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9 Best Parakeet Cages in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Parakeets, also known as budgies, are native to Australia, though maybe one or two have made their way into your home and heart. The word “parakeet” actually comes from the French word for parrot. Though they are not quite the same bird, they are relatives.

Smaller than parrots, a parakeet’s cage needs are slightly less high maintenance than other larger birds. For one, they don’t need as big of a cage, and the cage wires don’t have to be as sturdy as for bigger birds. This means that parakeets can use cages made for large birds as well as small birds.

With that being said, there are a ton of options out there, but we’ve narrowed down the options to these 9 parakeet cages. Once you read these reviews and our buyer’s guide, you are likely to have a much better idea as to which parakeet cage is best for your bird and your house.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage
  • Good size
  • Wide door
  • Quality materials
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage
  • Easy assembly
  • Great cage
  • Wide bottom
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Easy access
  • Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage
  • Inexpensive
  • Nice look
  • Strong wires
  • Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight Cage Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight Cage
  • Good value
  • Drawer for cleaning
  • Bigger
  • The 9 Best Parakeet Cages

    1. MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage – Best Overall

    MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage

    For a travel and at-home cage all in one, the Midwest Poquito Avian cage is for you! Available in two attractive colors, this cage features doors for easy access to food and water bowls, a pull-out drawer for cleanup or out-of-cage play, and a comfy handle for transportation (or an additional perch). Up to a medium-sized parakeet can use this cage and be comfortable

    We love this cage for its durable, quality materials and its wide door, letting your bird fly in and out as it pleases. A formable perching rope is included, as well as two stainless steel feeders that are guaranteed to last you a long time.

    The downsides to this cage include that it is a little difficult to put together. Some buyers were put off by the weight and complained that it might be a little heavy for traveling purposes. Finally, this cage is more expensive than other parakeet cages out there. But we think its the best overall parakeet cage this year!

    • Quality materials
    • Good size
    • Wide door
    • Easy pull-out drawer
    • On the expensive side
    • Heavy
    • Might not be easy to put together

    2. Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage – Best Value

    Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage

     The Vision II Model M02 birdcage might not have a sexy name, but it’s got some awesome features AND it’s the best parakeet cage for the money. It’s got 5 stars for easy assembly, and it’s a great cage for flying as it is very tall.

    With the plastic, stationary bottom, waste stays in the cage and doesn’t make a mess anywhere else in your house. The cage is made of non-toxic materials, so there’s no need to worry about your bird’s health. The top is detachable for when you need your parakeet to roam around. This cage is great for a pair of birds as many perches are easy to grip.

    People who like the convenience of bottom drawers for cleaning might not like this bird cage’s design. Also, the top part of the cage is domed plastic, so it’s not possible to hang bird toys from the top if you like to do that.

    • Great cage for flying
    • Easy assembly
    • Wide bottom to catch debris
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Drawer-lovers will have to adjust
    • Plastic top

    3. Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage – Premium Choice

    Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage

    Another birdcage is rolled out from Vision, called the Vision II Model L01 birdcage. This cage has lots of room for one or two small birds. The doors are secure, which means no additional assembly like zip ties on your part. The perches and dishes are made of quality materials that last you a long time.

    The food and water dishes are easy to access and clean. This birdcage is for people who like a plastic bottom that acts as a tray to contain any flying food or other bird shenanigans. People love this cage for its well-thought-out design and its durability.

    In this case, you pay for quality. The Vision II Model L01 birdcage is more expensive. Some buyers say it’s too difficult to put together as well. This specific model may have some quality control issues too, with customers receiving broken cages.

    • Durable
    • Spacious
    • Secure doors
    • Easy access
    • Some may not like the plastic bottom
    • Quality control problems
    • Difficult assembly

    4. Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage

    Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage

    For an attractive-looking flight cage for your parakeet that needs to stretch out, look no further than Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage. This birdcage is made from wrought iron, which is appealing to look at and sturdy. The cage sits on a stand with rollers on the bottom, making it easy to move around when you wish.

    For the cage itself, there are two wood perches for your bird’s entertainment. The bottom slides out for easy cleaning. Buyers love this item for its quick shipping. If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a large cage without sacrificing much quality, this cage is your best bet.

    Reasons we don’t love this cage include having to reach your hand in the cage to get to the food and water bowls. Sometimes the product arrived slightly damaged. For example, in the form of broken cage wires and a bent bottom component. The doors open too easily for some bird owners’ comfort but can be easily remedied with some extra clips.

    • Large flight cage
    • Inexpensive
    • Nice look
    • Strong wires
    • Sliding cleaning drawer
    • No feeding bowl doors
    • Doors not strong enough

    5. Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight Cage

    Prevue Pet Products Small Bird Flight Cage

    Prevue Pet Products make it on our best parakeet cage list one more time. This cage is specifically designed for small birds. Many people who bought this cage were pleased to find that it was much bigger than they expected. There’s a pull-out drawer on the bottom for quick cage cleaning.

    If you’re looking to pinch pennies, this cage is considered inexpensive for a medium-sized cage, so it’s a good option. It’s perfect for one medium-sized or two small parakeets. This cage gives them plenty of room to fly around and play. It does not come with a stand, but the cage can easily be placed on a stand.

    When it comes to negative things about the cage, sometimes customers found the cage damaged when it came in the package. Additionally, the metal can be flimsy on the cage for birds that can escape easily.

    • Bigger than it looks
    • Drawer for cleaning
    • Good value
    • Sometimes arrived damaged
    • Flimsy wires

    6. Yaheetech Standing Parakeet Bird Cage

    Yaheetech Standing Parakeet Bird Cage

    Yaheetech made this affordable tall cage for up to two small birds, especially for birds that like to climb. This cage is great for the bird that loves hanging toys. It comes with its own stand, and there’s even a storage crate located near the bottom to put extra supplies. There are a total of 10 doors, so there are many different places where you can put food, water, perches, and nests. The cage comes with four hooded feeders, a swing, and three wood perches. And for the icing on top: an additional wooden perch is located at the very top of the cage.

    This cage is not recommended for birds that can bend the wires easily, as they are only as strong as wire clothes hangers. Other elements, like the water and food bowls, are also somewhat flimsy. The doors and other parts of the cage might require twist or zip ties to keep together. Some people also had a hard time putting this cage together.

    • Perches galore
    • Many doors
    • Great for climbers
    • Storage area in the stand
    • Wires and doors are flimsy
    • Feeder bowls can break easily
    • Difficult assembly

    7. ZENY Bird Cage

    ZENY Bird Cage

    This ZENY birdcage is a great cage for more than one parakeet (or other small bird). It’s made out of iron, has a box design, and comes with its own stand. The spacing between the bars is 0.5 inches. It’s a very spacious cage with two long wooden perches in the middle. For people who are used to pulling out a drawer to clean the cage, this cage has that too. Swiveling wheels make it easy to push around when needed. This cage comes with four plastic food and water cups.

    One word of caution: a reviewer reported that this cage is possibly contaminated with lead, which causes toxicity in birds. Some people had trouble assembling the cage due to confusing instructions and claim the cage is flimsy. This cage is not recommended for attaching side perches.

    • Large cage for multiple birds
    • Comes with a stand
    • Stand has wheels
    • May contain led
    • Not good for side perches
    • Confusing instructions for assembling

    8. You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

    You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

    You & Me Parakeet created this cute navy-blue cage with two pitched wire roofs to look like a real house. Inside, there are two wooden perches and two covered plastic feeders. It’s perfect for one parakeet, but it’s also large enough for two parakeets. There are no plastic materials on the cage itself, which might mean it will last you a long time. On the top is a metal handle for transporting convenience.  If all of these neat features weren’t enough for you, it also is sold at an affordable price.

    Even though this cage has a lot going for it, there are some negative aspects. For one, it’s not the easiest cage to rearrange things in. The cage is smaller than it looks in the pictures, so be sure to measure where you want it before purchasing. The doors don’t stay up like they should and might require twist or zip ties to hold them up. Some people don’t like that the cage has sharp corners.

    • Cute design
    • Affordable
    • Made of decent materials
    • Sharp corners
    • Doors don’t stay up
    • Smaller than it seems
    • Difficult to rearrange objects inside

    9. PawHut D10-019WT Metal Indoor Bird Cage

    PawHut D10-019WT Metal Indoor Bird Cage

    PawHut’s Metal Indoor Bird Cage comes in last on our list, but still has a few good things going for it. It’s the only cage on this list to have three wooden perches installed on the inside, and the size to accommodate several small parakeets. It comes with a stand, and the stand has wheels. The cage is quite tall, measuring 63 inches tall. On the outer edge of the cage, you will find two large doors for the birds and nine small doors for food, water, and toys. The drawer at the bottom means it’s easy to clean, too.

    The materials used to make this cage are not the best. It has more plastic parts than other competing cages. The swing that comes with the cage may be unsafe for birds. The doors get stuck easily and may take some effort to jerk open, which could frighten your birds more often than you’d like.

    • Three wooden perches
    • Multiple doors
    • Not made of quality materials
    • Lots of plastic parts
    • Doors get stuck easily
    • Accessories like the swing are unsafe


    Buyer’s Guide

    If you decide you still want to shop around, let’s talk about what you should look for in a cage for your parakeet.

    Cage Size

    Generally speaking, the bigger the cage size, the better. If you have the room for it, purchase the biggest cage possible. If you’re tight on space, make sure the birdcage is at least 18 x 18 x 24 inches for one bird. If you have more than one bird, the size of the cage needs to be at least 50 inches by 50 inches.

    Main Door Size

    bird cage 2_kaarton_Pixabay
    Image Credit: kaarton, Pixabay

    Parakeets can entertain themselves pretty easily, but they also benefit from interaction from you. For interacting with your bird, or if you want your parakeet to roam in and out of his cage as he pleases, you will want to make sure the door of your cage is a nice, big size. This way, your parakeet will not have difficulty getting in and out, and your hand can easily fit in and around the cage.

    Number of Small Doors

    Does your parakeet love his or her toys? Parakeets love different objects to perch on, ones that make noise when you hit them, and even a mirror can be quite popular. To keep your bird entertained, you will want a way to install these toys and maybe even change them around once in a while. Having a lot of small doors installed on the cage could help this.

    Not only is it useful for bird toys, but having many small doors means you can have many feeders and nests in the cage. It’s much easier to change out the food and water when there is a door right there, rather than reaching in the main door.

    Preferred Cleaning Method

    As you have seen on our list of parakeet cage reviews, there are different types of bottoms installed on bird cages. Most of them have a drawer that you pull out to change the liner every few days (or more often with more birds).

    However, the possible problem with this design is that the birds can easily make a mess outside of the cage, and onto your floor. That’s why some birdcage designers made a detachable bottom, fully enclosed with a few inches of a lip off the bottom, to contain all the flying debris.

    It’s all personal preference here. Some people will want to keep the status quo with the drawer, so they should buy a cage with a drawer. If you’re wanting to try something new, and possibly have less mess, you could buy one with the plastic enclosed bottom.

    Sturdy Materials

    parakeet cage_R.M. Nunes_Shutterstock
    Image Credit: R.M. Nunes, Shutterstock

    It depends on your parakeet’s personality, but most parakeets are too small to do much damage to a birdcage. However, some are like ninjas when they want to escape. If you know your bird well and know that she can bend metal wires easily, you may want to invest in a sturdier-built cage.

    You will also want to consider a tougher-built cage if you are planning to move your birdcage often so that it is impervious to bumps and nicks.


    Speaking of travel, you will also want to consider whether you will be carrying the cage around often. If so, you should buy a parakeet cage that is lightweight but durable, and also has a handle on the top for carrying. That way you can move it around easily without worrying about dropping it.


    Final Thoughts

    The best cage for your parakeet is the biggest one that you have space for. The Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage is a spacious option if you have room for it, and it is the best parakeet cage for the money. However, the MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage is the best overall parakeet cage for its durability, portability, and overall good features.

    We hope our list of best parakeet cage reviews has helped you decide which cage you will purchase next. Now that you don’t have to spend time researching yourself, you will have more time to play with your adorable parakeet.

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