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10 Best Cat Litter Mats in 2021- Reviews & Top Picks

Kristin Hitchcock

July 17, 2021

cat and BlackHole Litter Mat

A great cat litter mat will help manage your kitty’s hygiene effectively. The right mat should assist you in controlling litter and make your room tidy and breathable for you to enjoy the cat company.

A cat is notorious for making a mess of the litter box by littering particles stuck on its paws. One way of preventing the spread of such mess is using the best litter mat. These products come in various designs to meet your needs accordingly.

This article will help you choose the best litter mat for your cat, and it will also be resourceful in broadening your understanding of the need to use the right cat litter mat to manage messy cat’s activities.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat
  • Rugged, durable, and cost-effective
  • Offers easy to clean options
  • Generous size to handle more litter
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BlackHole Litter Mat BlackHole Litter Mat
  • Durable mat for extensive use
  • Captures all litter
  • Nontoxic and BPA free
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    iPrimio Large Cat Litter iPrimio Large Cat Litter
  • Lightweight rubber makes it flexible
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sizable to fit many items
  • Pawkin Cat Litter Mat Pawkin Cat Litter Mat
  • It’s easy to clean keeps your floor clean
  • It’s comfortable for cat activities
  • Safe from toxins
  • Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mat Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mat
  • It’s safe
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s easy to clean
  • The 10 Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews & Top Picks 2021

    1. Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat – Best Overall

    Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Beige, black, brown, red, charcoal, gray, navy, light pink, light blue, hunter green
    Size: 35 x 47 Inches
    Weight: 4.1 pound
    Texture: Super soft

    Gorilla Grip Cat Litter mat has unique features that make it stand out as the bests overall on our list. One of the features is it’s is wide enough to accommodate two litter boxes.

    More importantly, this cat litter mat has a tough and durable design as it resists wear and tear. Furthermore, this mat is heavy enough to maintain its shape and has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding on the floor.

    The design of this product, such as deep grooves and superior mesh, effectively captures litter. Also, it has thick coils on the topside to assist in keeping the mess on the mat and off the floors.

    Another exciting feature is that the mat is super soft and gentle to offer comfort on paws. In addition, the material used is safe as it’s 100 percent phthalate-free to enhance comfort.

    • Rugged, durable, and cost-effective
    • Generous size to handle more litter
    • Offers easy to clean options
    • Comfortable and soft on sensitive paws
    • Safe material used


    • Tough to clean some messy homes

    2. BlackHole Litter Mat – Best Value

    BlackHole Litter Mat

    Colors: Dark gray, economy-beige, green, economy black, dark gray
    Size: 28 X 21 inches
    Weight: 1.5 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    BlackHole Litter mat is the best product in value if you desire to pay for it at an upscale price point. In addition, the product has convenient features to serve all your cat’s needs.

    Having a honeycomb design helps in collecting litter via holes and trapping it on the rubber bottom. Then, you can empty it by holding it over the litter box and begin to press on the edges for the litter to slide right out.

    BlackHole Litter mat is waterproof; hence no liquid messes can access the floor. In addition, it’s washable and airdries quickly.

    This cat litter mat is made of tough rubber materials which can serve you extensively. The mat is resistant to wear and tear, resulting from scratching. Furthermore, the texture is smooth to prevent causing any form of discomfort to the paws.

    The mat has a non-slip design to keep it in one place while holding the mess on the mat and not on the floor.

    • Easy to empty and clean
    • Durable mat for extensive use
    • Captures all litter
    • Nontoxic and BPA free
    • Super soft to enhance user experience


    • It’s a little stiff

    3. iPrimio Large Cat Litter – Premium Choice

    iPrimio Large Cat Litter

    Colors: Black
    Size: 30 X 25 Inches
    Weight: 0.5 pounds
    Texture: Super smooth

    When looking for a premium cat litter, then this product can fit the gap. It’s made with exclusive plastic film, which repels urine and prevents it from accessing the floor. In addition, it’s made of tough and durable rubber.

    The mat enjoys a super smooth surface which does not cause any irritation to cat paws. Furthermore, these materials are safe to use as they are free from any toxic elements and Phthalate-free.

    iPrimio Large Cat Litter mat has an open edge which allows for easy cleaning. All you have to do is to shake off and vacuum it. Or, soap it up, rinse, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

    This mat is also light and can accommodate more items and pets.

    • Lightweight rubber makes it flexible
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Sizable to fit many items
    • Tough, soft, and long-lasting
    • Affordable pricing


    • Not completely non-skid

    4. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

    Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Gray
    Size: 35 X 23 inches
    Weight: 2.2 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    Pawkin litter mat has a smooth and even surface that provides the proper comfort for your cat to walk over it. Additionally, the mat has a soft design that can accommodate sensitive paws without bothering them.

    The mat has litter lock mesh technology, which effectively keeps the litter off your floor. In addition, the mat will hold all the messes, particles, and other liquid substances and ensure your floor remains clean.

    The used materials for the construction of this cat litter mat are long-lasting. Beyond that, the mat can resist any rough handling and still serve you for years hence worth the top dollar.

    It’s easy to vacuum this mat and promote a high level of hygiene. You can begin by shaking off the messes before rinsing them out to keep them like new.

    • It’s remarkably durable for long-term use
    • It’s effective in catching litter
    • It’s easy to clean keeps your floor clean
    • It’s comfortable for cat activities
    • Safe from toxins


    • It could be too large for some homes

    5. Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mat

    Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Slate gray, latte, chocolate, dark turquoise, forest green, graphite, slate gray, navy blue, purple, soft blue, taupe
    Size: 14 X 5 inches
    Weight: 2.2 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    Mighty Money cat litter mat is another product with proven reliability. It has a durable backing with a capacity to resists wear and tear for years without compromising on quality. More so, it has a slip-resistant backing that prevents movements and keeps the mat in one place firmly.

    This mat is made with superficial materials which are gentle on the sensitive paws. In addition, this premium quality product maintains deep grooves with thick coils to allow for effective litter catching and keep your floor mess-free. By using this option, there will be no more cleaning of litter off the floors.

    Cleaning this mat is a breeze. First off, shake off the messes and vacuum or soap it before rinsing down.

    • It’s safe
    • It’s comfortable
    • It’s easy to clean
    • It’s effective
    • It’s tough and durable


    • Imperfect balance on-ground issues reported

    6. Jumbo Litter Mat

    Jumbo Litter Mat

    Colors: Light grey
    Size: 46 X 36 inches
    Weight: 4 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    Arguably, the Jumbo Litter mat is among the most efficient products to help maintain cat hygiene. What makes this mat stand out is that it comes in the right size for various needs.

    The mat features deep grooves with a quality mesh to collect more litter effectively. As if that is not enough, this mat manifests in the correct size, which implies less sweeping around the cat box.

    Jumbo Litter Mat comprises thick and extra-large PVC material, which resists tear when subjected to frequent use. Moreover, it has a super soft texture which is a tremendous advantage to sensitive paws.

    This litter mat is also made of lightweight and water-resistant materials, making it super easy to clean. In addition, it has a non-slip function that helps to keep it in one place.

    • Deep grooves to capture litter
    • Slip-resistant to make it stable on the floor
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Soft material for enhanced comfort
    • Affordable pricing


    • Not waterproof enough

    7. Petlinks Cat Litter Mat

    Petlinks Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Blue, gray, tan
    Size: Medium, Large and Extra Large
    Weight: 1.48 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    Petlinks consist of efficient design to help the user organize the mess and promote good health for the cat.

    This litter mat uses rubber materials textured well with small depths that can capture all the messes from the cat. In addition, this mat is excellent in reducing water and food scattering in the feeding area. As such, it becomes easy to contain the dirt and prevent it from accessing the floor.

    It’s easy to clean this mat. You can vacuum it to eliminate any dirt particles, or you can soap it before rinsing it down and dry it to maintain its freshness.

    Petlinks cat mat has a smooth and soft surface that can tolerate sensitive paws and keep them comfortable. Additionally, the used materials are safe from dangerous elements such as phthalate and other toxins.

    • Well textured to trap mess
    • Super smooth surface
    • Easy to vacuum
    • Tough and durable
    • Slip-resistant design


    • Complaints on rubber scent reported

    8. CleanHouse Cat Litter Mat

    CleanHouse Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Beige, gray
    Size: 35 X 24 inches
    Weight: 2.4 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    CleanHouse cat litter mat is a perfect product that wins on design. In addition, the mat offers an excellent service to your pet as you organize any mess involved without challenges.

    This mat has a unique mesh design that captures all litter from the paws and the box. When you opt for this mat, be sure to keep your floor clean as nothing will spill on it for additional work. The role of this feature is to enable the cat litter mat to stay in one place.

    But, more significantly, this litter mat comes with a smooth texture that favors sensitive paws and enhances the user’s comfort significantly.

    CleanHouse cat mat is safe to use since it lacks dangerous compounds that could pose health hazards such as BPA and other toxins. In addition, this mat will serve your cat for a more extended period, thanks to the high-quality rubber material used.

    • Well designed to trap litter
    • Smooth and soft texture
    • Lifelong performance
    • BPA free hence safe
    • Affordable option


    • Liter traps into crevices when washing

    9. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

    Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Brown, gray and black
    Size: 30 X 24 inches
    Weight: 1.1 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    Pieviev is another robust cat litter mat with a flawless design to give it an outstanding performance. The mat has a double-layer honeycomb design to assist in gathering litter effectively. When you pick the mat, all litter falls through as it allows you to dump it in the litter box.

    The bottom is both slip-resistant and waterproof; hence no liquid will penetrate it or move. In addition, this mat offers a dedicated service in protecting the floor and carpets from any unwanted urine stains.

    You don’t need to sweep or vacuum this cat mat daily; therefore, it saves you time and strength. Even so, you can shake it off before vacuuming or washing.

    The mat is soft and smooth hence procuring comfort for tender paws.

    • Both waterproof and urine-proof
    • Outstanding design to trap litter
    • Soft texture to support tender paws
    • Strong and durable material
    • Safe from toxins


    • A little stiff

    10. WePet Cat Litter Mat

    WePet Cat Litter Mat

    Colors: Gray, blue, brown
    Size: 30 X 20 inches
    Weight: 1.6 pounds
    Texture: Super soft

    It’s reasonable to look for a suitable cat litter mat for better hygiene management if you own a pet. Even so, knowing its features keeps you informed on the validity of the product in your quest.

    WePet Cat Litter Mat is both urine-proof and waterproof. Furthermore, it has a non-slip back to help the mat to stand in one place firmly.

    This product has superior mesh and a deep groove to trap all messes. In addition, its fiber technology efficiently prevents litter from dropping onto the floor.

    WePet Cat Litter Mat is made up of durable rubber, which makes it cost-effective. It’s also safe to use as it lacks harmful chemical elements, which are unpopular on tender paws.

    • Uses carpet fiber technology
    • Soft and smooth necessary for paws
    • The non-slip design makes it stable
    • Sturdy and durable
    • BPA-free hence safe


    • Fairly heavy

    Tips to Consider When Buying a Cat Litter Mat

    Avoid impulsive buying by having all the facts about your target products before buying. More importantly, when armed with correct information concerning the product, your selection becomes a walkover.

    Here are some of the tips to consider when looking for the best cat litter mat.

    cat and Petlinks Cat Litter Mat

    1. Water Resistance

    The right cat litter mat should be waterproof to prevent liquid substances from accessing the floor. This feature comes in handy primarily when you operate on wooden or laminate floors. However, if your cat is fond of urinating frequently, you should go for a urine-resistant mat.

    2. Safety

    It’s always reasonable to select the non-slip option since those mats that skid across the floor could pose a great danger to humans and cats. Also, the correct mat should be non-toxic and be free of such elements as phthalate to make them safe for the environment.

    3. The Kitty’s Toilet Habits

    Some cats are reliable in putting the poop in the center of your litter box perfectly. However, another cat may not be successful in doing the same.

    Therefore, if your cat drops the sticky poop on the mat, then you should look for the appropriate mat for that pet, like a plain silicone option that you can wipe down easily. Many people find it challenging and unpleasant to eliminate poop out of fine mesh versions.

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    using BlackHole Litter Mat

    4. Mat size

    Cat litter mats exist in several sizes to serve different needs. Before you purchase the correct cat litter mat, the first step is to take the dimensions of the spot you wish to place the mat to avoid interfering with people’s movements. If your room is spacious, then the large option will do too.

    5. Trapping Ability

    The right cat litter mat should assist you in capturing litter and contain it from reaching the floor. Some models come with a suitable design, which involves deep grooves/mesh holes, traps the mess so that it remains within the cat mat, and keeps your room tidy.

    The purpose of the cat mat is to catch any particles and debris that would make the floor untidy. Not to mention, there exist different types of litter, such as gel crystals or clumping clay. Therefore, one should check the mesh or holes in the mat to ascertain if they will work your preferred litter type.

    6. Texture

    Cats are sensitive about what they prefer to walk on. Whenever the kitty is not comfortable with the mat’s texture, especially on their paws, they are likely to leap over it, thereby spreading litter on the surface of your mat and beyond.

    Before buying the cat mat, ensure that it is comfortable on your palm as you press your hand onto it. If you sense some discomfort, then chances are the cat will not like it too.

    7. Cleaning

    One can use a vacuum to clean loose litter. Other mat options need one to separate two layers to collect all trapped debris before emptying them into the refuse container.

    However, it will be a bit trickier to clean the poop and the urine of your cat. The cool thing is you can use a mild detergent to clean most of the mats and rinse them thoroughly.

    8. Color design

    Everyone has a particular bias for certain colors. Therefore, it is advisable to select the correct color that will compliment your house décor. Also, select a suitable color that will restore the right mood in the house.

    9. Budget

    Cat litter mat exits at varying prices. One aspect that dictates the prices is the quality of the materials used and the size. As a rule of thumb, expect high prices if the quality used is outstanding.



    At last, you have your ideal cat litter mat to execute your mission well. From our list, we recommend Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat, which is the best overall. This mat is durable; hence you are sure of long years of service. Also, the product has deep grooves and superior mesh to trap all litter.

    Our next choice is BlackHole Litter Mat which is best in value. It has a honeycomb design to trap all litter. Also, its versatility allows it to support all types of litter.

    Lastly, we recommend iPrimio Large Cat Litter as our premium choice. This cat mat has a super smooth surface, which makes it user-friendly.

    iPrimio Large Cat Litter is waterproof; hence it shields urine from accessing the floor carpet. In addition, it has extra-large holes to trap litter and improve on tidiness. Ensure that you pick the suitable cat mat litter that meets your needs.

    Kristin Hitchcock

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