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Pet Remembrance Day 2024: When & What Is It?

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Pet Remembrance Day is a national occurrence observed in the UK. There are 38 million pets living in 52% of all UK households; it’s safe to say that the residents of the United Kingdom love their furry friends! Pet Remembrance Day is an important event, and it is a day to reminisce fondly and remember all the beloved pets that are no longer with us. We celebrate Pet Remembrance Day on July 5th each year.


What Is Pet Remembrance Day?

Pet Remembrance Day is a special day in the United Kingdom that is observed by the owners of beloved pets that have passed. The day was founded by Marie Carter-Robb of Pets Magazine in 2015 to allow pet owners space to grieve and fondly remember pets they’ve lost.

Pet Remembrance Day was created to bring attention to the grief owners feel when their pets pass and encourage people to share experiences and memories. Since 2015, Pet Remembrance Day has been celebrated on the 5th of July.

There are many ways you can remember your pet on Pet Remembrance Day (or any time of the year), despite the fact it’s a day observed in the UK. Some examples of how you can celebrate this day include the following:

  • Donations to animal or rescue charities in your pet’s name
  • Posts to “rainbow” pages or boards, with pictures or words celebrating their life
  • Setting up a memorial garden. Statues, plates, or homemade tributes can be placed to offer you a place to pay your respects.
  • Going for a walk with a loved one to places your pet loved. This could be to a favored spot in the woods, hiking trails, quiet spots in the sun, or even a visit to a dog park.
  • Share stories or memories of your pet with your loved ones. Getting together to swap stories and share memories can be a healing experience and a good way to process grief.
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How Do You Honor a Pet’s Memory After Their Death?

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest and most emotionally difficult times of a person’s life. Pets are family; in a survey conducted in 2022, 95% of pet owners said they considered their pets a part of their family.

Processing the grief of losing a loved one can take time and can often be a long journey; honoring your pet’s life and memory after their passing with events like Pet Remembrance Day can help.

There are many feelings that can come when a pet dies. Grieving is a normal process, and feelings of sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness are all normal feelings owners can experience. Acknowledging your grief and expressing your feelings can help you process them, such as allowing yourself time to heal and cry. Remembering your pet after they pass and celebrating their life on Pet Remembrance Day can also help with the grieving process.

Some feelings you might have, such as denial or regret, can also feel overwhelming. There are pet bereavement services and pages that can help you process and cope with your grief, such as the Humane Society’s page on pet bereavement.

Other ways you can honor your pet’s passing include the following:

Keeping your pet’s ashes after cremation:
Many places offer special containers, urns, or even jewelry-making services that can turn ashes into beautiful mementos of your pet’s life.
Memory boxes:
They are filled with special items such as your pet’s collar, favorite toys, or bowls.
Pet memorial items:
Paintings, statues, or stuffed animals can be created with a photograph of your pet.


Final Thoughts

Pet Remembrance Day is held on the 5th of July every year in the UK. This special day was created by Marie Carter-Robb in 2015 to help owners mourn their beloved passed pets and celebrate their lives. You can celebrate this day in many ways, including coming together with loved ones to share memories of your pet.

Grief is a normal reaction to losing a family member, and support services are available to help owners process their emotions. Pet Remembrance Day is for any pet, and it can be celebrated in any way you’d like to honor them.

Featured Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

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