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National Pet Hydration Awareness Month 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

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Pets require proper hydration to maintain optimal health and prevent various health issues. Therefore, we observe National Pet Hydration Awareness Month in July each year. Keep reading as we discuss how and when it got started, along with the ways that you can participate.


What Is National Pet Hydration Month?

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month is an annual campaign that promotes awareness about the importance of pet hydration and encourages responsible pet ownership. The intent is to help prevent pet dehydration by promoting awareness and encouraging good hydration practices. The awareness month may collaborate with animal welfare organizations to raise funds or provide resources for pet owners who need assistance.

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Why Hydration Matters for Pets

Hydration is as important for pets as it is for humans. They need it for various physiological functions, including digestion, circulation, and body temperature regulation. If they don’t drink enough water, severe health problems can result.

Signs of Dehydration in Pets

Common signs of dehydration include lethargy, dry gums, sunken eyes, loss of appetite, and reduced urine output. If you notice any of these signs in your pet, call the veterinarian for advice while you try to convince your pet to drink.

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Factors That Can Affect Pet Dehydration

Species and Size

Different species will have different hydration needs. Large pets usually require more water, while some animals, like reptiles, might need very little. Small pets like hamsters or birds may also require more attention to stay hydrated.

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Environmental Factors

Environmental conditions play a significant role in a pet’s hydration levels. High temperatures, humidity, and excessive physical activity can increase the risk of dehydration. During the summer months, it’s important to be extra cautious and provide ways for pets to cool down and access fresh water.


How Can I Participate in National Pet Hydration Awareness Month?

Provide Access to Clean Water

The first step in ensuring pet hydration is to make clean, fresh water readily available. Pet owners should regularly refill their pet’s water bowls and clean them to prevent bacterial growth.

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Image Credit: Creative Cat Studio, Shutterstock

Incorporate Wet Food in a Pet’s Diet

Wet pet food contains more water than dry kibble and can help improve hydration. Adding wet food to your pet’s diet can be beneficial, especially for pets that struggle to drink enough water.

Use Water Fountains

Some pets are naturally attracted to running water, and water fountains can entice them to drink more. Investing in a pet water fountain can encourage pets to stay hydrated.

Coonhound Puppy Playing With Water Fountain
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Find the Right Water Bowl

In many cases, pets will prefer to use one bowl over another and may even resist using specific bowls, which can reduce the amount of water that they drink.

Provide Ice Treats and Flavored Water

Creating ice treats or adding safe, pet-friendly flavors to water can make drinking more enjoyable for pets, encouraging them to consume more water. The only downside is that they can add calories, leading to obesity.

blue tabby maine coon cat licking homemade ice cream treat popsicle
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Spread Awareness

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of pet hydration. Pet owners can spread the word on social media and at community events to educate others about the topic.



National Pet Hydration Awareness takes place om July each year, and the intent is to spread awareness about the importance of keeping your pet hydrated. You can help celebrate by monitoring your pet’s hydration level and increasing it by adding fountains or wet food to their diet. You can also help participate t spreading awareness on social media and at community events.

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