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Sunmed Pet CBD Products Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Our Final Verdict

We give Sunmed Pet CBD an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.75/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 4.5/5
Value: 5/5

If you’ve been considering CBD for your anxious dog or cat, now is the time. Why? Because Sunmed’s new line of pet CBD products is perfect for pet owners in search of a safe, effective, and affordable CBD option.

Sunmed’s Broad Spectrum Pet CBD Tincture comes in two concentrations, making it easy to find the right dose for your pet, no matter their size. And since this oil is broad-spectrum, you get all the benefits of daily, long-term hemp oil use without having to worry about THC toxicity.

Best of all, Sunmed’s pet CBD comes in a variety of flavors and forms. Not only can you get the oil in bacon and peanut butter flavor, but you can also opt for treats. They even have cat treats that the pickiest of felines will gobble up.

For the last month, I have been using three of Sunmed’s products on my pets.

My anxious Chihuahua, Papyrus, has been using the 250mg peanut butter-flavored CBD tincture. My reactive and achy old Dalmatian mix, Ragz, has been using the 500mg bacon-flavored tincture. And my hyperactive kitten, Makoa, has been testing the CBD cat treats.

So far, I have been really impressed by all three products with one minor complaint.

Keep reading to see my full Sunmed pet CBD products review and to find out if this is the right CBD company for your pet.


At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 500mg
  • 17mg CBD per ml
  • Available in three flavors
  • Contains only 2-3 pure ingredients
  • Second place
    Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 250mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 250mg
  • 8mg CBD per ml
  • Pure, organic ingredients
  • Available in bacon, peanut butter, and unflavored
  • Third place
    Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats
  • 1mg CBD per 3 chews
  • Taste cats love
  • Easy to administer
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    About Sunmed

    Sunmed Pet CBD Products - unboxing the products

    Who Makes Sunmed Products and Where Are They Produced?

    Sunmed CBD products are made from USDA-certified organic hemp grown in the US. Most of the hemp used comes from Colorado and Oregon. The company is owned and operated by Sunflora, Inc.

    Sunflora also owns Your CBD Store, a brick-and-mortar retailer of Sunmed products with hundreds of locations throughout the country.

    Which Pets is Sunmed Best Suited For?

    Sunmed has multiple CBD pet products that are perfect for all kinds of furry friends.

    Their 250mg CBD oil is perfect for smaller dogs and for cats. Meanwhile, their 500mg oil option is great for medium and large dogs who need a higher dose.

    The company also sells CBD treats, including their feline-specific snacks. Their other treats include pet chews made with focused ingredients to support digestion, mobility, calm, and more.

    In short, Sunmed products are perfect for any cat or dog who could benefit from the healing effects of CBD.


    Key Features

    Sunmed Pet CBD Products - products and bowls

    Let’s take a quick look at what makes Sunmed CBD products different from other pet CBD products on the market. Below, we’ll dive into their ingredients, testing information, uses, and what you can expect from these products.


    Sunmed CBD tinctures are some of the purest options in the pet world. Each bottle of unflavored pet CBD oil contains only two ingredients:

    • Organic Hemp Extract
    • Organic MCT oil

    Flavored options also contain a small amount of organic peanut butter or bacon flavor.

    The hemp oil in Sunmed products is removed from the hemp plant using CO2 extraction. This pure method produces a product with a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Careful filtration of the oil ensures a pure tincture free from solvents and THC.

    Using MCT as a carrier oil not only helps protect the CBD in the hemp oil but has added health benefits for your pet. MCT is full of healthy medium-chain fatty acids that help the body burn fat and fight infection while supporting brain health.

    While I love the pure ingredients used in Sunmed’s oils, I am not so keen on the inactive ingredients used in their cat treats. These treats contain a long list of fillers including chicken by-product meal, ground corn, and red dye #40. These ingredients are a surprising find in a company that has otherwise high-quality products.

    Sunmed Pet CBD Products - makoa eating the treats

    Testing and Safety

    The hallmark of a quality CBD product is third-party lab testing that proves its purity and concentration.

    All Sunmed products have been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they live up to their marketing claims. In fact, the packaging for their products contains a QR code that will link you directly to the corresponding lab report.

    These tests confirm the concentration of CBD in each oil sample. They also note the concentrations of harmful toxins and compounds that can be found in CBD oil, including THC, heavy metals, and solvents.

    For the Sunmed products I tested, the corresponding lab results all showed passing scores for harmful substances. And the amount of THC in each was undetectable or below the limit of detection.

    The amount of CBD in each product did vary compared to the marketing claims, which is common when multiple strains of hemp are used to create oils. The amount of CBD for the 250mg oil was about 30mg lower than advertised. But for the 500mg oil, the amount was over 50mg higher.

    Uses and Administration

    Sunmed advertises its CBD oils as being highly effective for calming and rejuvenating pets. But like all broad-spectrum oils, they are also effective at relieving pain, reducing inflammation, combating anxiety, and more. Research into CBD has shown oils like these can even be effective in treating some cancers and cancer symptoms, as well as epilepsy.

    The reason CBD is so effective for a wide range of issues is because of how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

    This system affects just about every part of the body, from hormone production and memory to digestion and immune response. Cannabinoids, like CBD, bind with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to activate different responses to help balance the body.

    Sunmed’s CBD oil tinctures and cat treats are a great option for pets who need help calming down. I also found them to be very effective for helping my older dogs with their arthritis and for helping them sleep better.

    The easiest way to give your pet Sunmed’s CBD tincture is to put it straight on their food. Because it’s flavored, most animals happily eat it up. The cat treats are even easier to give since they are highly flavored and most cats will eat them straight.

    Sunmed Pet CBD Products - dropping cbd oil to a bowl of dog food

    What to Expect

    When giving any CBD product for the first time, you can expect it to take some time to have full effect. That’s because CBD has an accumulative effect on the body. This means that it builds up over time and works best if given daily for longer periods.

    My pets have all been on CBD before, so I noticed the effects of the Sunmed products fairly quickly. But in pets who have never had CBD, you can expect to see full effects after about three weeks.

    Depending on what you are using the products for, you can give them once or twice per day.


    Reviews of the Sunmed Pet CBD Products

    1. Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 500mg

    Sunmed Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 500mg

    Sunmed’s 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture is a great option for medium to large dogs who need a higher dose of CBD to see results. Each milliliter of oil contains an impressive 17mg of CBD plus another 3mg of terpenes, flavonoids, and other powerful cannabinoids.

    In addition to all the active ingredients, the tincture also contains healthy MCT oil. This ingredient acts as a stable, protective carrier for hemp oil. It also enhances CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.

    The concentrated nature of the oil means your dog gets all the benefits without having to ingest a lot of hemp oil. This is good because too much oil can cause runny stool and digestive upset.

    There are few things that really set this product apart from other quality CBD pet tinctures. For one, it is certified organic. This means that the oils are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

    Another unique feature is that the dosing pipet has measurement markers on it. This is an incredibly helpful feature for ensuring your dog gets the exact right amount of oil every time.

    I don’t know why other companies don’t copy this feature. It is so simple yet so incredibly helpful!

    Lastly, given the concentration and quality, this tincture is very well-priced. Despite having twice as much CBD as the 250mg product, it costs less than twice as much. This is a huge win for owners of large dogs.

    • Highly concentrated
    • Perfect for medium and large dogs
    • Broad spectrum
    • THC-free
    • Easy-to-dose pipet markers
    • Flavored or unflavored options
    • Lacks some cannabinoids for full entourage effect
    • Flavor is too diluted for direct dosing

    2. Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 250mg

    Sunmed Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture 250mg

    Sunmed’s 250mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture is a less concentrated CBD tincture option. It is perfect for both cats and small dogs. Each milliliter of oil contains about 8mg of CBD plus extra cannabinoid compounds, terpenes, and flavonoids.

    Like the 500mg tincture, this one uses MCT oil as the carrier. This gives it other benefits over tinctures that use inexpensive hemp seed oil.

    While this Sunmed oil contains less CBD and costs more per mg of CBD, it is a better choice for certain pets. The lower concentration of CBD makes it easier to dose small animals, especially those under 10 pounds. While giving dogs and cats too much CBD isn’t harmful in the short term, it is a waste of money and isn’t likely to be more effective.

    To make dosing even easier, this product also features a pipet with measurement markers on it. This makes it super simple to give your dog or cat 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, or 1 milliliter of oil, depending on their needs.

    I also love that you can get this product in bacon or peanut butter flavor. Or you can choose unflavored if your pet isn’t picky. While the flavored versions aren’t potent enough for direct dosing, they do help entice picky pets to gobble this oil up when it’s added directly to their food.

    • Perfect concentration for small pets
    • Easy to dose
    • Flavored or unflavored options
    • Broad spectrum with added terpenes
    • Undetectable amounts of THC
    • USDA organic ingredients
    • More expensive mg per mg
    • Flavors aren’t concentrated enough to direct dose

    3. Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats

    Sunmed Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats

    If you have a feline in need of some calm, Sunmed’s Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats are a great option.

    Each of these delectable treats contains about 0.33mg of CBD. This makes them purr-fect for cats and kittens who need just a small dose of CBD to help them chill. I give my rowdy six-month-old cat three of these crunchy treats before bed to help him snooze through the night.

    Each serving contains 1mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. This is the same extract found in Sunmed’s CBD pet tinctures. These treats also contain 30% protein, 4.5% fiber, and 17% fat.

    What they don’t contain is THC, so you can feel safe spoiling your kitty with these hemp treats.

    Sunmed’s cat snacks are fish-flavored. My cat begs for them each night and gobbles them right up.

    While there is a lot to love about these treats, especially how easy they make giving your cat CBD, they also come with some downsides.

    Unlike Sunmed’s tinctures, these treats are not organic. And the inactive ingredients are less than stellar. Not only do they contain chicken by-product and corn, but they are dyed with Red #40, a highly controversial chemical additive.

    While these filler ingredients are not my preferred choices, they haven’t stopped me from using the product. My cat, Makoa, clearly loves them and they really seem to help him chill out.

    • Perfect maintenance dose of CBD
    • Highly palatable
    • Bite-sized
    • Each package contains hundreds of treats
    • High in protein
    • Contains dyes
    • Contains extra fillers
    • Expensive considering lower CBD content
    • Not organic


    Our Experience With Sunmed Pet CBD

    I have had the opportunity to test many great pet CBD oils and treats. Just looking at Sunmed’s pet line, I knew I was getting more of the same with these products. What I didn’t expect was how much their handful of extra features would improve my experience.

    My thirteen-year-old Dalmatian mix, Ragz, had the pleasure of testing Sunmed’s 500mg Broad Spectrum Pet CBD Tincture. Given her pain, mobility problems, and age, I gave her twice the recommended dose in the morning and evening.

    Not only did it help improve her mobility, but it made a noticeable difference in how reactive she was with our houseguests over the holidays. She barked much less and spent most of her time cuddling rather than chasing people up and down the stairs.

    My fourteen-year-old Chihuahua, Papyrus, got to test out the 250mg tincture. This bottle was the perfect concentration for him. In fact, I was able to give both him and Ragz ½ a milliliter from their respective bottles at each meal.

    This really simplified things for me!

    The tincture made a difference in the quality of Papyrus’ sleep and helped keep him comfortable after he hurt his back playing.

    I found both tinctures very easy to dose and give. Of all the CBD oils I’ve tried, these proved to be the least messy. Neither the peanut butter nor the bacon was flavorful enough for my dogs to eat straight from the dropper, but they had no problem taking their dose on their meals.

    My cat, Makoa, was very excited to try out the CBD cat snacks. I gave them to him exclusively before bed to try and ease him into sleep during his typical crazy hour. He begged for them every night and ate them right up without complaint.

    They seem to help him sleep through the night (without destroying the house). While I don’t love the inactive ingredients in these treats, I can’t deny that they are effective and tasty.

    Sunmed Pet CBD Products - giving cbd oil to ragz



    Overall, I was very pleased with Sunmed’s pet CBD products.

    Their Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tinctures are made with high-quality ingredients and contain all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to make them highly effective. And knowing they are free of THC and organic makes me feel safe giving them every day.

    The Broad Spectrum CBD Cat Treats were less impressive in the ingredients department, but they were still highly effective. And, most importantly, my cat loved them.

    If you’re looking to start using CBD to help your pet chill out or feel more comfortable, I highly recommend Sunmed Pet CBD products.

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