doobert the Cat

Chris met Doobert in 1997 when he was only a runtish ginger kitten. Taking pity on him, Chris brought Doobert into his home, and the pair quickly fell in cat love. Doobert stayed with Chris’ family for 17 years and was full of life, love, and affection. When he passed away, Chris was understandably devastated. But, with that grief came a new idea that would honor Doobert and help other needy animals.

Doobert the App

Chris used his software development expertise to found Doobert, an app that helps match and transport pets needing a loving home with their new forever families. Launched in May 2014 (the same year Doobert the cat passed away), Doobert uses technology to offer practical solutions to many problems rescues and pet fosterers face. Chris has a dedication to Doobert on the app’s website, which plainly shows how much the ginger cat changed his life and helped him realize his goals.

Ginger tabby cat hiding under the bed
Image Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

How Is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Celebrated?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day can be celebrated in many ways, as it’s a more light-hearted holiday that includes all ginger cats. You could give your own ginger tabby a special treat, for example, or you could decide to pick a ginger kitten if you were ready to adopt a new feline friend.

There are many ways those in the community can celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day and support their local orange feline population; check out some of the ideas we had below:

  • Visit a ginger cat in a local rescue for some attention and cuddles
  • Donate to your local cat rescue
  • Consider adopting a ginger cat or kitten
  • Have a ginger cat-themed party to raise money for a local rescue center
  • Buy your ginger cat a special treat

Many rescue centers will use Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to show off any ginger cats they have in their facility, enticing cat lovers to give them a wonderful home. Many will also hold fundraisers or open days around this date, with centers and shelters worldwide posting on social media as a shout-out to these special orange felines.

Petting a ginger cat outside
Image Credit: dashkabudich, Pixabay

Why Are Ginger Cats Special?

Ginger cats often have adorable, shared quirks and traits, which make them extra special to their owners.

Here are some more interesting facts about ginger cats:
  • 80% of all ginger cats are males!
  • They are often seen as very affectionate, clingy, and loving
  • Ginger cats have “freckles” around their noses and muzzles
  • All ginger cats are tabbies!



Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is a special day reserved for the orange-toned feline population. These cats are often very special family members, so much so that the founder of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, Chris Roy, dedicated both the day and an app after his loving orange tabby, Doobert. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is observed on September 1st every year worldwide, so visit a shelter near you and give a ginger cat some well-deserved love!

Featured Image Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

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