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How Much Is A Vet Visit At PetSmart (Banfield Pet Hospitals)? 2024 Update

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Although it is still a privately and independently owned company, Banfield Pet Hospitals operates many of its clinics from inside PetSmart stores. They offer veterinary services for cats, dogs, and a host of small animals and pets. Their services included regular checkups and emergency appointments, vaccinations, and dental cleaning. Basic visits cost around $40 and more complicated treatments can cost $500 or more. You will need to check with your local Banfield to ensure that they offer the service you require and treat the type of pet you have.divider-multipet

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices

There are obviously a lot of factors that determine veterinary costs, with the biggest factor being the type of pet you have. For example, neutering a dog costs around $400 while neutering a cat costs about half that value, or $200.

With that said, below, you can find some ballpark and very general figures so that you know what to expect and so you can compare prices with other vets in your area.

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Dog Treatment Costs

Dogs are, of course, the most commonly owned pet. They become a major part of our daily life for up to 10 years or more, and it is important that we give them a healthy life and good care. An office visit will cost $50 to $60 for your dog with additional costs totaling the same.

Basic tests can be conducted for $40, which is the same price you will pay to have your dog microchipped. Dental work costs up to $400 while neutering and spaying also cost up to $400 per dog. The cost of vaccines depends on the one being given but you should expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40.

Cat Treatment Costs

An office visit with your cat will cost the same price as with a dog, so $50 to $60. The Feline snap test, which tests for FeLV, FIV, and heartworm, costs about $50 while microchipping carries the same $40 charge as it does for dogs. Dental work costs up to $400 with neutering and spaying costing approximately $200 and $300 respectively.

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Wellness Plan Prices

Veterinary wellness plans are becoming increasingly popular. These typically include annual vaccines, regular examinations, and may include extra features like dental work or even treatment for chronic conditions. Banfield Pet Hospital plans also offer a 20% discount on prescription charges. These wellness plans don’t necessarily save you a lot of money, but they do enable you to spread the cost of treatments over the course of a year. Wellness plans cost between $400 and $800 per annum.

Pet Grooming Costs

Banfield does not offer cosmetic grooming but can provide medical grooming appointments. These include treatments like medicated shampoos and nail clipping. The cost of these appointments varies from $50 to $100.

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How Much Is a Vet Visit at PetSmart? (Banfield Pet Hospitals)

There are nearly 1,000 Banfield Pet Hospitals across the country with approximately 300 located in PetSmart stores. The cost of using this veterinary service varies according to the type of pet you have and the treatment they require. Basic visits cost $40, while surgery and more complicated treatments can cost $500 or more.

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