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What Is the Average Cost of an Overnight Vet Stay? 2024 Price Update

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You already know that owning a pet means yearly trips to the vet for a wellness checkup. It also means that there will come a time when your pet requires an overnight visit. Whether they’re getting surgery or staying for hospitalization and observation, the cost of keeping your pet overnight at the vet can put a dent in your pocket. Depending on the location, an overnight vet stay can cost in the range of $80-$300.

When you have an unexpected turn of events, it’s nice to know how much these services may cost ahead of time. Of course, the total price will change depending on many different factors.


The Importance of Overnight Vet Stays

We don’t want to mess with safety when it comes to the health of our pets. Leaving our beloved animals alone in a strange environment can be scary for both of you. You might even be feeling like no one is going to care for your pet the way that you will. Unfortunately, there are times when leaving your pet at the vet overnight is a necessity. For example, animals that need surgery, IVs, or observation might be required to stay with your vet for 24 hours.

It is best to listen to the professionals when they recommend an overnight stay. You never know when their condition could change, and you won’t have the knowledge or equipment to help them if this happens. Reasons for leaving your pet overnight could include:

Emergency Services

One of the most likely reasons you’ll have to leave your pet overnight is when there is an emergency. Whether your dog ate something they shouldn’t have, or your cat won’t stop vomiting, there are several reasons that could cause you to rush to the emergency vet.


Another common reason you might be leaving your pet at the vet’s office overnight is for surgery. In this case, you usually have a heads up and can prepare ahead of time.

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Post-Operative Care

Animals are especially vulnerable after dealing with surgery complications, and they need to be monitored around the clock until your vet is sure that it is safe for them to go home.


Humans are busy, and sometimes you have to leave your pet overnight because you can’t get them there early the following day. Instead of dragging your pet and yourself around in a rush, it can be easier to opt for an overnight stay.

Minimizing Stress

Some veterinarians might suggest keeping your pet in one place if they have to make multiple visits in a short time frame. That way, the vet can get everything done without making your pet travel back and forth repeatedly.


How Much Does an Overnight Vet Stay Cost?

The cost of keeping a pet overnight depends on the individual vet’s office. They can set their prices, which could go up or down depending on the amount of care needed and the location you’re in. There is no concrete answer to this question, but we can look at vet locations across the country and get some rough estimates.

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West Coast

After looking at an animal hospital located in Los Angeles, California, it’s safe to assume that an overnight stay could cost you around $200. Of course, this largely depends on the procedure being performed. Here are some common prices for potential overnight visits:

  • Parvo hospitalization: $500 and up
  • Mass removals: $300 and up
  • Cherry eye surgery: $300 and up
  • C-section: $900 and up


According to this veterinarian in Michigan, an overnight stay could cost you anywhere from $80 to $200. This could include things like spaying, neutering, lab screens, and medications.

East Coast

Veterinarians on the East Coast also have their own sets of prices. For example, a simple surgery could cost anywhere from $100 to $300.


Additional Costs to Anticipate

The price of your trip to the vet can quickly change based on what your vet needs to do. It’s not easy to put an exact price on additional costs because, again, the procedure required, the location, and individual prices all affect what you pay. For example, things like medication, X-rays, bloodwork, lab work, and other factors could all add up quickly. These prices could range from as low as $50 to as high as $1,000 or more.

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How Often Do Animals Stay Overnight at the Vet?

Overnight trips to the vet are usually a rare occurrence. If your pet is on the healthier side, these trips are going to be less common than pets with multiple health conditions. Be prepared to make more of these trips as your pets mature. Seniority often comes with more diseases and other health conditions.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Overnight Vet Stays?

Some insurance companies and plans do cover the cost of overnight trips to the vet. Of course, the fees that they cover depend on the plan you have and what is included in it. If you’re concerned that your pet is going to need a lot of overnight stays, it is often much cheaper to pay monthly for pet insurance than to pay out of pocket.

How to Prepare Your Pet for an Overnight Vet Stay

Most humans hate being caught by surprise. There are times when you won’t see an overnight stay coming, but there are also times when you can plan. If you are lucky enough to be able to plan ahead, make sure your pet is in the hands of a veterinarian that you can trust. This is the most important part of the process. It isn’t likely that your vet will ask you to bring anything, but it doesn’t hurt to pack some food or their favorite toy in their carrier when you drop them off. The vet should be able to tell you anything else you need to bring in advance.

Before you leave your pet overnight or have any procedures done, you can always ask your vet for an estimate or price quote of their recommended plan and services.



An overnight stay at the vet doesn’t happen too often. Still, some circumstances will eventually call for it, and you’ll have to deal with it as it comes. If you’re predicting to make more of these types of trips to the vet in the future, your best bet at keeping costs low is to purchase a good pet insurance plan that covers the issues your pet is dealing with.

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