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6 Types of Tortoiseshell Cats With Long Hair (With Pictures)

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If you like unique cats, you should definitely consider a long-haired Tortoiseshell for your next pet. The fur of these cats resembles a tortoise’s shell, which is how the pattern got its name.

Many cat lovers believe that Tortoiseshell cats have a “Tortitude” that makes them slightly aloof and distant. However, each breed of “Tortie” is different and has a unique personality.

This guide examines six different long-haired breeds that can have this interesting pattern. It also provides you with everything that you need to know about Tortoiseshell cats so you can choose the best one for your family.

The 6 Types of Tortoiseshell Cats With Long Hair

1. Tortoiseshell Longhair Manx

Tortoiseshell Longhair Manx
Image By: PradaBrown, Shutterstock

Lifespan 9–13 years
Height 7–9 inches
Weight 6–12 pounds
Temperament & Personality Affectionate, intelligent, adaptable, easygoing, loyal

The Tortoiseshell Longhair Manx is a beautiful breed that can live between 9 and 13 years. They are typically around 7–9 inches high and weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. Tortie Manx cats originate from the Isle of Man and are easily recognizable by their lack of tail.

Tortoiseshell Longhair Manx cats are affectionate, adaptable, loyal, and easygoing, which makes them perfect for families with children. They are also intelligent, so you can easily train them to get along with other pets.

As their name suggests, these felines have long hair, and their double coats need regular attention to remain in good shape. These cats need daily brushing to prevent tangles and keep their coats smooth and silky.

Although these cats have beautiful fur, they shed during spring and fall, which is something to keep in mind if you need a cat that sheds less.

  • Friendly personality
  • Great for families with kids
  • Great with other animals

  • Sheds during spring and fall
  • Requires daily brushing

2. Tortoiseshell Domestic Longhair

Tortoiseshell Domestic Longhair
Image By: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock
Lifespan 10–20 years
Height 8–10 inches
Weight 6–16 pounds
Temperament & Personality Energetic, intelligent, easygoing

Tortoiseshell Domestic Longhair cats are the most common type of Torties. These mixed-breed felines are around 8–10 inches high, weigh between 6 and 16 pounds, and live for 10–20 years.

This Tortie species is energetic, intelligent, and easygoing but tends to showcase “Tortitude” more than other Torties. These cats can often be sassy, though they mostly exhibit this behavior as a way to protect themselves.

These cats can make good pets, but they are not ideal for families with kids due to their attitude.

  • Energetic
  • Intelligent
  • Sassy
  • Not the best option for families with kids

3. Tortoiseshell Persian

Tortoiseshell persian kitten
Image By: Vasiliy Koval, Shutterstock
Lifespan 12–15 years
Height 10–15 inches
Weight 8–14 pounds
Temperament & Personality Gentle, quiet, affectionate, docile, laidback, not too active

Tortoiseshell Persian cats originate from Persia. These cats are around 10–15 inches high, weigh between 8 and 14 pounds, and have a lifespan of 12–15 years.

These cats are gentle, quiet, affectionate, and docile, making them great for people who don’t want active cats. They could be suitable for families with kids, but that depends on whether you want a cat to play with or to cuddle.

It’s common for this breed to be laidback, which is why many Tortoiseshell Persians like to sleep all day long. They prefer to be indoors and mostly enjoy resting.

These Torties are purebred, and they stand out from other cats due to their long, wavy coats. However, those coats can be tricky to maintain because they require regular brushing, which is something to keep in mind.

  • Affectionate and quiet
  • Laidback
  • Beautiful
  • Not that active
  • Requires daily brushing

4. Tortoiseshell British Longhair

British Longhair Cat
Image By: sab_k, Pixabay
Lifespan 10–20 years
Height 12–14 inches
Weight 6–18 pounds
Temperament & Personality Calm, social, affectionate

The Tortoiseshell British Longhair is a relatively new cat breed that’s still not fully recognized in all organizations and associations around the world. These Torties can live between 10 and 20 years, are between 12 and 14 inches high, and weigh between 6 and 18 pounds.

They are similar to British Shorthair cats, but their coats are significantly longer. This breed can occasionally be distant, but most Torties are calm, social, and affectionate. These cats would do anything for the ones they love, which is why they would be a great fit for families.

  • Great for families
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate

  • Occasionally distant
  • May appear cold and standoffish

5. Tortoiseshell Maine Coon

Maine Coon tortoiseshell cat sitting on cat house
Image By:, Shutterstock
Lifespan 9–15 years
Height 10–16 inches
Weight 8–18 pounds
Temperament & Personality Gentle, sweet, affectionate, social

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon stands out due to their stunning color pattern. These cats are typically around 10–16 inches tall, weigh between 8 and 18 pounds, and live for 9–15 years.

These cats are extremely popular due to their unique appearance, as they resemble a mix between a cat and a raccoon. Maine Coon cats have long ears and fluffy tails, and their coats are typically shaggy, so frequent grooming is required.

Maine Coon Torties are social, gentle, sweet, and affectionate, which is why they are ideal for families with children and other pets.

  • Unique appearance
  • Great for families with kids
  • Great for families with other pets

  • Requires frequent grooming

6. Tortoiseshell American Bobtail

american bobtail-cat_Shutterstock_Mary-McDonald
Image By: Mary McDonald, Shutterstock
Lifespan 13–15 years
Height 9–10 inches
Weight 6–16 pounds
Temperament & Personality Social, affectionate, easygoing, confident, friendly, intelligent

The Tortoiseshell American Bobtail represents a natural mutation of a Domestic Shorthair. These felines are around 9–10 inches high, weigh between 6 and 16 pounds, and live 13–15 years.

These Torties are social, affectionate, easygoing, and friendly, but they are not as common as the other breeds on this list. You can mostly find this breed in the U.S.A., as they’re a territorial species.

Due to their intelligence, these cats don’t need much attention or activity to be happy and healthy and are typically independent and confident. They are perfect for less active people.

  • Intelligent and social
  • Doesn’t need much activity

  • Not as common as other Torties on this list
  • Territorial breed


Are Torties Rare?

In general, Torties are not that rare, as many cats lack a specific dominant gene, which is what creates the Tortoiseshell effect. However, it is rare to see a male Tortie; about one in every 3,000 Tortie felines is male.



Now that you know more about Tortoiseshell cats with long hair, you should be able to determine which breed would make the most suitable pet for you and your family. Remember to weigh out all the pros and cons before deciding on a particular breed.

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Featured Image Credit: N Roberts, Shutterstock

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