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Kitty Poo Club Litter Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Kitty Poo Club Litter - Featured Image

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Clumping: 5/5
Tracking: 4/5
Deodorizing: 4.5/5

What Is Kitty Poo Club? How Does It Work?

Kitty Poo Club is a subscription litter box service that conveniently delivers monthly shipments of premium cat litter to your door. It’s a sustainable option that’s working to reduce the amount of plastic cat litter boxes that end up in landfills.

This service is a great match for people who are looking to save time. Kitty Poo Club offers auto-shipments of cat litter, and it comes with a disposable litter box. So, it eliminates the need to block out time to thoroughly clean out a litter box.

While Kitty Poo Club offers many benefits, there are some caveats. With premium prices, it can get pretty expensive, especially if you live with multiple cats. Also, you have to be vigilant about receiving the shipments because the litter box can easily get damaged if it’s left sitting in the rain given that it is made of cardboard.

Before you become a Kitty Poo Club member, make sure to read through this review so that you can determine if this service is right for you.

top view of Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter Box packaging

Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter – A Quick Look

  • Clumps efficiently
  • No odor
  • Minimal dust
  • Convenient delivery
  • Litter tracks well past the cat mat
  • Cardboard boxes can get damaged easily

Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter Pricing

Kitty Poo Club cat litter is premium cat litter, so you can expect to pay more compared to average clumping clay litter. When you pay for the cat litter, it comes with a disposable cardboard box that’s supposed to last for about a month. The combined package of the clumping clay litter and cardboard box came out to a total of $25.99. You can also opt to purchase just the litter, which is currently priced at $21.99.

Kitty Poo Club also has an XL box version for larger cats. One XL box of the clumping clay litter is $55.99.

What to Expect from Kitty Poo Club

Getting started with Kitty Poo Club is an easy and straightforward process. All you have to do is place your first order through the website, and then you automatically enroll in auto-shipments for future orders. Each litter box is meant to last for one month, and it’s recommended to purchase one box per cat. New boxes usually ship every 4 weeks, but you can make delivery adjustments through your online account.

The nice thing about Kitty Poo Club deliveries is that standard shipping for cat litter is free. You can also save on costs if you order three or more boxes of litter, and membership specials and discounts are offered periodically.

Kitty Poo Club Litter Contents

Standard Litter Box Dimensions: 19” W x 15” D x 10” H
XL Litter Box Dimensions: 22” W x 18” D x 10” H
Box Material: Recycled cardboard and recycled plastic
Litter Material: Diatomite, clay, silica, fine-grain silica, organic soy, corn & wheat
Optional Accessories: Litter box dome, litter scoop, litter mat

One-Month Supply

One of the main selling factors of Kitty Poo Club cat litter is that it conveniently lasts for up to one month, so you can rely on the auto-shipping schedule to replenish your cat litter.

My experience with Kitty Poo Club cat litter has definitely been a convenient one. The litter clumps very well and efficiently, so I didn’t end up scooping out a lot of product. That meant it really did last the full month for our cats.

While the amount of litter was sufficient, the box was a little flimsy. It comes with a plastic moisture-resistant lining to contain cat urine, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t beat a sturdy plastic litter box. By the end of the month, our box was looking pretty beat, and we definitely would have had to order a new box as soon as possible.

We acknowledge that this box is a sustainable and recyclable option, so it’s unfair to compare it to plastic litter boxes. However, we do want to note that Kitty Poo Club’s cardboard litter box may not be the best choice for cats prone to UTIs or other conditions that may cause them to urinate frequently.

The 6 Varieties of Cat Litter

Kitty Poo Club offers five different kinds of cat litter:
  • Diatomite
  • Clay
  • Silica
  • Fine-grain silica
  • Organic soy
  • Corn & Wheat

All the types of litter have varying textures, so there’s something for everyone. On top of that, all of Kitty Poo Club’s litter are derived from natural materials. They’re completely safe for cats if they accidentally ingest a little bit.

two tabby cats trying out the Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter Box


One of the driving forces that helped develop Kitty Poo Club’s delivery system was sustainability. The creators of the system wanted to find an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic litter boxes. So, they developed their durable recyclable and biodegradable litter box. This alternative is meant to reduce the amount of non-renewable plastic litter boxes that take up space in landfills.

Mediocre Tracking

With exception of the fine-grain silica cat litter, all the other litter types have low-tracking labels. While I can’t speak for the other cat litters, the clay cat litter doesn’t seem to track less than other clay litter brands. The cat mat helps to contain the cat litter, but it seems like the texture and size of the clay litter cause grains to get stuck on paws and leave a trail well beyond the mat.

Is Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter a Good Value?

Using Kitty Poo Club clay litter has been an overall positive experience. Although it may be more expensive than other clumping litter, you have to remember that you’re also paying for convenience and to leave less of a footprint on planet earth. Once you figure out how long one shipment of cat litter lasts, you can customize your delivery settings and have one less thing to worry about.

You also don’t have to dread cleaning a litterbox because you can simply dispose of the whole setup every month—which is a big perk to many cat owners who loathe this part of pet parenting. Setting up new litter boxes is quick and easy, so you end up saving a lot of time with Kitty Poo Club’s subscription service.


FAQ: Kitty Poo Litter

What happens if a pet eats Kitty Poo Litter?

All the litter is safe if a pet eats a small amount of the litter. The litter is 100% chemical-free and non-toxic. However, if your pet eats a large amount, you can anticipate it to experience an upset stomach until the litter completely passes through the digestive system.

Any health concerns should be directed to your veterinarian as Kitty Poo Club’s customer service isn’t meant to provide any veterinary advice.

Does Kitty Poo Litter have any fragrances added to it?

The litter is fragrance-free and is formulated to deodorize urine smells. The litter isn’t as effective in tackling poop smells, and it’s recommended to immediately scoop and dispose of any feces as soon as your cat exits the litter box.

How long does shipping take?

Kitty Poo Club ships Monday-Friday and offers free ground economy shipping. This option can take between 7-11 business days.

You can also opt for quicker Home Delivery, which delivers the cat litter between 3-6 days. The additional fee for this service is $12.99 per shipment.

Does Kitty Poo Club accept returns?

In short, Kitty Poo Club will issue refunds for any unused items after they’ve been returned. However, it will not pay for shipping, so the customer will have to pay for shipping fees.

red tabby in the Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter Box beside the other tabby cat

Our Experience With Kitty Poo Club Clay Litter

Kitty Poo Club cat litter has a lot of positive reviews, so I decided to test out the clay litter to see if it really lived up to its reputation. I tested this product out on two cats:

Cat 1
  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Cat 2
  • Life Stage: Young adult
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Our usual brand of cat litter that we use is Tidy Cats Glade Tough Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter. So, naturally, we ordered the clumping clay cat litter from Kitty Poo Club.

The shipment arrived as anticipated, and we were very impressed with the packaging. The shipping box itself was the litter box.

The shipment included the following items:
  • One pack of clay litter
  • Plastic scoop
  • Mat
  • Litter box dome
  • One cat toy
  • One bag of treats

Setting Things Up

Setting up the base of the litter box was very simple and intuitive. I had to follow the set of instructions for setting up the dome, but it was pretty easy to complete.

Both my cats were curious and slightly hesitant about the new litter box. So, it took a little bit of time for them to get used to the new structure.

The grains of the Kitty Poo Club’s clay litter are flat, which was a new texture for my cats. However, they’re typically not too picky, so they didn’t seem to mind it very much.

Eventually, the cats used the litter box, and I was mostly very impressed by how well the product performed.

Using a Cardboard Box

I was initially doubtful about the structural integrity of the box. While its durability is no match against a plastic litter box, we were still surprised by how long it lasted. It has a moisture-resistant inner lining, so we didn’t have to worry about leaks, especially since the litter did such a great job with clumping.

My only concern with the box is that the outer face isn’t protected. So, if the delivery ends up sitting outside your front door and gets hit by rain, it’ll easily get destroyed. If you look at the company’s FAQs, it recommends having an extra stash of cat litter on hand in case you receive a damaged box or the shipment gets lost.

Another great feature of this cat litter is odor control. I appreciate how it’s fragrance-free and does a really good job of hiding odors. The product was true to its word, and my home didn’t have any traces of cat urine for the whole month. It also did a decent job of deodorizing the smell of feces.


The one thing about the clay cat litter that we had a minor issue with is the tracking. The mat did a decent job of capturing stray litter, but we still had some tracking around the house. It seems like the flat shape of the grains caught onto the cats’ paws easily.




I’d recommend Kitty Poo Club cat litter for cat owners with busy lifestyles that want to save time from cleaning cat litter and making trips to the pet store. All you have to do is make sure that you receive the shipments right away so that they don’t end up sitting outside in rainy or snowy weather.

Overall, Kitty Poo Club’s subscription service is a great experience. You may be paying premium prices, but the convenience and effectiveness of the cat litter are worth it. You’re also choosing a more sustainable and environmentally responsible option.

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