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Why Your Cat Lays Down to Drink Water: 6 Likely Reasons

bengal cat drinking water

Cats are notorious for acting in confusing and amusing ways. But when does the line cross over from quirky to concerning? One area that can be a sign of concern is that they’re constantly lying down when drinking water.

While it can be a quirky behavior, it can also be a sign of a deeper problem. Here, we highlighted seven different reasons that your cat might lie down to drink water.


The 6 Reasons Why Your Cat Lays Down to Drink Water

1. Anxiety

cat lying on the floor hiding behind the curtain
Image By: Mantikorra, Shutterstock
Seriousness Moderate
Signs Hiding, skittish, decreased appetite, pacing, and hypervigilance

If you just brought home a new cat or introduced your cat to a stressful situation, they could be lying down while drinking water due to anxiety. Lying down is a way to make themselves feel smaller, which can make them more comfortable while drinking.

If you provide a comfortable and loving home for your cat, they should get more comfortable with time, but if they suffer from too much anxiety, they need medical help to get over their issues entirely.

2. Diabetes

Seriousness Serious
Signs Excessive thirst, excessive urination, higher appetite, obesity, vomiting, dehydration, and impaired motor function

If your cat lying down to drink is a new and consistent thing, there might be an underlying medical problem. Diabetes is the most likely reason for this behavior, and you might find that your cat is spending more time at the water bowl if they have diabetes.

They’ll also urinate more often and eat more, and it’s common for them to put on weight. You might also notice the symptoms of dehydration, which is why they’re spending so much time at the water bowl.

3. Dehydration

Domestic cat drinking water
Image By: AleksandarMilutinovic, Shutterstock
Seriousness Serious
Signs Weakness, lethargy, poor appetite, and dry mucous membranes

Cats need water to live, like all living creatures, and if it’s been a long time since they had access to water, their behavior might be a bit off. The good news is that as long as there isn’t an underlying condition, all your cat needs is constant access to water and a little time, and they should start feeling better.

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4. Kidney Disease

Seriousness Serious
Signs Excessive thirst, dehydration, difficulty urinating, bad breath, reduced appetite, fever, or edema

Kidney disease is an extremely dangerous condition for your cat. If your cat has kidney disease and you don’t treat it in time, they will probably die. That’s why it’s extremely important to get your cat to a vet as soon as possible if you suspect this disease.

The most notable difference between kidney disease and diabetes symptoms is that kidney disease makes it difficult for your cat to urinate, while diabetes leads to your cat excessively urinating. For either condition, you should take your cat to a vet right away.

5. Pain

veterinarian holds sick cat close-up
Image Credit: megaflopp, Shutterstock
Seriousness Moderate
Signs Meowing, limping, limited movement, extra sensitivity to touch

When you’re in pain, you do whatever you can to reduce the amount of pain that you feel. Your cat is the same way. If the pain is in an area that makes it uncomfortable to stand up while they’re taking a drink, they’re not going to.

If your cat is experiencing pain, they’re often sensitive to touch and other movements. Keep an eye on them, and if you see them acting differently in other ways, they might have an injury.

6. Exhaustion

Seriousness Mild
Signs Lethargy, lack of appetite, and falling asleep

Have you ever been so tired that you don’t want to move? Your cat can feel the same way. While it’s rare for a cat to get this exhausted, if there’s something that’s been preventing them from sleeping, it’s possible. Try to help your cat get a good night’s sleep, and see if they start standing up when they’re drinking.

divider-catWhen to Take Your Cat to the Vet

You don’t want to waste your money taking your cat to the vet over nothing, but you also don’t want to ignore something serious. If your cat is only or repeatedly drinking water while lying down, there’s a good chance that it’s something serious.

Don’t rush them to the clinic after the first time, but if it happens more than once, we highly recommend having a vet check them out. While they might run a few tests and then declare them healthy, at least you’ll know that your cat is behaving that way because they’re a little quirky and not because of an underlying problem!

cat and vet
Image By: Stock-Asso, Shutterstock


In Conclusion

If you think that it’s weird that your cat is lying down when drinking, it probably is. You know your cat best, and if it’s abnormal behavior for them, it might be a sign of something more serious. Even if you can’t match up any other symptoms to figure out what’s going on yourself, you should trust your gut and see if a vet can help you out.

Featured Image Credit: kalyanby, Shutterstock

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