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National Cat Health Month 2024: When It Is & Vet Approved Celebration Tips

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As the 2nd-most popular pet in the United States, cats are a big part of American life. They make us laugh, comfort us when we’re down, and sometimes drive us a little batty with their wacky habits. For those reasons and many more, we welcome cats into our lives with open arms (even if those arms get a little scratched sometimes).

When you love a pet as much as we love our cats, you closely monitor their health and welfare. To improve the awareness of cat health issues and help owners keep their kitties healthy, we celebrate National Cat Health Month every February. If this is your first time hearing about this cat-centric holiday, and you’re curious to learn more, read on. We have all the details below, plus several ways to celebrate National Cat Health Month with your favorite feline!


What, Exactly, Is National Cat Health Month?

National Cat Health Month is exactly what the name suggests; it’s a month to focus on your cat’s health and ensure your kitty is as healthy as possible. Some cat owners have very little idea of which health issues affect cats, which can be problematic. If, for example, your cat has hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or cancer, and you don’t know the signs of these health issues, you might not realize your cat needs veterinary care until it’s too late.

That’s what National Cat Health Month is all about; it’s a month where you’re urged to focus on your cat’s health a little more than usual, learn about them a little bit more, and search for information about feline health issues (like you’re doing right now!). By doing so, you’ll become a better provider for your cat and know what to do if your cat displays troubling signs.

cat sitting on owners lap
Image Credit: Pixel Shot, Shutterstock

When Is National Cat Health Month Celebrated?

National Cat Health Month takes place every February. However, you can pack a lot of cat-related stuff into 28 (and, occasionally, 29) days! Plus, since it’s cold in most U.S. states in February, it’s a great time to stay indoors and do fun, interesting, and healthy activities with your cat!

When Did National Cat Health Month Start?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a lot of specifics about when National Cat Health Month was first celebrated, but it seems to have started around 2009. We do know that veterinarians all over the United States support National Cat Health Month, promote it to their patients, and make a concerted effort to get the word out about this important time of the year.


What Are Some Ways to Celebrate National Cat Health Month?

If you’re a proud cat owner and want to celebrate National Cat Health Month with your fancy feline, there are many exciting ways to do so! Below are a few of our furry favorites!

1. Purchase an Interactive Cat Toy for Your Cat

Cats, as we know, are curious creatures and quite intelligent too. While most people know that their cat needs regular physical activity to stay healthy, intellectually stimulating activity is often overlooked. An interactive toy can improve your cat’s mental health, help them stay happy and satisfied, and prevent mental decline.

gray tabby cat on the floor with its toys
Image Credit: Noor Khalafy, Pexels

2. Evaluate Your Cat’s Food

One of the most important jobs you have as a cat owner is to provide high-quality cat food to your furry friend. The problem is that there are several brands that aren’t nearly as healthy for your cat as they say on their respective labels. If you’ve noticed your cat is getting rounder, slower, has less energy, or isn’t eating as well as it should, evaluating their food is a good idea. You can also contact your veterinarian for cat food advice.

3. Have Your Cat Professionally Groomed

Unless you have a Himalayan, Persian, or Birman, you likely take your cat to a groomer very rarely, if at all. However, the benefits of professional grooming for medium and longhaired cats can be surprising. Although they’re not veterinarians, professional groomers can alert you to some health issues they see in your cat’s fur coat, skin, eyes, and ears.

For example, your cat might have ear mites or ear polyps that you haven’t noticed, and a pet groomer will see them and let you know. Professional pet groomers can be an invaluable part of overall cat healthcare, so a pro grooming session is an excellent idea during National Cat Health Month!

Grommer shaves a cat using an electric shaver
Image Credit: Studio Peace, Shutterstock

4. Teach Your Cat a New Trick

We mentioned earlier that providing your cat with mental stimulation is important for their health. Another way to build a stronger bond between you and your cat is to teach them a new trick! Not only will this stimulate your cat’s brain, but it will also help you and your cat become better buddies.

5. Volunteer at a Cat Rescue or Animal Shelter

While this won’t help your cat, volunteering for a day (or several days) at a shelter or cat rescue can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you feel better after spending time with several cats (and other animals), but your time will also positively impact the lives of the cats you meet. For example, you might soothe a scared cat or help the shelter administer life-saving medicine to another. Plus, you’ll make friends and maybe even find a new cat to bring home and call your own!

woman feeding cat food to two cats at a pet hotel
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

6. Learn How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

If you don’t brush your cat’s teeth, they can get periodontal disease. Yes, the average cat isn’t fond of having their teeth brushed, but once they get used to it, brushing them becomes less of a chore for both of you. If you’re unsure how to start, talk to your veterinarian.

7. Take Your Cat to Your Vet for a Health Exam

Many cat owners don’t take their cats to the vet unless they show signs that something isn’t right. The truth is, however, that cats are very good at hiding their health issues.

In other words, your cat might be suffering from a health issue, and you might not even know about it. So, scheduling an examination with your veterinarian during National Cat Health Month is a fantastic idea!

cat and vet
Image Credit: Stock-Asso, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

If you’re like us here at Pet Keen, you love your feline and want them to live a long, happy, and healthy life. That’s what National Cat Health Month is all about! By focusing on your cat’s health during February, you’ll take a big step toward ensuring your precious pet stays healthy and lives a longer life. The best way to show your cat how much you love them is to take the time to learn about their health issues and what you can do to prevent them!

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