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Why Does My Cat Like Bread So Much? Risks & Benefits

Hungry cat and a slice of white bread

If you catch your feline companion munching on a piece of bread crust they found accidentally, you are probably wondering how safe it is for cats to eat bread and why they like it so much. Cats enjoy the unique taste and smell of yeast, and the crunchy texture of bread only adds to their adoration. Chewing on crunchy bread crust can be fun and satisfying for cats, but you need to ensure not to feed them too much bread.

Read the article below to learn more about the benefits and risks of bread for your cat and why they may enjoy it so much.


Is Bread Safe for Cats?

If your cat is another one of many pets that adores bread, you don’t have to worry about its safety, as bread is generally safe for cats. Bread is entirely safe for cats and other pets, and if they like to chew on it, you can sometimes use bread as a treat. Since most cats will love bread, you can even use it to hide their medication.

While eating bread is safe for cats, it is always recommended to provide it in moderation only. Bread has no real nutritional value for cats, so anything more than an occasional snack can be harmful.

Cat Eating Bread
Image Credit: Zanna Pesnina, Shutterstock

Risks of Feeding Bread to Cats

Besides not having any real nutritional value, bread can also be dangerous for cats with medical issues such as diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease. Since bread has a high content of salt and carbohydrates, it shouldn’t be offered in large quantities. One of the bigger threats for cats is not bread but raw bread dough. If your cat accidentally eats raw bread dough, it can create life-threatening situations. Because bread dough contains yeast, consuming it can cause bloating, respiratory distress, and seizures.

Why Do Cats Love Bread So Much?

There are several reasons why cats may love bread, even though it doesn’t really have any value in their regular diet. Some cats adore the taste and smell of yeast, while others can’t get enough of the unique soft and crunchy texture. If the bread is hard and crunchy, your cat probably adores chewing on it. The sound of crunching the bread with their teeth can also provide satisfaction.

While pure satisfaction of taste, smell, and sound can be the most significant reason cats adore bread, some cats tend to get cravings. If you know your cat loves the taste and smell of yeast, you can add nutritional yeast to some of its food to reduce its cravings for bread.

cute british shorthair cat with slice of bread on the head
Image By: Freer, Shutterstock

How to Feed Breed to Your Cat

As mentioned, small portions of bread are safe for cats, but overfeeding them can be harmful. That is why knowing how and when to offer your cat bread is crucial. Start by offering your cat a bite-sized piece of bread and see how they act. Offering a large chunk of bread at once can cause the cat to choke while trying to chew through it. If you’d like to offer bread as a treat for your cat, offer only one bite. You can feed your cat bread as long as it contains no additives or other ingredients, such as garlic, chocolate, raisins, and peanuts.

divider-catFinal Thoughts

Hopefully, now you can fully understand the possible reasons why your cat may enjoy eating bread so much. While this typical human food won’t hurt your cat in small quantities, it has no real benefits and is only a filler. Making bread a regular part of a cat’s diet is dangerous, so it’s best to keep feeding your cat healthy cat food and offer bread as an occasional treat only if your cat loves it so much.

Featured Image Credit: Olgachka, Shutterstock

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