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How Much Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Update

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Nationwide Pet Insurance is one of the leaders in the industry. Already a major insurance company for people, they now extend the same care to our beloved pets. Nationwide offers comprehensive plans at various prices, depending on the coverage you choose.

Another unique thing about Nationwide pet care, as opposed to its competitors, is that they offer coverage for exotic pets. So if you were looking for something for small pets, reptiles, and a laundry list of other animals, it’s definitely worth looking into. Let’s break it down.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a relatively new concept. Now it’s booming in the pet industry. More and more options are becoming available today where they weren’t just a couple of years ago. Now, you can care for your pet in a time of need or emergency.

Emergency vet care can cost far more than traditional vetting. Sometimes you aren’t anticipating certain costs—but pet insurance helps relieve a lot of the financial strain. Plus, it’s nice to save on certain things at the vet you would generally have to pay for.

If you look at the comprehensive coverage options, like the ones Nationwide provides, you can see how much it can really pay off for you. Many unfortunate pet owners have lost their pets in a time of need because they couldn’t financially afford vet care.

If you have this added layer of protection, you can adjust the policy to match your needs, so you’re never left out in the rain. There are many more perks to having this coverage than paying that cost outright.

We’re going to get into the effects of exactly what nationwide insurance covers so you can put into perspective how much you can potentially save.

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How Much Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cost?

When you compare nationwide to other companies, you might notice that their monthly premiums and deductibles are slightly higher than some competitors. But the benefits can be worth it, particularly if you are already a nationwide customer.

There are several cost factors you must consider when buying pet insurance. We’ll go ahead and break down each area and the pricing you can expect.


For example’s sake, deductibles generally fall around $250. However, depending on your chosen plan, they can be upwards of $500.

Monthly Premiums

Monthly premiums vary slightly depending on the species of pet you are obtaining coverage for. Dogs tend to cost the most, averaging around $55 per month.

Cats cost slightly less, averaging around $30 monthly. If you have an exotic pet, the average typically ranges between nine and $15.

Standard Reimbursement Rates

While nationwide potentially will inverse up to 90% of all vet bills, the average usually falls between 50 and 70%. The actual reimbursement rate will depend on the circumstances of your specific case.

Plans and Packages

Like many other companies, nationwide offers various plans specially tailored to match your pet’s needs and your budget. For exact plan pricing for your animal, it’s best to get a quote directly on the website, as several factors can influence that.

Whole Pet Plan

The Whole Pet plan covers accidents, illnesses, cancer, and several other issues.

Major Medical Plan

If you’re looking for a simple plan that covers accidents and illnesses, this is a plan that might work best in your scenario.

Pet Wellness Plan

The Pet Wellness plan covers what most traditional plans don’t, such as routine checkups and vaccinations.

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Pricing: The Breakdown

Deductibles: $250+
Monthly Premiums: $8-$40
Reimbursement Rates: 50%-70%

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Nationwide has policies that you can tailor to match your needs. Certain add-ons will make your monthly premium rise. So if you plan on adding additional coverage to an existing policy, you can anticipate the additional charges.

For instance, preventative care is not covered under any traditional pet insurance policy. These are features you would have to add to your existing plan. Any add-on will raise the monthly cost.

Also, when going to the vet, remember that you have to pay your deductible. Nationwide offers several different deductibles that you can tailor to match your needs. You might have to pay a higher premium if you want a lower deductible. It’s best to speak with a professional at Nationwide to ensure you’re getting the best policy for your pets. And your budget.

How Often Should I Use My Pet Insurance?

How often you use the Nationwide insurance coverage depends on how frequently your pet needs to see a vet. Nationwide has plans for everything from preventative care to emergencies.

So most of the standard procedures happening at the vet will not be covered under your policy. However, suppose your dog develops some physical ailments or chronic health conditions. In that case, you can cover medication, x-rays, and several other procedures that do not fall in the category of preventative care.

Hopefully, your pet will never need them, but the coverage is there if you do. It definitely provides peace of mind.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Preexisting Conditions?

Nationwide pet insurance does not provide pre-existing condition coverage. If your pet already has a health issue when you get your policy, no coverage will be provided for the specific problem.

However, if they develop a condition after your waiting period is over, your pet is in the clear. Sometimes, companies will consider pre-existing conditions permitting your pet has been symptom-free for 12 months or longer.

This is a case-by-case basis, so there is no guarantee until your specific case is considered.

Does Nationwide Cover Senior Pets?

Nationwide does not offer plans for pets over ten years of age.

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Pet insurance is a wise investment for many owners. Even though Nationwide is a slightly higher cost than some of its competitors, they still offer a variety of helpful coverage that benefits your furry, scaly, or feathered friends.

If you’re curious about the exact costs for your current pets, opt for a quote on the Nationwide company website. This way, you can get accurate numbers to see if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars.

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