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16 Best Cat Affiliate Programs in 2024: Commissions, Cookies & More!

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With over 90 million cats in the US, roughly a quarter of the population owns a cat. Generally, most cat and pet owners will likely spend to ensure their furry friends are as comfortable as they can be. Here, the best idea is to find the right affiliate program and the right niche, and money will start flowing in. It’s all about finding a place where people will be willing to most likely make a purchase.

There are several ways to increase an affiliate’s earning potential, with several ways to track performance, which helps make effective changes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cat affiliate programs in the market right now.

The 16 Best Cat Affiliate Programs

1. Hepper Cat Furniture


Commission Rate: 10%
Payment: Monthly
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Hepper is one of the leading companies in innovative, beautiful, and quality products designed for cats. In addition, the company provides a cat’s home furnishing, including scratchers, bed pods, and more.

Hepper wanted to create something that was more than common, thinking of ways your cat would be comfortable and be able to hide a bit. Thus, they came up with the pod and nest idea for cats.

The company has an affiliate program managed by Post Affiliate Pro, with a monthly payment of between 8%-10% commission for sales brought in.

2. Eusoh Pet Insurance


Commission Rate: $80
EPC: $62.37
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Pet insurance can be a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks. Insurance companies may come up with rules which end up alienating certain cats, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Eusoh is different! It is a crowd-funded insurance service, where all the money contributed is held in a central point and is used to pay the veterinarians fees in case of any problems. Being crowd-funded, Eusoh does not discriminate, covering nearly everything, plus you even get to choose the vet you will visit without having to add a cent for services.

Affiliate marketers will love the compensation offered by the Eusoh affiliate program, which pays through the referrals that visit the site through your link. The money earned here is more than what you would get selling cat products on other online platforms, and the work is less stressful.

The company also provides its affiliate program with enough time to make sales, providing up to two months’ worth of cookie duration. The compensation is also amazing, and affiliate marketers will see up to $60 in pay per click.

3. Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

Commission Rate: 75%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Cat lovers may be triggered by the name of the website and the picture at the top, yet the website is not anything dangerous to cats, rather a sure solution to help your cat pee on the litter box, rather than everywhere else around the house.

The company provides an info product that is guaranteed to help your cat pee on the litter box. This is done in several ways, all sold as one package.

The whole process of teaching the cat about the litter box happens across several stages, and the company provides enough information to see you through the whole process.

You will get information on why the cat pees randomly around the house. You will also get information on proving ways to help the cat pee in the litter box. There is also an herbal mix to help repel the cat from peeing in other areas and encouraging it to go to the litter box. The great thing about the company’s product is that it has both veterinary and SPCA approval.

For its affiliate program, this company can be said to be one of the best on the list looking at the revenue generated for affiliate marketers. You get 75% commission on a $37 product, plus an upsell of $97, where you can still profit.

4. Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free

Commission Rate: 30%
EPC: $148.78
Cookie Duration: 90 days

If you have a cat and they decide to spray a certain corner of the house, you know just how much intense the smell is, plus how long it takes to subside. A dog’s urine may fade with time, but a cat’s urine is a persistent punishment to your nose.

Most pet owners do not want to use strong chemicals to clean the cats’ pee; although they may work wonders for the smell, they may pose a risk if the cat interacts with the chemical in any way, through licking or contact with skin.

In comes Live Pee Free. The company sells products that help remove the bad urine smell, and no, not through masking it with a fragrance. Instead, live Pee Free uses products that come with positively charged ions.  These ions go towards eliminating negatively charged ions which are caused by the cats’ urine.

This is a great addition to a cat owner’s Dudu and pee arsenal and a great place for affiliate marketers to make some good money. They offer quite decent revenues, with at least a 30% commission on all sales made through an affiliate link. They also have a conversion rate of around 10.5%, which is quite okay.

5. Fuzzy Pet Health


Commission Rate: 35%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

With so much information on the net, you may think you know something, only to realize what you know are the opinions of an unqualified Karen trolling the net.

On the other hand, pet parents find it hard to figure out which are the best options for them in terms of products for their pets. This was the same problem for the founders of Fuzzy Pet Health, who experienced bad services, and wrong Google searches that may see them administer the wrong remedies for their pets.

Have you ever gone to the vet and spent money only to realize that you could have dealt with these symptoms at home?

Fuzzy Pet Health s a new way to care for your pet, where you get veterinarian services straight from your mobile via an app. You can send videos, images, text, and even call a vet if something is wrong with your pet cat. This helps you get professional services from a vet, who can then assess whether you must bring your cat in for a checkup.

Affiliate marketers can expect some pretty decent commissions at 35% per conversion. The company’s affiliate program also offers a good cookie duration of about 45 days.

6. Holista Pet


Commission Rate: 25%
EPC: $239
Cookie Duration: 30 days

CBD products are currently the in thing, and pets, too, have been thrown into the party. Virtually every pet supply company dabbles in CBD products due to the remarkable results in treating animals, especially such things as arthritis.

Since every other company is currently selling cannabis-based products, how can a pet owner know which is the best product or company they can rely on? For one, you can check out whether they have a veterinary advisory board—Holista does.

The company uses CBD products organically grown, avoiding any GMO seeds. Apart from this, the advisory board monitors and ensures whatever comes out of the store is the best quality for your pet.

The company offers a great incentive of at least 25% commission on sales in terms of affiliate marketing programs. They also have a good conversion rate judging from their EPC.

7. Lovimal


Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

How much do you love your cat? You may be beyond the common collar or dish and want something more personalized, with his or her face on the dish. Lovimal is the perfect place for you to shop around and get your products customized to your liking.

The company is essentially Red Bubble for cats.

Get your kitty’s picture on virtually anything you can think of, from socks, bedcovers to water bottles and mugs. You can also go as far as getting customized products with your kitty’s hand-drawn portraits.

Lovimal doesn’t just stop there; they also offer customers the chance of getting a mini-me, which is a stuffed animal with your favorite furry friend’s face on it. So how far are you willing to go, because Lovimal will surely take you there.

To work as a Lovimal affiliate marketer, you will first need to register with Awin Affiliate Network. The company offers a 15% commission with an average sale of $45. There is a 7% conversion rate, which translates to 1 in 14 customers from your referrals earning you some money.

8. Modern Cat

Modern Cat

Commission Rate: 50%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Are you new to cats or need some information about cats? Modern cats are the best place to go. It is a magazine about all things cats. They will tell you everything you need to know, from the cat’s mannerisms, the best equipment, products, and tips on their health and ways to live their best lives.

According to the magazine’s founder, she always had a problem getting all the information she needed about her cats in one place. By then, she was working at a child’s product development company, where she learned a bit about blogging.

She then decided to start her blog, providing all the information she could get on cats in one place. The result was her blog growing in folds, as apparently, several people had also been looking for the same information.

To ensure that Modern Cat provides the best information out there and advertises the best quality products, she does some due diligence only promoting ethical businesses.

People interested in working with the company’s affiliate program will first have to register with SaveASale and get approved. They can then access banners and ads, which they can use to promote the magazine.

Affiliates also have the opportunity of making personal purchases through their affiliate links and getting commissions on them.

9. Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal

Commission Rate: 10%
EPC: $77.13
Cookie Duration: 45 days

First-time pet owners will be surprised at how expensive it can be to take care of a pet over its lifetime. From trips to the veterinarian for dewormers, injections, and boosters, it may end up running your bill sky high.

If you are looking to maintain relatively low costs of maintaining your pet, you should look at the Revival Animal Health Company.

The company was a result of one man’s work inside his basement looking to find cost-effective remedies and solutions to maintaining a pet, which has seen Revival Health blossom into a national pet health supply chain with over 70 employees, two locations, and state of the art warehouse.

The company has been in existence for over 25 years and provides all the information you may need to care for your pet. They also sell cat products, with various over 1500 health products for your cat, except for food.

The company has an average commission per sale for affiliates, standing at 10%, with an average order of around $110, leaving the affiliate marketer with at least $11 per sale, an amount you can work with, especially if you can bring in more sales.

10. Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy

Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

If you have ever watched Animal Planet, you may have come across Jackson Galaxy, the “cat whisperer” who helps pets and people with behavioral or health issues.

What mostly happens is he gets a call from a person with a disturbed cat, and he comes along to teach both the owner and the pet how to co-exist. The whole process takes around a week or two, and he will come at different times during that period to check on progress and providing the necessary advice.

In reality, Jackson is a genuine cat expert. He’s a vet with over 20 years of experience working with cats. Apart from the TV show, they also have a company that offers holistic cat treatments, which also comes with an affiliate-marketing program.

They also supply a whole range of cat products, including jewelry, cat toys, litter, grooming accessories, and shampoos.

The company has a low commission rate of 8% for affiliate marketers, but their average orders start at $50, which translates to roughly $5 per item sold through an affiliate’s link.  They provide industry-standard cookie duration of a month, which means you have some time to make your commission.

11.  PDSA Cat Insurance


Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Insurance is an important factor when taking care of a pet as it helps reduce the cost of taking care of the pet if the Insurance can cover some costs. A notable thing about pet Insurance is that cats are categorized as pets that are cheaper to cover.

Before deciding which Insurance cover to use for your pet, you should first spend some time researching what is covered and compare different covers and prices across several Insurance companies.

One of the best options in the market is the PDSA Insurance cover which provides four-lifetime cover options which range from advance covers to ultimate.

The Insurance provider also provides other incentives to join their company, including theft and death, pets’ payouts, third-party liability legal access, and advertising if the cat goes missing, among others.

The affiliate program is okay, with a 15% commission and an average sale of at least $200.

12. Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter

Commission Rate: 13.5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Pretty Litter is like some magic sand in a box. The company makes a type of litter that can help rack the health of your cat. Unfortunately, cats are notorious for hiding sickness, and you only get to notice once they get too sick.

The litter changes color to track your cat’s health, informs you if your best friend may be a bit uncomfortable and when it is time to see the vet. Normally, a dark yellow and olive green color on the litter shows all is well, while other colors show progressive worsening of life.

If the litter turns blue, it means the cat may have a urinary tract infection, as the pee has a high PH. While if the litter turns orange, it may be a sign of high acidity on the PH, indicating kidney or metabolic issues. Red may be a sign of gallstones.

Anyone concerned with their cats’ health should own a pretty litter; apart from tracking the cats’ health, it will also save you money spent going to the vet for something mild.

The company offers a commission of 13.5% for its affiliate program, which translates to at least $17.94 per sale.

13. Just Answer

Just Answer

Commission Rate: 5% – 15%

Health information is very precious to be messed around with and may result in a wrong diagnosis and disastrous effects. It is so important that Google has released a couple of algorithms to help suppress unverified information about health.

Just Answer is a service that allows people to speak live with an expert.

The company provides nearly all the legal experts you could ever want to find, including veterinarians, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, computer technicians, plumbers, accountants, and more. This helps reduce the time spent in booking appointments and all at a small fee.

When it comes to health, you can never be too trusting. This is why Answer the perfect place for you, as it guarantees experts who can be trusted. You can get in touch with vets who will advise you on the best course of action if you suspect your cat is sick.

The Just Answer affiliate program has a tiered commission, where you can earn between 5% – 15% depending on the referrals you bring in.

14. The Cat Paradise

Cat Paradise

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 180 days

If you are looking for a place where cats can trust the quality of the products to be handpicked and inspected, it is the Cat Paradise website. The founder decided to venture into the business after a couple of unfulfilling buys from other online pet stores.

The items listed on the store are always double-checked by the founder herself, with the whole list being personally curated to provide the best experience. Their commitment is placed on value and professionalism, meaning you will get high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

The pet store sells various products, including bowls, jewelry, beds, mats, and other accessories.

The company has an affiliate program that is hosted on their official website. Once registered, affiliates can access articles, banners, and emails, plus affiliate support to help them increase their earnings.

The affiliates are paid a 10% commission on all sales with long cookie duration of at least 180 days.

15.  Pet Winery

Pet Winery

Commission Rate: 25%

I bet you never imagined a world of wines for cats; well, fine dining seems not only for people on fancy dinners, but your cat can also join in.

Some people don’t mind spoiling their pets and will spend any amount on seeing them happy. Fine Winery decided to capitalize on this niche. The wine is non-alcoholic but infused with catnip, wild salmon, and a favorite for the cat to enjoy a dinner out.

You can even find some apt names like Meowsling and meow, and Chandon.

For the pet winery affiliate program, you can only join if you have a huge following of at least 20,000 combined across your social platforms. This is one of its kind in terms of the requirement but pays at least a 25% commission

16. Red Roof Hotels

Red Roof Hotels

Commission Rate: 3%
EPC: $53.42
Cookie Duration: 30 days

You may be wondering what a hotel has to do with cat affiliates. Of course, most people don’t mind taking their cats with them on vacation, only that boarding issues may prevent the trip, as hotels are not clear on pets while others blatantly refuse to accommodate any pets.

Red Roof Hotels saw a niche in this and decided to welcome pet owners at no extra charge. This means you can travel with your pet without worrying about smuggling them into a hotel or arranging for a sitter back at home. Hotels lose guests over practically harmless pets, posing little to no threat of financial loss to the hotel.

Affiliate marketers thinking of joining Red Roof Hotels’ affiliate marketing team will have to join the Commission Junction Affiliate Network, responsible for running and managing the hotel’s affiliate marketing. You will first need to register and get an account with them before starting.

The company pays little in terms of commission, at below 5%, but at the same time, they claim to have impressive conversion rates meaning sales will be more and easier, translating your commission to a good amount of money.

The company will also offer affiliate marketers certain incidental sales, which help diversify the income and increase revenue.divider-cat


The cat affiliate programs provided above may seem diverse, but there are a whole lot more if you find yourself wanting more options. However, for the average affiliate marketer, you can find a great place to start working and earning some cash from the pile highlighted in the article.

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