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How to Groom a Persian Cat: 6 Tips to Make Things Easy

Grey persian cat enjoying while being brushed and combed

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Persian cats are known for their long, luxurious coats and distinct faces. But that beautiful coat comes with its own set of grooming challenges. While cats are naturally self-groomers, you will need to groom your Persian coat regularly to keep it healthy. Read on for 7 grooming tips to make grooming your Persian cat a little easier.


The 6 Persian Cat Grooming Tips

1. Trim Their Nails

trimming nails of cat
Photo Credit By: Yimmyphotography, Shutterstock

Too long cats’ nails can get caught on things around the house. And, If your cat tries to pull out a nail that is stuck, they may break it. This may then result in pain, bleeding, and a trip to the vet. To avoid this, invest in a set of cat nail clippers, and trim your Persian’s nails once every 2–3 weeks.

2. Clean Your Cat’s Ears

Many cat owners overlook ear cleaning, but for many Persians, it can be an important part of their care. Debris can build up inside their ears, which can cause ear infections. They can also get ear mites. Use a cat ear cleanser weekly to clean out any bugs or buildup, if your Persian is prone to ear issues.

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3. Brush and Comb Their Coat

Persians have a large amount of hair, so it’s crucial to brush and comb their fur regularly. Start near your cat’s skin and comb toward their tail. We recommend starting with a slicker brush to remove loose hair and dander, then following up with a wide tooth comb, which will help loosen tangles and mats. Brushing your cat three to four times a week will prevent mats from building up and becoming a problem.

4. Use Cotton Balls in Your Cat’s Ears During Baths

To prevent water from getting in your cat’s ears if you bathe them, you can place cotton balls in their ears. These will absorb any water trying to trickle in, and you can easily remove them and throw them out when you’re done!

cotton balls in a container
Photo Credit By: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash

5. Shampoo & Conditioner

If your Persian is prone to being especially dirty, you might consider bathing them every 4–6 weeks will help remove excess dirt and debris from their coat. It also gives you a good opportunity to check for skin issues, fleas, or other debris. Long-haired cats can have significant amounts of oil build-up on their skin that traps dirt.

Use a cat shampoo to hydrate and brighten the coat, and be careful not to spray water directly onto your cat’s face. Clean the face with a wet cloth, being careful around the eyes and ears.

If you’ve ever tried to brush long, wet hair without using conditioner, you know that it’s an arduous process. It’s no different for long-haired cats. Using a cat conditioner will make it much easier to comb out your Persian’s hair and avoid breakage. It will also make the process more comfortable for your cat.

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6. Read Grooming Product Labels

Always read the labels on any grooming products to ensure that they are designed for use on cats. Many products sold in pet stores are made for dogs and are not safe for feline use.

woman selecting shampoo or conditioner in a pet store
Photo Credit By: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


Things to Avoid When Grooming Your Persian Cat

  • Don’t trim their whiskers — Your cat’s whiskers transmit important information to their nervous system that enables them to balance and judge distance. Trimming the whiskers disrupts your cat’s awareness of their body position.
  • Don’t use hot water for bathing — Cats are sensitive to temperature, so lukewarm water is best for bathing.
  • Don’t wash a matted coat — Wetting down an already tangled and matted coat makes it worse. Make sure to comb out the coat before wetting it and to get all the mats out.
  • Don’t use human grooming products — Cats have a lower skin pH than humans do. Using shampoos, conditioners, or detanglers designed for humans can damage your cat’s skin. Always choose products specifically formulated for cats.
  • Don’t shave your cat — If your cat’s hair becomes too matted and needs to be cut or trimmed, seek help from a professional groomer. Cats have sensitive, thin skin that can be easily cut with trimmers, so extra caution should be used when shaving them.



Persian cats have unique coats that require extra care and attention. Regular grooming and brushing is the easiest way to keep their coats healthy and looking great. Always use products intended for cats, and enlist the help of a professional groomer if your Persian’s coat gets out of control.

Featured Image Credit: Creative Cat Studio, Shutterstock

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