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World Records for Longest Cat Whiskers (2024 Update)

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Cats are incredible creatures. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from the wiry-looking Cornish Rex to the miniature Munchkin cat. With such a great variety, there will inevitably be a cat that is the best at any number of things. So, which cat holds the world record for the longest whiskers? In this article, we’ll look at 2 contenders for the title and other feline world records.


How Are Long Whiskers Classified?

Whiskers are a fascinating part of your cat’s physiology. They help your cat communicate, orient themselves, and sense their surroundings. The average cat has three whiskers over each eye, 12 over each upper lip, and a few on their chin. Some even have whiskers on the back of their wrists!

The size of a cat’s whiskers may vary depending on the cat’s size. Typically, larger cats have longer whiskers, and smaller cats will have shorter whiskers. Since the size of a cat’s whiskers typically correlates with their body size, it is often apparent when a cat has long whiskers, as they look somewhat disproportionate to their body.

Top 2 Cats with the Longest Cat Whiskers

1. Missi

Origin: Finland
Breed: Maine Coon

Missi the Maine Coon officially holds the world record for the cat with the longest whiskers. Missi lived in Iisvesi, Finland, with her owner, Kaija Kyllönen, when the measurements were taken. Missi, whose full name is Fullmoon’s Miss American Pie, was nearly 4 years old when the measurements were taken.

Her whiskers were measured on December 22, 2005, and they were determined to be 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) long. To this day, Miss’s record has yet to be officially broken. However, unofficially, it is believed that there is currently a new champion.

2. Whiskers

Origin: Frome, Somerset
Breed: Unknown

Unofficially, a formerly homeless cat is believed to be the world record holder for the longest cat whiskers. While she may not have the official world record title, she has rightfully earned the name Whiskers and found a place in a loving foster home.

Whiskers lived in Frome, Somerset, in Britain, when the measurements were taken. As a homeless cat, her breed was unknown, but her beautiful black coat helped her white whiskers to stand out. When measured, it was revealed that her whiskers stretched out to 30.5 centimeters (12 inches). That’s a whole foot long! While Whisker’s record is unofficial, it is impossible to deny that the length of her whiskers is impressive.


Other Cat World Records

There are plenty of feline world record winners besides Missi. To see which other cats have become the best in their specialty, check out the record-breakers below.

1. Merlin, With the Loudest Purr

Origin: Torquay, Devon
Breed: Unknown

Merlin lived in Torquay, Devon, at the time of the record-breaking, and he has an incredible rags-to-riches story. Merlin started as a rescue kitten in desperate need of a home. Thankfully, he was brought into a loving home, where it was soon discovered that he had a remarkably loud purr.

When measured, it was determined that Merlin could purr at 67.8 decibels, nearly as loud as a running dishwasher. While Merlin may have started as a humble kitten needing a home, he has since been elevated to a world record winner for his exceptionally loud purr.

2. Ludo, the Longest Cat

Origin: Wakefield, UK
Breed: Maine Coon

Cats can appear long when they stretch, but none can claim to be as long as Ludo. Ludo is a Maine Coon living in Wakefield, where he was measured to be 118.33 centimeters (46.58 inches) long, making him over 3 feet long. That puts Ludo at nearly 2.5 times the size of the average domestic cat.

3. Creme Puff, the Oldest Cat Ever

Origin: Texas
Breed: Tabby mix

The oldest recorded cat to have ever lived was Creme Puff. Creme Puff was a tabby mix who lived a wonderful life in Texas before passing away in 2005. While the average domestic cat will live around 14 years long, Creme Puff lived to be 38 years old! Creme Puff lived over double the average cat’s lifespan, thus cementing himself in the long list of world records.

4. Didga, Who Performed the Most Tricks in 1 Minute

Origin: Australia
Breed: Unknown

Talk about a truly impressive world record—Didga, an Australian cat, won the world record for the most tricks performed within a minute. In a mere 60 seconds, Didga can perform 24 tricks, including rolling over and hopping while riding a skateboard.

5. Jake, With the Most Toes on a Cat

Origin: Canada
Breed: Unknown

Jake is a cat from Canada that holds the world record for the most toes on a cat. Most cats are born with five toes on each front paw and four on each back paw, totaling up to 18 toes. However, Jake was born with a whopping 28 toes!



Every cat is unique, and some manage to stand out more than other felines. World record-holding cats like Missi and Whiskers are recognized for their impressive whisker length, while others are noticed due to physical features or talents. Whether they are a record-breakers or not, every cat is exceptional and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Featured Image Credit: Annette Meyer, Pixabay

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