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Sentry Calming Collar for Cats Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Sentry calming cat collar review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Sentry Calming Collar for Cats a rating of 4 out of 5 stars

Scent: 3.9/5
Ease of Use: 3.8/5
Features: 4.0/5
Price: 4.2/5

Sentry Pet Care is part of a family of brands that produce multiple animal health and wellness products. Their niche is behavioral care products that use pheromone technology to ease anxiety and curb problem behaviors in dogs and cats.

If your cat is displaying fear-based bad behavior or struggling to adjust to a new furry or human family member, you might be desperate for a solution. Behavioral issues are a significant factor behind cats being re-homed. Sentry Calming Cat Collar are a force-free, natural approach to solving troublesome behavior.

The Sentry collars are easy to apply and use, with a scent typically pleasant to humans. Because the pheromones are triggered by contact with the cat’s skin, they target only the individual pet without impacting others in the household. It also means your cat receives consistent exposure to the active compounds for the best chance at good results.

Some cats will not respond to this product, and some users have concerns over the strong scent and issues with keeping the collar on due to a recent buckle redesign.


Sentry Calming Cat Collar – A Quick Look

Sentry Calming Collars for Cats

  • Force-free behavior modification technique
  • A more natural approach to changing behavior
  • Easy to use
  • Targeted to the individual cat
  • Some issues with the redesigned buckle
  • Inconsistent responses among cats
  • Lavender scent too strong for sensitive people


Product dimensions: 5.69” W x 2” H x 6” L, 3.53 ounces
Manufacturer: Sergeant’s Pet Care
Country of origin: USA
Available in: Single, 3-pack
Available scent: Lavender
Lasts for: 30 days

Easy to Use

The Sentry Calming cat collar is easy to use and apply. The collar is adjustable and can be placed over your cat’s head and tightened to leave about 1/4” of space. Any extra length can be cut off without impacting the collar’s effectiveness.

No steps are required to activate the pheromones in the collar before placing it on your cat; contact with their skin triggers it. The directions provide tips on slowly introducing the calming collar to a cat who has never worn a collar before.

Targeted Pheromone Technology

The Sentry Calming cat collar contains a pheromone that mimics those produced by mother cats. The idea is that this familiar scent triggers a soothing reaction in a stressed or fearful cat, helping to ease anxiety and reduce problem behaviors. The collar is helpful for storm anxiety, excessive meowing and scratching, and urine marking.

Several cat pheromone products are available on the market, generally as sprays or plug-in diffusers. The Sentry Calming cat collar is designed to target a single cat individually without impacting other pets in the household. The anxious cat can’t avoid the calming pheromones because they’re wearing them.


The collar is designed to last 30 days, similar to a flea collar. If you have good results, Sentry Calming Collars can be purchased in a convenient 3-pack, which is more affordable than a single item. It also allows you to quickly replace the collar without losing effectiveness because you have another one on hand.

Strong Scent

People can’t smell the cat pheromones, but the collars also contain a lavender-chamomile scent. Sensitive humans and pets may find this odor too strong and unpleasant, although user reviews mentioned that it tends to dissipate after a few days. If you like the scent, your cat will function as a moving air freshener for at least 30 days, which is an unexpected bonus.

Collar Safety

Collar safety is always a concern, especially for active cats. Several customers expressed concerns that the Sentry Calming Cat Collar didn’t have the recommended breakaway feature to keep kitties safe. The company must have also seen the reviews because they recently redesigned the collar to include a slip-away buckle, which loosens under sudden pressure.



What Are the Ingredients?

The collar reportedly contains 0.02% pheromones. It also has lavender and chamomile scents, but there is no information regarding the quantities.

Do the Collars Contain Toxic Ingredients?

The company’s website states that no toxic ingredients in the collar will harm a cat if they chew or ingest the product. Many essential oils are not safe for cats, and some users expressed concerns over the lavender scent in the collar. The lavender plant is listed as toxic to cats by the ASPCA Pet Poison Control.

The company states that there is not enough lavender in the product to cause a problem. Based on user reviews, many cats have used these collars without issue, but if you have concerns check with your veterinarian first.

Where Is the Collar Manufactured?

Sentry is a US-based company. The collars are manufactured in the United States.

Can the Collar Get Wet?

If the collar gets wet, Sentry recommends removing it and drying it off. The water should not impact the collar’s effectiveness.

How Old Does My Cat Have To Be To Use The Collar?

The company states that cats of all ages and breeds can use this collar. If used with a growing cat, they recommend checking the collar frequently to ensure it’s not getting too tight. To be safe, check with your veterinarian before using this collar on any cat, especially kittens and older kitties with medical issues.



What the Users Say

To help gauge the experiences of other pet owners, we’ve checked out some user reviews from various websites and forums.

Overall, users report more positive results than negative ones with this collar. Some cat owners saw quick and noticeable changes in their kitty’s behavior once the calming collar was in place.

Based on user experiences, the Sentry Calming Collar can be very helpful for behavioral issues. However, some users noted that the collar appeared to have no impact on their cat, while other similar products did. While users appreciate the attempt to make the collar safer, some noted that the new buckle design sometimes makes it difficult for the collar to stay on.

Consumers like that the Sentry Calming Collar is a more cost-effective way to expose cats to soothing pheromones than purchasing multiple diffusers for their home. Some weren’t happy with their attempts to get answers from customer service regarding the specific ingredients and amount of lavender in the collar.



The Sentry Calming Cat Collar uses targeted pheromone therapy to soothe anxious cats and reduce problem behaviors like urine marking and excessive meowing. It is more cost-effective than other pheromone options like diffusers because you don’t need to purchase multiple products to provide constant coverage for your cat.

While the Sentry collar seems to work for many cats, it does not affect others, somewhat limiting its overall usefulness. Because behavioral issues can be so frustrating to solve, the Sentry Calming Collar offers a relatively inexpensive, medication-free option that may be worth considering even if there’s a chance your cat won’t respond.

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