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6 Awesome DIY Cat Christmas Stockings (With Pictures)

Christmas socks

This year, make sure your cat doesn’t miss out on the Christmas magic. There are a few ways to include them in the festivities: put up cat-friendly and non-toxic decorations, buy or make them themed Christmas treats, and create a special Christmas stocking for them to enjoy right alongside you on Christmas morning.

Cats and Christmas stockings have a lot in common. No, really—stay with us here! Let’s see: they’re both soft and fuzzy; they’re a lot of fun to play with; we love them both dearly; you can often find them on the mantelpiece or the Christmas tree; and they are almost equally packed full of happiness and delight!

With simple materials and in just a few quick steps, you can make sure your feline friend has a merry old time and experiences the miracle of Christmas too.divider-cat

The 6 DIY Cat Christmas Stockings

1. Felt Kitty Christmas Stocking by 3 Little Greenwoods Creations

DIY Christmas Stockings
Image by: 3 Little Greenwoods

Materials: Felt stocking, felt sheets, ribbon or trim, silhouette of a cat, thread or glue gun
Tools: Scissors, paper, marker, pins,
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate (depending on whether you choose to sew or glue)

This felt kitty Christmas stocking is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your holiday decorations. This easy-to-make stocking is made from felt and has a cute kitty silhouette glued on the front. Remember to choose a felt color that matches your cat’s fur. You can add a letter for their name and whatever ribbon or trim you feel adds to the festivity. The simple design makes it quick and easy to sew or stick together, and the finished stocking is sure to be a hit with your family, friends—and your feline overlord.

2. Rustic Burlap Christmas Fish-stocking by BeChewy

DIY Christmas Stockings
Image by: Chewy

Materials: Burlap, ribbon or trim, thread, hot glue, fabric or felt
Tools: Scissors, paper, marker, pins, glue gun, seam binding
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate (depending on whether you choose to sew or glue)

This stocking is perfect for the rustic-chic Christmas decorator. It features a burlap body with a fish shape. Although the original design is simple, you can choose to applique it with felt or adorn it with sequins and beads. If you prefer to keep it country, this stocking can be accented with plaid ribbons and jute twine. It can even be personalized with a name or monogram. This stocking is sure to be a conversation starter at your next holiday gathering!

3. Easy Felt Fishbone Stocking for Cats by Brit+Co

DIY Cat Christmas Stockings
Image by: 3 + C

Materials: Fabric, ribbon or trim, thread, or glue sticks
Tools: Needle or glue gun, scissors, paper, marker, pins, cookie cutter
Difficulty Level: Easy

This stocking is perfect for the fish-loving cat in your life. It is simple to make and only requires a few materials. As Christmas craft projects go, it is also quite easy to follow and can be completed in a short amount of time. If you’re not confident with sewing because this project uses felt, you can easily switch to a glue gun to complete it. Although no templates are provided, you can find images of fishbones online to print out and cut around.

4. Kitty Plushy Christmas Stocking by Swoodson Says

DIY Cat Christmas Stockings
Image by: Swoodson Says

Materials: Fur or velour, ribbon, a small stuffed toy
Tools Sewing machine, needle, scissors, paper, marker, pins, rotary cutter, acrylic quilt ruler, clips
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This furry project is a great way to show your love for your cat during the holidays. It is also a perfect way to add a personal touch to your Christmas décor. This stocking can be made with any type of fabric, but a fluffy fur or velour is recommended because it compliments the soft toy you will affix to the front of the stocking. You should ideally match your choice of fur to the body of the toy you’ve selected.

Because fur and velour are trickier fabrics to work with, and this project requires sewing machine skills, we’ve rated this project as difficult. But it is befinitely worth the effort as it’s bound to be the cutest stocking on your mantel and possibly in the whole world.

5. Happy Cats Christmas Stocking Kit by Merry Stockings

DIY Cat Christmas Stockings
Image by: Merry Stockings

Materials: Embroidery floss, sequins, ribbon, beads, and pre-stamped felt (included in the kit)
Tools: Needles (included in the kit); scissors (not provided)
Difficulty Level: Easy

There is nothing cuter than this stocking guaranteed to enchant the furry members of your family. This stocking kit is a must-have for cat lovers! It includes everything you need to make a festive stocking for your feline friend, including a pattern, felt, stuffing, and ribbon. The finished stocking will be approximately 18″ long. If you’d like to achieve a professional finish at a beginner’s skill level, we really recommend going with purchasing a kit. These types of kits make for high-quality decorations and their directions are easily followed.

6. Merry Kitty Christmas Stocking by Embroidery Library

DIY Cat Christmas Stockings
Image by: Em Library

Materials: Canvas, cotton, cutaway stabilizer, spray adhesive, ribbon, fabric glue, thread, scotch tape
Tools: Air erase pen, sewing machine, needle
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This padded stocking is a great way to show your holiday spirit while also showing your cat some love. It’s a whimsical and durable stocking sure to bring a smile to any cat lover’s face. This project can be made with canvas and cotton—or your choice of festive fabric—and adorned with trimmings and ribbons that compliment the season. There is a little more complexity involved in this project, which is why we’ve marked it as difficult.



In conclusion, these 10 awesome DIY cat Christmas stockings are the perfect way to show your feline friend some holiday cheer. They range from simple and elegant to fun and festive, so you can find the perfect stocking to match your cat’s personality. So get your crafting supplies ready and limber up your DIY skills to make this holiday season extra special for your furry friend.

Featured Image Credit: Irina, Pixabay

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