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10 Best Cat Litters in the UK in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

black cat going out from a litter box

Cat litter—it’s not glamorous, but it performs a vital role for cat owners. It needs to be comfortable and inviting enough for cats to want to use it and soft enough that they are comfortable covering up their business with it. Ideally, it should prevent some of the aromas from the litter box. It should also prevent litter dust clouds from forming and make it easy for cat owners to scoop and clean. We demand a lot from cat litter, and there are a lot of products on the market that aim to fulfill these extensive requirements.

Below, we have reviews of the best cat litters in the UK so that you can find the one that best fulfills your requirements and the standards of your feline friend.


A Glance at Our Favourites (2023 Update)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter
  • Clumps well
  • Prevents odors
  • Lightweight litter
  • Best Value
    Second place
    CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter
  • Cheap
  • Not easy to track around the house
  • Very absorbent
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    World’s Best Cat Litter World’s Best Cat Litter
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent at odor control
  • No added fragrances or perfumes
  • Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter
  • Uses activated carbon fragrance
  • Quick-clumping er
  • Fine granules prevent removing too much litter when scooping
  • Super Benek Incredibly Efficient Clumping Litter Super Benek Incredibly Efficient Clumping Litter
  • Made from 100% natural corn
  • Compostable
  • Clumps naturally
  • The 10 Best Cat Litters in the UK

    1. Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter – Best Overall

    Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter

    Material: Wood fibers
    Package Volume: 4.3 kilograms

    Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter is made using organic fiber and is a lightweight litter that is fully biodegradable, compostable, and safe to be flushed down the toilet. The litter is lightweight and comes in small flakes, almost like oats or bran.

    When it gets wet, the fiber clumps naturally, which makes it easy to scoop used sections of litter out of the tray without the need to have to replace the whole lot. The natural fibers also do a great job of containing the smell, preventing it from passing through the house. The litter is expensive by weight, but because it is lighter than most other fibers, a bag will last longer than you expect. It is the best overall cat litter in the UK thanks to its clumping ability, lack of dust, and its capability to trap odors.

    However, because it is so lightweight, cats do tend to track it through the house and on furniture.

    • Clumps well
    • Prevents odors
    • Lightweight litter
    • Tracks through the house

    2. CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter – Best Value

    CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter

    Material: Wood pellets
    Package Volume: 30 liters

    CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter is premium in name but one of the lowest priced litters on our list by weight. It uses virgin wood pellets that are ultra-absorbent, so they will collect all the urine your cats can throw at it.

    The wood pellets are non-clumping, which means that it does take more diligent clean up, but the low cost of the litter and its ability to prevent urine odor from escaping makes it the best cat litter in the UK for the money.

    The size and weight of the litter mean that, while a few of the pellets might get kicked out of the tray during especially vigorous scratching, the pieces won’t get tracked around the house. Plus, CJ’s Premium Wood Cat Litter doesn’t produce dust clouds when you empty the bag, so it is also suitable for cats and owners with respiratory problems.

    • Cheap
    • Not easy to track around the house
    • Very absorbent
    • Doesn’t clump well

    3. World’s Best Cat Litter – Premium Choice

    World’s Best Cat Litter

    Material: Corn
    Package Volume: 12.7 kilograms

    World’s Best Cat Litter is a premium litter that comes with a premium price tag, but it uses whole-kernel corn that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and has no added perfumes or fragrances. The material is free from dust and is flushable and septic safe.

    Corn husks are lightweight, which means that the bag is easy to empty and the litter easy to deal with, but it also means that the pieces can be tracked onto furniture and carpet from your cat’s paws. It does a good job of odor control and is considered environmentally friendly.

    It is an effective and high-quality litter that does just about everything cat owners require of their litter, but it is expensive and can also stain cats and furniture with a white color.

    • Lightweight
    • Excellent at odor control
    • No added fragrances or perfumes
    • Expensive
    • Stains things white

    4. Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter

    Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter

    Material: Clumping clay
    Package Volume: 10 liters

    Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter is a clumping clay litter. Clay litter is heavy, which means that a bag won’t go far, but Ever Clean is reasonably priced for when you do need to buy new and additional bags. The clay does clump very effectively and will form clumps virtually as soon as urine hits it. It is a scented litter that uses activated carbon for its fragrance. The company claims it has paw-activated fragrance technology, which really just means that the fragrance in the litter is released when it is moved around.

    Clay cat litter does give off some dust when poured out of the bag and when it is agitated by the cat’s paws. When the clay gets wet, it can stick to the litter tray, so if you aren’t diligent about scooping clumps up and cleaning out dirty litter quickly, it can be difficult to get rid of the cement-like layer that forms around the tray.

    • Uses activated carbon fragrance
    • Quick-clumping
    • Fine granules prevent removing too much litter when scooping
    • Can stick to the litter tray
    • Creates dust

    5. Super Benek Incredibly Efficient Clumping Litter

    Super Benek Incredibly Efficient Odour Neutralisation Corn Cat Sea Breeze Clumping Litter

    Material: Corn
    Package Volume: 21 kilograms

    Super Benek Incredibly Efficient Clumping Litter is made from 100% plant-based material—in this case, corn husks. It is compostable, and the company claims that it can be safely flushed down the toilet. It also has a natural sea-breeze smell that masks the smell of urine, feces, and ammonia.

    Corn clumps naturally, making it easier to scoop out soiled sections of litter and negating the need to have to completely swap out the litter every time a cat does its business. Because it is made from corn, Super Benek is comparable to World’s Best cat litter and costs much less. It is odor-free, does not create dust, and is easy to clean. However, the artificial smell won’t be to all cats’ and owners’ tastes and may cause irritation in some cats.

    • Made from 100% natural corn
    • Compostable
    • Clumps naturally
    • Artificial aroma

    6. Extra Select Premium Hygiene Litter

    Extra Select Premium Hygiene Litter

    Material: Quartz sand and lime
    Package Volume: 20 liters

    Extra Select Premium Hygiene Litter is a cheap cat litter that is made from quartz sand and lime. It doesn’t clump, produces minimal dust when compared to some clay litters, and is very absorbent. Because it is absorbent, the litter does a good job of preventing odors from escaping the litter tray, and it also means less cleaning of the tray. However, the sand and lime combination does solidify if it gets wet and is then allowed to dry, which can make it difficult to properly clean the litter tray when it is time.

    Although it does create less dust than some clay alternatives, it does still give off dust which can be an irritant for cats and owners with respiratory problems. Also, the litter does track quite profusely when it gets stuck in cat paws and then brushed off on carpets and furniture, leaving a white dust behind.

    • Cheap
    • Absorbs liquid quickly
    • Not as effective at odor control as claimed
    • Dusty
    • Easy to track through house

    7. PetSafe Scoopfree Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter

    PetSafe Scoopfree Premium Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter

    Material: Silica crystal
    Package Volume: 2 kilograms

    PetSafe Scoopfree Premium Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter is, according to the manufacturer, suitable for use in traditional litter trays as well as in self-cleaning trays, especially the PetSafe ScoopFree Reusable Litter Tray. Although the litter can be used in traditional boxes, it is very expensive and would prove prohibitively expensive for this kind of use.

    However, if you have a reusable litter tray or an automatic tray, it is a little more cost-effective. The litter doesn’t clump, but it does absorb liquid quickly while the silica crystals dry out feces so that it is easy to scoop and doesn’t smell. Crystals are naturally dust free and lightweight, which means a little does go a long way, but it also means that the litter is easy to track around the house when used in a standard tray.

    • Suitable for self-cleaning litter boxes
    • Absorbs liquid and dries out feces
    • Naturally dust-free
    • Expensive
    • Tracks outside of the box

    8. Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter

    Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter

    Material: Wheat by-products
    Package Volume: 20 liters

    Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter is a biodegradable cat litter from well-known producer Catsan. It uses the by-products that come from the wheat milling process. These by-products would ordinarily be thrown away, so their use makes this an environmentally friendly product. And, because wheat is 100% organic, it will biodegrade.

    The litter does a good job of clumping. In fact, it does such a good job that it can form a strong crust on the litter tray that is difficult to clean, so you will need to ensure that you get to the litter quickly before it has the chance to stick. Catsan advises that you fill to a depth of 6 centimeters to avoid this happening, but it will prove expensive to do this long term. The litter is soft and has a natural smell that is quite pleasant.

    • Made from corn milling by-products
    • 100% organic litter
    • Soft on cats’ paws
    • Sticks to the litter tray and is difficult to remove
    • Lightweight litter tracks easily

    9. Catolet Recycled Paper Litter

    Catolet Recycled Paper Litter

    Material: Recycled Paper
    Package Volume: 25 liters

    Catolet Recycled Paper Litter is made from recycled paper, and it is good for the environment because it uses a product that might otherwise be disposed of. Paper is lightweight, which is great for owners, and it is also soft, which is beneficial on cats’ paws because it won’t hurt like standing on sharp pieces of clay or wood pellets.

    However, the lightweight nature does mean that the paper pellets are tracked away from the litter tray, so you will need to follow your cat around and clean up. Also, because this is made from newspaper, it doesn’t clump, and the paper can get mushy if urine is left in the litter too long. Catolet is reasonably priced, and once it has been used, the litter can be composted or placed directly on plants and in the garden where the paper will biodegrade completely.

    • Made from recycled paper
    • Compostable and biodegradable
    • Litter tracking from light weight
    • Paper can get mushy when too wet

    10. Sanicat Aloe Vera Cat Litter

    Sanicat 7 Days Aloe Vera

    Material: Attapulgite
    Package Volume: 4 liters

    Sanicat 7 Days Aloe Vera is made using attapulgite, which is a mineral found in clay. The crystals are small and lightweight, which means that this is not a clumping litter but an absorbent one. The litter tray can be filled and won’t need emptying or cleaning for 7 days, hence its name. It has an aloe vera scent designed to mask the smell of cat urine and feces.

    The aloe scent is pleasant and does a good job of preventing urine smells from traveling around the house, although it won’t please all owners and may put some cats off. The litter doesn’t create dust either, but it is lightweight, so you should expect your cat to track pieces of the litter around the house off their paws.

    • Aloe-vera scented
    • No cleaning for 7 days
    • Lightweight litter tracks easily
    • Aloe vera scent won’t please everybody

    divider-cat Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Best Cat Litter in the UK

    Getting the right cat litter not only benefits your cat but also benefits you and the rest of the people in your house. Good litter prevents smells and dust clouds, does not track through the house, and is easy to clean up, but very few litters offer all of these features, so you will need to find the one that meets most of your needs.

    Clumping vs. Non-Clumping Litter

    Clumping cat litter soaks up liquids and creates a clump or a ball. This can then be easily scooped out of the litter tray, leaving behind unsoiled litter. This is generally considered more efficient because you can scoop on a daily basis and simply top up the amount of litter in the tray to ensure that there is enough for your cat’s use.

    Non-clumping litter does not react in the same way. Individual pieces of litter will absorb liquid, but the pieces won’t stick together. This type of litter usually requires that you empty and replace the whole litter tray in one go, which can be costly and requires more regular cleaning.

    Scented vs. Unscented Litter

    Some cat litters claim to smell of things like aloe vera, while others use well-known air freshener brands to mask the smell of ammonia. While these are preferable aromas to ammonia for humans, they are not necessarily appealing to cats.

    If you buy a scented litter and find that your cat stops using the litter tray, consider trying an unscented one instead. Some litters, such as those that use pine or corn, may have a natural aroma. Your cat may or may not appreciate this natural smell, and it may take some experimentation to find out.

    person changing cat litter
    Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

    Litter Size

    When walking about litter size, we mean the size of the individual pieces of litter and not the size of the bag. Litter pieces can range from small sand-like pieces of grit to larger wood pellets.

    Small pieces tend to make for a more comfortable litter that is not painful when your cat scratches and covers up their business, but they can get stuck in your cat’s paws and their fur before falling off on the carpet or on furniture. This is referred to as tracking.

    Most litters have some level of tracking, but larger pieces will fall off sooner and are less likely to get caught in fur. As with most features of cat litter, it is about finding the right balance for you and your cat.

    Odor Elimination

    Litter trays can smell really bad, and it tends to result from cat urine. The urine itself does not smell bad, but as it breaks down, it can start to smell of ammonia. Ammonia has a strong, acrid smell that is very undesirable, but it does take a little time for the smell to develop. Good cat litter will absorb the urine quickly, effectively preventing the smell of ammonia from escaping and therefore preventing a bad litter smell.


    A lot of traditional cat litters were made using clay or clay-like materials. This mineral was chosen because it clumps quickly and absorbs a lot of liquid. However, it also tends to be dusty when it is poured from the bag and when your cat tries to scratch and cover up its business.

    Other materials may also create dust, and not only is it ugly to have clouds of dust lingering around the cat tray, but it can cause problems for cats and people with respiratory problems. If this is a major concern, or you simply don’t want cat litter dust lingering in the air, look for those litter products that boast of being completely dust-free.

    gray kitten in a box
    Image Credit: Pedro Candeias, Unsplash

    Cat Litter Materials

    Once upon a time, cat litter consisted of sheets of paper covered with sand. However, times have moved on, and today’s cat litter market is filled with a huge array of materials. Clay and wood pellets are among some of the more common materials, but you will see litter made from the following:

    • Clay: Clay is chosen for its ability to absorb liquid and clump up when doing so, although non-clumping clay cat litter is also available. Clay tends to be heavy, and it does form dust, which can be an irritant and may cause allergic reactions in some cats and owners. If you have one of those cats that likes to investigate everything by eating it, you should avoid clay litter because it can cause detrimental blockages in your cat’s digestive system.
    • Wood: Wood is another material commonly used in cat litter. It tends to come in pellet form, and it produces minimal amounts of dust. The pellets also do a good job of naturally locking in odors because they are highly absorbent. Like clay, wood comes in clumping and non-clumping variants, and this type of litter can have a natural scent when it is agitated in the litter tray.
    • Recycled Paper: This eco-friendly material is formed into pellet shapes. The pellets are similar to wood pellets. They are a similar size, do not create dust, and are effective at absorbing liquid and preventing odors. The paper pellets are softer than wood pellets, but they don’t clump and can turn mushy if they are left in the tray with urine for too long.
    • Plant Materials: Some litter is made from plant materials, such as corn husks or wheat. This is another environmentally friendly alternative to clay.
    • Silica: Silica is a natural mineral. It is highly absorbent, and, as well as soaking up urine, it also soaks up the liquid from feces, drying it out and making it easier to remove from the litter. Silica crystals are expensive compared to other forms of litter but are typically used in self-cleaning and robot litter trays.

    How Much Cat Litter to Put in a Litter Box

    Most manufacturers recommend that you place litter to a depth of around 6 centimeters. This will allow your cat to effectively and easily bury their poop and it prevents clumping cat litter from forming a crust on the litter tray that is difficult to shift.

    How Often to Change the Litter

    How often you change litter depends on the type of litter you use. With non-clumping litter, you can remove solids and soiled litter every day and top up the litter while replacing and cleaning the tray weekly. With clumping litter, remove the clumps and replace the litter every couple of weeks or if you think the tray needs cleaning sooner.

    cat lying on the wooden floor beside litter box
    Image Credit: Tanya Plotnikova, Shutterstock

    What Is the Best Way to Dispose of Litter?

    Even though some litters claim they can be flushed, most water companies and local councils advise against this. You should especially avoid flushing cat litter if you have old pipes because they can be easily clogged and cause damage. Use an environmentally friendly dog poop bag, scoop the litter into the bag, and then dispose of it in your household trash bin. Alternatively, some litter can be composted, but you should not compost soiled litter if it is used for fruit and vegetables.

    How Many Cat Litter Trays Should I Have?

    Experts advise that cat owners should have one litter tray per cat, plus one extra. This means if you have one cat, you should have two trays, and if you have two cats, you will need three trays.

    Where Should I Place Cat Litter Trays?

    Cat litter trays should be placed in different areas of the house. The trays should be placed somewhere quiet and discreet because some cats will not use a litter tray if they are being watched and do not have privacy. The tray should not be close to your cat’s food and water bowls or near where they sleep. It is also a good idea to place the trays on a surface that is easy to clean because accidents can happen even with the cleanest cat.



    Cat litter is the unsung hero in the cat owner’s home, and it is important that you get a good quality litter that fulfills your requirements and is suitable for your cat. We found Cat’s Best Wood Fibre Cat Litter to be relatively inexpensive, good at preventing odors, and clumps well. Alternatively, CJ’s Premium Wood Pellets proved to be the best cat litter for the money because they are not only cheap, but they still do a good job of stopping smells and are easy to clean and scoop.

    Featured Image Credit: Litter Robot, Unsplash

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