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How Much Does MetLife Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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There is a wide range of different pet insurance companies to consider when looking for cover for your pet. Although it can be a tedious process, taking out a policy will protect your pet when the unexpected strikes and you need financial aid.

When doing your research into the different pet insurers, consider whether they provide cover for your type of pet, if they offer discounts, what their age restrictions are, what their deductibles and reimbursements levels are, what type of policies they offer, whether you can customize your policy to fit your budget, and how much their monthly premiums are.

Today, we’re going to discuss MetLife pet insurance to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your pet’s needs.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is important because it pays out when an emergency or illness strikes and your pet requires vet care. Many people aren’t in the position to be able to cover large vet bills and, without pet insurance, wouldn’t be able to give their pet the care they may require without going into debt. Some policies cover the full vet costs, while others offer partial cover.

Pet insurance gives you the freedom to focus on your pet when they’re sick or injured instead of worrying about high vet bills. It allows you to consider more treatment choices for your pet because pet insurance makes expensive options more affordable. You’re allowed to choose the vet you feel most comfortable with, as well as the type of policy you want.

There are different types of policies available to your pet, so be sure to consider each one and choose the option that meets your pet’s needs.

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How Much Does MetLife Pet Insurance Cost?

Metlife Pet Insurance

MetLife Pet Insurance monthly premiums start at the low price of $9 for cats and $15 for dogs. However, the average cost for a standard plan is around $28 for cats and $50 for dogs per month. How much your premium will cost depends on a few factors, such as:

The Breed of Your Pet

If your pet’s breed is at risk for certain health conditions, they’re more likely to need vet care and treatment than lower-risk breeds. To avoid making a loss, MetLife offers policies for those breeds at a higher cost in anticipation of the large bills your pet may accumulate.

The Age of Your Pet

The older your pet, the more medical care they’re likely to need. Therefore, policies for older pets come at a higher premium.

Where You Live

If you live in an upmarket area or large city, such as New York, your monthly pet insurance premium will be much higher than someone who lives in the country because the cost of vet care will be much higher.

Annual Coverage and Deductibles

The more coverage you want for your pet, the higher your premium will be. The higher the deductible option you choose, the lower your premium will be. To get higher coverage at a lower cost, consider choosing a higher deductible.


MetLife has many discount options available, which may bring your costs down. You should qualify for the discount if you have multiple pets on their plan if you’re a healthcare worker, in the military, a veteran, or a first responder. There are also employer, affinity group, animal care, and internet purchase discounts.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

MetLife Pet Insurance is a great option to consider for your pet, but as with all pet insurances, they don’t cover everything, and there may be some additional costs to anticipate.

Any treatment your pet may need after signing up with MetLife pet insurance won’t be covered if they’ve required treatment from a vet for that same condition previously. Preventative care, such as vaccinations, grooming, parasite prevention, etc., won’t be covered and will be an additional cost to you unless you pay for additional insurance to cover it.

Any vet care relating to pregnancy or nursing will come at an additional cost, as well as pet food, vitamins, and supplements. Always read through your policy’s information carefully to avoid unexpected costs.


Why Choose MetLife Pet Insurance?

MetLife pet insurance is one of the top options in the US because they offer customizable plans to fit your budget, no incident limits, short waiting periods, and no restrictions on your pet’s breed or age.

You may want to choose MetLife because they allow unused benefits from one year to roll into the next, they offer great discounts, offer 24/7 live vet chat, grief counseling, and a Routine Care add-on that covers preventative care.

MetLife has a Metlife Pet mobile app that allows you to submit and track claims easily, receive reminders, stay on top of your pet’s health records, receive tips and information about your pet, and have quick access to your policy’s information.

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Why MetLife Pet Insurance May Not Be Right for Your Pet

Although MetLife pet insurance is an excellent option for many pet owners, it’s not for everyone, and there are a few things they can improve on.

If you’re looking for an accident-only plan, which many pet insurers offer, MetLife may not be for you because they don’t offer it. Although many conditions are covered after a short waiting period, orthopedic conditions have a waiting period of 6 months.

Many companies offer a 30-day trial period, whereby you have a month to decide if you’ve made the right decision with your policy. However, MetLife only offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is less than half of the time other companies offer and can be quite pressuring.

MetLife doesn’t offer a variety of coverage options, and they have limited payment options. You cannot pay the vet directly with MetLife.

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Overall, MetLife Pet Insurance is a fantastic option to consider, with monthly premiums starting out at $9 for cats and $15 for dogs. The customizable plan options are a big selling point, as well as all the discounts.

However, you’ll need to consider different pet insurance if you’re looking for an accident-only plan. You also may get frustrated with their limited payment options.

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