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Cat World Domination Day 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

cat stares at a sliding door at night

Cats are a ubiquitous part of American life and are beloved all over the world. Sometimes, however, it feels like cats would gladly take over the world if they could. It’s gotten to the point where there’s a day every year when pet parents celebrate all things feline: Cat World Domination Day! If you’ve never heard of Cat World Domination Day, it was created to show that cats do what they want when they want (and manipulate us in many ways to get their way). It’s celebrated every year on June 24. So grab your cat and some catnip and keep reading. Below we have all the fur-filled facts about Cat World Domination Day.


What Is Cat World Domination Day?

Although it’s undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek, many cat fanciers believe cats have been trying to take over the human world for ages. There’s plenty of evidence this is true, from cats convincing the ancient Egyptians to worship them as divine beings to your kitty staring you down every morning as they demand to be fed!

How Did Cat World Domination Day Start?

Cat World Domination Day was started by a cat named Sparkle, a Somali cat, who had her own online advice column. Her owner, Janiss Garza, developed Cat World Domination Day, and even though Sparkle is in feline heaven, her dream of cats ruling the world lives on.

black and white cat sitting on the lap of its owner
Image Credit: Chamomile_Olya, Shutterstock


What Evidence Is There That Cats Are Trying to Achieve World Domination?

If you’re still not sure you believe cats want to take over the planet, all you need to do is look at the evidence-based facts we’ve compiled for Cat World Domination Day.

1. Cats Don’t Care What You Think, Do or Say

Have you ever noticed that your cat completely ignores your commands? Unlike dogs who will stay, sit, fetch, heel, and roll over (among other things) when you tell them to, your average cat will instead look at you and, in most cases, do nothing. Why? Because they believe they’re the superior species.

2. Cats Watch You… Relentlessly

It happens all the time. You’re working at your desk, peeling vegetables for dinner, or scrolling through your Instagram feed when you notice your cat staring at you intently. Why do they do this? Some might say curiosity, but many believe cats are watching us to determine our weaknesses and fears to use against us on the day they take over the world.

cat waking up his owner
Image Credit: Kasefoto, Shutterstock

3. Your Cat Leaves the House for Hours at a Time (Or Hides Somewhere Inside)

One question you need to ask yourself if you’re afraid cats might dominate the world someday is this; where do they go all day? If yours is an outdoor cat, you might see them in the morning and at night when you open a can of food, but that’s about it. Indoor cats often hide for hours under the bed, in a closet, or on their favorite high shelf.

4. The Only Thing Stopping Cats Is Their Lack of Opposable Thumbs

If they could open their cat food, the fridge, and the front door, cats would already be in charge of everything! Without thumbs, however, your cat can only conspire and connive their way to dominating your life.

gray adult cat lies on the floor and licks the paws
Image Credit: Fayzulin Serg, Shutterstock


How To Celebrate Cat World Domination Day

Since there’s very little you can do to stop cats from taking over, it might be better to celebrate them on their day of infamy. Below are a few fantastic methods to do just that!

Buy Your Cat a New Toy and Play with Them

Cats love their toys, so why not get a new one on Cat World Domination Day? That way, you can distract them from their nefarious plans and have a good time with your favorite feline!

Have Your Cat Professionally Groomed and Pampered

Most cats don’t need professional grooming. However, some cats love being pampered by a pro, and a bath, nail-clipping, and deep brushing can be a healthy and enjoyable treat.

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter or Animal Rescue

Although they might dream of world domination, some cats genuinely need your help and love. Volunteering at a shelter or cat rescue is a great way to do it, where you’ll find many needy cats (and just as many overworked people). If there’s one excellent way to celebrate this special day, it’s by helping the people who help cats!

Girl and woman cat owners holding cats in shelter to adopt
Image Credit: BearFotos, Shutterstock

Install Cat Shelves

Cats love to climb up high where they can look out over their domain and gloat about being the superior species. You can help them by installing cat shelves around the house and giving them a perch to perfect their plans.

Make a Cardboard Castle for Your Feline King or Queen

Most cats love a clean cardboard box to squeeze into, nap in, and call their own. On Cat World Domination Day, grab a few boxes and assemble a cardboard castle for your clever feline.

Provide Catnip

No Cat World Domination Day is complete without catnip. You can let your cat go a little wild on their special day!

gray cat enjoying fresh catnip
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Cat World Domination Day is all in good fun and is a great way to celebrate the joy, companionship, and pleasure your cat brings into your life. Yes, they’re aloof, don’t listen, and really seem to enjoy smashing your favorite things, but that’s just part of being feline. On July 24, give in to their domesticated demands and do something special for your favorite cat. Let’s be honest; it’s a cat world, and we just live in it! Happy Cat World Domination Day, everyone!

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