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10 Pet Industry Cat Trends to Watch for in 2024

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The latest report from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) tells us that the pet industry is doing very well in the United States with nearly 70 percent of households owning pets. The COVID pandemic has resulted in a growing number of pet adoptions, which will undoubtedly make this number rise.

If you’re interested in getting a pet cat or already have one, we’ve put together this list of pet industry cat trends to watch for this year. Just like in the world of fashion, trends come and trends go for our beloved cat friends too. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s going to be hot in the pet cat industry.


The 10 Cat Industry Trends

1. Sustainable Cat Products

An increasing number of cat owners are choosing to buy products for their cats that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Nowadays you can find products like cat trees and furniture made of sustainable and recycled products.

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint and do your part for climate change, check out some of the options available in sustainable cat products. You’ll surely be amazed by the vast assortment of things you can pick up for your precious kitty.

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Image Credit: Von Berlin, Shutterstock

2. A Focus on Better Food Quality

As more cats are being welcomed into American homes and looked at as members of the family, cat owners are leaning toward buying better quality cat food. Today, people are being picky about the food they feed their feline friends and are looking for high-quality cat food that contains ingredients that promote good health.

3. All-Natural Cat Treats

Just as people are trending toward eating more all-natural snacks, pet owners are demanding higher-quality cat treats for their furry friends. It’s already easy to find all-natural cat treats for sale in local pet stores and online that don’t contain harmful ingredients that can make cats sick.

4. Healthy Liquid Supplements

Just as many consumers are choosing to supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals that promote good health, cat owners are opting to provide their cats with liquid supplements like Alaskan salmon oil that’s formulated specifically for cats.

Offering your cat some mouthwatering salmon oil that’s packed with healthy omegas is a great way to support your cat’s skin, fur, teeth, and overall health. This type of cat supplement is easy to use as you simply use it as a tasty food topper.

Cat Liquid Medicine
Image By: thodonal88, Shutterstock

5. Easier Waste Management

Nobody enjoys scooping out a litter box so don’t feel bad if it’s something you hate doing. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to deal with your cat’s waste.

Today, many cat owners are choosing to use a self-cleaning litter box that takes scooping poop out of the equation. This type of litter box uses a motion sensor to determine when your cat enters and leaves the box. It then automatically scoops up any messes into a sealed disposable receptacle for super convenient waste management.

6. More Humane Grooming

In the past, cat owners had very few choices when it came to grooming tools. If you’re still using a standard pet brush that makes grooming uncomfortable for your cat, do what savvy cat owners are doing and make the switch to a more humane grooming tool.

An example of a more humane grooming tool is a pet grooming glove that makes easy work of brushing away loose hairs on your cat. The glove uses soft rubber nubs that gently and easily massage away loose hairs, mats, and tangles.

7. Cat Toys Made with the Latest Technology

Cat owners are discovering that high-tech cat toys are purrfect for keeping their feline friends entertained and occupied. Now that many people are returning to work post-COVID, techy cat toys are flying off the shelves.

You can go back to work or head out for a night on the town knowing your kitty cat is going to be just fine because you provided him with a high-tech toy like an interactive laser cat toy. This type of battery-operated toy will deliver hours of endless fun for your cat thanks to the laser beam it sends out in random patterns to captivate and activate your cat!

cat with toys
Image By: IRCat, Pixabay

8. More Emphasis on Exercise

People with indoor cats know that their pets need exercise to keep them healthy and happy. You can now buy some very cool cat exercise equipment for your furry friend like an indoor cat exercise wheel that’s essentially a functional piece of art. This type of product is perfect for keeping an indoor cat moving, plus it will look cool in whatever room it’s placed in.

9. Getting Indoor Kitties Outside

If you have an indoor cat, you know your feline is missing out on the big wonderful world outside that window he sits at all day. These days, cat owners are allowing their cats to enjoy some time outside using cat harnesses and leashes.

When you use a cat harness and leash, you can safely walk your cat around the yard or down the sidewalk without worry. This type of set-up will give you gentle, comfortable control of your cat while he explores the great outdoors.

10. Music for Cats

A great way to help your cat enjoy a calm and balanced state of mind is to use a Bluetooth speaker that comes preloaded with music cats love. This type of cat speaker is small, wireless, and portable.

You can adjust the volume and set the speaker so it plays calming music continuously for several hours on a full charge. A cat speaker is the perfect solution for keeping your kitty calm and relaxed while you’re gone all day.

cat owner listening to music
Image By: Artem Oleshko, Shutterstock

divider-cat Conclusion

As you can see, this is shaping up to be an exciting year for our beloved pet cats!  If you want to keep your kitty happy and healthy, consider these cat trends that are making waves in the pet industry. Remember that your cat depends on you to provide him with a good life, so pamper that little ball of fur of yours by tapping into a few (or all) of these trends.

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