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30+ Aristocats Cat Names from the Disney Classic

Aristocats Cat Names

Disney’s animated film The Aristocats is a classic loved by many, featuring an array of charming and memorable feline characters. If you’re a fan of the film or just looking for unique and whimsical names for your pet, why not consider these Aristocats-inspired options?


How to Name Your Cat

The first step to naming your cat is to narrow down a theme. You’ve already chosen The Aristocats, which is perfect considering the main characters in the movie are cats. So, with our list of names, you can choose a name for your cat based on their appearance and personality. Maybe you have more than one cat that you need to name, and we have name suggestions for multiple cats as well.

Maybe, though, the name doesn’t have to be from The Aristocats and you just want a French-inspired name because you like the sophistication and elegance that is often associated with France. In that case, we have name suggestions in that area as well.

If you’ve narrowed down a few names and you still can’t decide, write them all down and draw one out of a name. You can also ask your family for help or create a poll on social media to have your friends and family vote on their favorite.


Characters from The Aristocats

Domestic Shorthair
Image Credit: castleguard, Pixabay

All of these names come from various characters in the movie and are suitable for one or a group of cats that you may have in your home.

  • Marie: Named after the spoiled white cat, it’s perfect for your own dainty and prim feline friend.
  • Berlioz: After the oldest kitten in the movie, it can be a strong and classic choice for an intelligent pet.
  • Toulouse: Named after one of the kittens, it would be a fun way to honor your own daring and spunky kitty.
  • Duchess: After the mother of the kittens in the movie, this could be a majestic name to reflect your cat’s regal nature.
  • Thomas O’Malley: With his brave and daring spirit, it could be the perfect pick for an adventurous kitty with wanderlust.
  • Giuseppe: Part of Thomas O’Malley’s full name, it could be a unique choice for a charismatic and adventurous cat.
  • Casey: Another part of Thomas O’Malley’s name, it can represent a fun-loving, street-smart feline.
  • Lacy: A part of Thomas O’Malley’s full name, it’s a delicate and classy choice for a female cat.
  • Abraham: The first part of Thomas O’Malley’s full name, it could symbolize a brave and protective cat.
  • Roquefort: After the cheese-loving mouse, it could make a unique name for your food-obsessed cat.
  • Scat Cat: After the jazzy alley cat in the movie, this would be an upbeat and cheerful choice for your musical pet.
  • Edgar Balthazar: He may have been the villain of the movie, but he would make a good name for a mysterious and sneaky cat.
  • Frou-Frou: After the horse in the movie, this can be an elegant and graceful option for your own stylish feline friend.
  • O’Malley’s Gang: A reference to the group of cats Thomas was part of, this could be the perfect name for your own group of mischievous mousers.
  • Napoleon & Lafayette: After the two dogs in the movie, these names can symbolize friendship and loyalty between cats that share a strong bond.
  • Abigail & Amelia Gabble: After the two geese in the movie, this could be a great option for two cats who are always getting into trouble together.
  • Billy Boss: Named after a minor character in the movie, it can be an amusing and funny name for your own bossy cat.
  • Madame Adelaide Bonfamille: Another reference to the madame of the film, it could be an inspiring name for a cat who is always looking out for her loved ones.
  • Laverne: For a bold and feisty cat who loves adventure – just like one of Thomas’ friends in the movie!


Paris-Inspired Names

white turkish angora
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

The Aristocats takes place in Paris, so here are some more Parisian-inspired names that are either directly or indirectly associated with the movie.

  • Eiffel: After the iconic Eiffel Tower, this could be a grand name for a tall and majestic cat.
  • Champs: Short for Champs-Élysées, the most famous avenue in Paris, this might suit a sophisticated and stylish pet.
  • Louvre: If your cat appreciates the finer things in life, they might deserve to be named after the world’s largest art museum.
  • Seine: The river that flows through Paris could inspire a beautiful name for a serene and calm cat.
  • Belle: Meaning beautiful, this is a sweet name for any lovely kitty.
  • Bijou: This word means ‘jewel’, making it a precious name for your feline friend.
  • Câlin: Meaning ‘hug’, this could be a snugly name for a cuddly cat.
  • Doux: This word translates to ‘soft’, perfect for a cat with a gentle nature or soft fur.
  • Étoile: Meaning ‘star’, this would be an enchanting name for a cat who shines brightly in your life.
  • Jolie: Translating to ‘pretty’, this could be a charming name for a beautiful cat.
  • Cherie: Meaning ‘dear’ in French, this name is an adorable choice for a beloved pet.
  • Versailles: After the magnificent Palace of Versailles, this name would be appropriate for a regal and majestic cat.
  • Baguette: This could be a fun and quirky name for a long and slim cat, named after the iconic French bread.


Bonus Disney Names from Beauty and the Beast

blue point siamese cat
Image Credit: Tatiana Chekryzhova, Shutterstock

If you’re just looking for a Disney-themed, French-inspired name doesn’t necessarily have to be from The Aristocats, another Disney movie also takes place in France: Beauty and the Beast. Check out these Beauty and the Beast names for your cat.

  • Gaston: The strong and boisterous villain might inspire a name for a robust and confident cat.
  • Lumière: The charismatic candelabra provides a bright and lively name choice.
  • Cogsworth: The punctual and precise clock could symbolize a cat who always knows when it’s mealtime.
  • Belle: Inspired by the intelligent and kind-hearted character, it’s a beautiful name for a lovely and smart cat.
  • Potts: The loving and nurturing character would make a wonderful name for cats who like to look out for their humans.
  • Chip: After the kind-hearted teacup, this could be a cute name for cats with an adorably playful personality!
  • Beast: With its strong connotations, this might be a fitting name for cats who can come off as a bit intimidating at first, but eventually reveal their true sweet nature.
  • Lumiere: Even though it is similar to Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, this could also be drawn from the French word for “light” and would make an excellent name for cats with an illuminating personality!



Finding the perfect name for your cat can be a fun and creative experience. With so many inspiring characters to choose from in Disney movies, particularly The Aristocats, you can easily find the perfect name that fits your feline friend’s personality. With these names inspired by the movie, and others that are French-themed, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your cat!

Featured Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

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