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200 Scientific Cat Names: Technical & Smart Options for Your Cat

Scientific Cat Names

Coming up with a name for your cat can be a lengthy process. Common or stereotypical names like “Fluffy” or “Garfield” may not cut it for some cat owners, and the vague nickname “Cat,” made famous in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” forces others to think that you did not put much effort in naming your feline. Since cats are more mysterious and guarded with their emotions, they’re often more challenging to name than other pets like dogs.

For clues on the ideal name, watch your cat’s day-to-day activities. Does your pet tear around your home like a Tasmanian Devil, or do they spend most of their time staring out the window? What does your pet do that makes you laugh or scream? Whether they’re lazy or full of energy, we all know that felines are intelligent. What better way to show off your smart kitty to the world than to give them a scientific name? To make your name search easier, we’ve developed a lengthy list of unique names relating to the world of science and its most famous contributors.


Female Cat Names Based on Famous Scientists

a calico cat with a pet id tag lying on a table
Image by: Andy Gin, Shutterstock

History has not been fair to female scientists by overlooking their accomplishments in favor of highlighting famous men in the field. What better way to honor those incredible thinkers than naming your female cat after one of them? Is your cat an animal lover like Jane Goodall, or does she enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors like the American botanist Elizabeth Briton? Read on to get some inspiration!

  • Adamson (Joy)
  • Agnesi (Maria)
  • Agnodice
  • Anderson (Elizabeth Garret)
  • Anning (Mary)
  • Apgar (Virginia)
  • Arden (Elizabeth)
  • Bailey (Florence Augusta Merriam)
  • Barre-Sinoussi (Francoise)
  • Barton (Clara)
  • Bascom (Florence)
  • Bassi (Laura Maria)
  • Bath (Patricia Era)
  • Benedict (Ruth)
  • Benerito (Ruth)
  • Blackwell (Elizabeth)
  • Britton (Elizabeth)
  • Brooks (Harriet)
  • Cannon (Annie Jump)
  • Carson (Rachel)
  • Châtelet (Émilie du)
  • Cleopatra the Alchemist
  • Comnena (Anna)
  • Cori (Gerty T.)
  • Crane (Eva)
  • Easley (Annie)
  • Elion (Gertrude Bell)
  • Curie (Marie)
  • Evans (Alice)
  • Fossey (Dian)
  • Franklin (Rosalind)
  • Germain (Sophie)
  • Gilbreth (Lillian)
  • Giliani (Alessandra)
  • Mayer (Maria Goeppert)
  • Goldring (Winifred)
  • Goodall (Jane)
  • Grant (B. Rosemary)
  • Hamilton (Alice)
  • Harrison (Ann Jane)
  • Herschel (Caroline)
  • Hildegard of Bingen
  • Hopper (Grace)
  • Hrdy (Sarah Blaffer)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria
  • Jonas (Doris F.)
  • King (Mary-Claire)
  • King (Nicole)
  • Kovalevskaya (Sofia)
  • Leakey (Mary)
  • Lederberg (Esther)
  • Lehmann (Inge)
  • Levi-Montalcini (Rita)
  • Lovelace (Ada)
  • Maathai (Wangari)
  • Margulis (Lynn)
  • Maria the Jewess
  • McClintock (Barbara)
  • Mead (Margaret)
  • Meitner (Lise)
  • Merian (Maria Sibylla)
  • Mitchell (Maria)
  • Moran (Nancy A.)
  • Moser (May-Britt)
  • Nightingale (Florence)
  • Noether (Emmy)
  • Novello (Antonia)
  • Payne-Gaposchkin (Cecilia)
  • Piscopia (Elena Conaro)
  • Profet (Margaret)
  • Ray (Dixy Lee)
  • Richards (Ellen Swallow)
  • Ride (Sally)
  • Sabin (Florence)
  • Sanger (Margaret)
  • Scott (Charlotte Angas)
  • Shattuck (Lydia White)
  • Somerville (Mary)
  • Stevenson (Sarah Ann Hackett)
  • Stott (Alicia)
  • Taussig (Helen)
  • Tilghman (Shirley)
  • Tobias (Shelia)
  • Trota of Salerno
  • Villa-Komaroff (Lydia)
  • Vrba (Elisabeth S.)
  • Workman (Fanny Bullock)
  • Wu (Chien-Shiung)
  • Xilingshi
  • Yalow (Rosalyn)


Male Cat Names Based on Famous Scientists

cat meowing
Image by: Marvin Otto, Pixabay

Although we’ve categorized the scientists into female and male groups, you’re welcome to give your cat a name from either list. Last names sound more neutral than first names, and they’re suitable for tomcats and female furballs. Here is a list of our top choices for scientist-inspired names for your male cat.

  • Alvarez (Luis)
  • Ampère (André-Marie)
  • Anaximander
  • Archimedes
  • Aristarchus
  • Aristotle
  • Amedeo Avogadro
  • Bacon (Francis)
  • Bell (Alexander Graham)
  • Bernoulli (Daniel)
  • Bohr (Niels)
  • Boyle (Robert)
  • Brahe (Tycho)
  • Brahmagupta
  • Bunsen (Robert)
  • Cajal (Santiago Ramón y)
  • Carver (George Washington)
  • Chadwick (James)
  • Chandrasekhar (Subrahmanyan)
  • Chargaff (Erwin)
  • Copernicus (Nicolaus)
  • Cousteau (Jacques)
  • Dalton (John)
  • Darwin (Charles)
  • Democritus
  • Descartes (René)
  • Drake (Frank)
  • Einstein (Albert)
  • Eratosthenes
  • Euclid
  • Euler (Leonhard)
  • Faraday (Michael)
  • Fermat (Pierre de)
  • Fibonacci
  • Fisher (Ronald)
  • Fleming (Alexander)
  • Franklin (Benjamin)
  • Galen
  • Galilei (Galileo)
  • Gauss (Carl Friedrich)
  • Gibbs (Willard)
  • Harvey (William)
  • Hertz (Heinrich)
  • Hilbert (David)
  • Hipparchus
  • Hippocrates
  • Hooke (Robert)
  • Horner (Jack)
  • Hubble (Erwin)
  • Hutton (James)
  • Kepler (Johannes)
  • Khayyam (Omar)
  • Landsteiner (Karl)
  • Lavoisier (Antoine)
  • Leeuwenhoek (Antonie van)
  • Linnaeus (Carolus)
  • Maxwell (James Clerk)
  • Mendel (Gregor)
  • Moseley (Henry)
  • Newton (Isaac)
  • Nobel (Alfred)
  • Oersted (Hans Christian)
  • Pasteur (Louis)
  • Pauling (Linus)
  • Planck (Max)
  • Pythagoras
  • Ptolemy (Claudius)
  • Raman (C. V.)
  • Ramanujan (Srinivasa)
  • Redi (Francesco Redi)
  • Rutherford (Ernest)
  • Sagan (Carl)
  • Schwann (Theodor)
  • Shoemaker (Gene)
  • Skinner (B. F.)
  • Thales of Miletus
  • Thomson (J. J.)
  • Vesalius (Andreas)
  • Virchow (Rudolf)
  • Volta (Alessandro)
  • Wallace (Alfred R.)
  • Watt (James)
  • Wegener (Alfred)
  • Yang (Chen-Ning)


Unisex Cat Names Based on Computer Terminology

Ginger cat acts as human working on laptop
Image by: Chansom Pantip, Shutterstock

The list of tech terms seems to grow every day, and we only included a small portion of terms relating to computers and technology. Several words and phrases related to the tech world are incompatible with felines. For instance, you probably do not want a cat named Metadata, KBps, flash drive, UAT, or Web application framework. Here are some unique unisex names based on computer terminology we think will suit your cat well!

  • Adder
  • Address
  • AJAX
  • Alias
  • Alpha
  • ALU
  • Android
  • Apache
  • Apple
  • Babbage
  • Beta
  • Binary
  • Bit
  • Boolean
  • Bot
  • Chip
  • Circuit
  • Cisco
  • CLI
  • Cluster
  • Code
  • Digit
  • Glitch
  • Linux
  • Python
  • RAM


Final Thoughts

Scientists and felines have a lot in common. Like pioneering scientists, cats are bold animals whose curiosity often dictates their actions. They rarely follow the rules and usually expect the world to revolve around them. They’re often misunderstood by the public, and their personalities tend to get them in trouble. We hope our lists have helped you pick a fitting scientific name for your little Copernicus.

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Featured Image Credit: Simon Hrozian, Unsplash

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