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56 Christmas Cat Puns: Happy Paw-lidays from Santa Claws!

Cat at the top of christmas tree

Christmas cat puns? You got to be kitten me! It’s true, you either love puns or you don’t, and in the spirit of Christmas, a good cat pun makes the best picture caption, gift card message, or conversation starter that will start a great friendship or prevent it from ever beginning.

If you are looking for fun Christmas cat puns, we have some of the punniest ones! Now you can post as many Instagram photos or Christmas cards as you like without running out of ideas for the paw-liday season.


Perfect Puns to Caption Your Christmas Kitty Pics

Any cat lover won’t hesitate to post a cute snap of their feline friend on social media, and if you are a festive lover of Christmas, the two elements will make for a fantastic photo that will rank up the likes. Add a catchy Christmas pun for your caption, and the potential for it to go viral will grow! Here are some fun Christmas puns to caption your holiday cat pictures. We are sure you can find one to suit your image, whether your cat has destroyed the Christmas tree or looks cute and cozy by the Christmas fire.

  • Meow-ery Christmas from my cat to yours
  • It’s the meow-st wonderful time of the year!
  • It’s the most pawfect time of year
  • Santa Claws is coming to town!
  • I’m feline festive!
  • Christmas without you would be a Cat-astrophe
  • Wishing you all a puuuurrrfect Christmas!
  • When cat bells are ringing, all is merry and bright
  • Thanks fur the Christmas memories
  • Christmas tails
  • It’s Catmas in our home this year
  • On the naughty list this year with this cattitude
  • Another Christmas catualty
  • Sharing my obligatory Christmas cat picture, it’s meow or never
  • It’s Christmas, let’s pawty!
  • I love Christmas, but I love my cat the meowst
  • Hide your stockings, and say your prayers cause Santa Claws is coming tonight!
  • The cutest Santa Paws!
  • Catmas is my favorite time of year!
  • Fur-osty the snowman this white Christmas
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Catmas
  • Resting Grinch face
  • Fur the love of Christmas!
  • Whisker wonderland
Cat Christmas tree ornaments
Image Credit: Unsplash

Great Puns for Your Christmas Cards

If you are that cat owner who enjoys including your companion in your holiday gift card photo, then a play on Christmas greetings will certainly add some cheer. Use these puns to inspire a punny Christmas card message.

  • We wish you a meow-ry Christmas and a happy new year!
  • Seasons Greeting from our Pawfect family
  • Merry Catmas!
  • Hope your Christmas is pawsotively perfect
  • If you thought my cat wouldn’t send a gift card this year, you’re kitten yourself.
  • Have a clawsome Christmas!
  • Wishing joy, peace, and Catmas cheer!
  • Eat, drink and be meowry. Merry Christmas!
  • We hope you are feline festive these pawlidays
  • Hope you take time to paws and relax this holiday season
  • Live long and pawsper
  • Have a meow-ry Christmas, claws I said so.
  • We whisker you a Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Catmas, we hope you love your purr-esents!
Cat with a christmas tree in the background
Image Credit: Nadtochiy, Shuttterstock

For the Love of Your Cat

Here are a few puns inspired by the unconditional love for your cat, mixed up with some Christmas spirit.

  • All I want for Catmas is you
  • You are the most pawfect gift this year
  • Kiss me under the meowistle toe
  • You are the Christmas purr-sent I’ve always wanted
  • Last Catmas, I gave you my heart

Cat Names That Can Be Used for Christmas Puns

Using your cat’s name can also be a great way to create a Christmas pun. Playing with Christmas song lyrics and swapping words can make them unique and funny.

  • Carol- My Christmas carol
  • Holly- Have a holly, jolly Christmas!
  • Snowy- Snowy the Frostman
  • Jack- Merry Christmas from Jack Frost
  • Bell- Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way
  • Rudy- Rudy, the red nose cat
  • Charlie- It’s a holly, Charlie Christmas
  • Sadie- Sadie Clause
cat on lap during holiday with christmas food
Image Credit: Dikushin Dmitry, Shutterstock

Christmas Cat Jokes

Puns can also be used alongside a joke; in fact, they can be more effective that way. If you are the joker of the family, you can use a punny Christmas cat joke or two to start the festivities.

Why did the cat not enjoy its Christmas roast?

  • It wasn’t cooked up to scratch.

Why did everyone get silly cat-themed gifts for Christmas?

  • Because we were just kitten around.

What is the name of Santa’s cat?

  • Santa Paws

Why are cats skittish around Christmas trees?

  • Because of their bark

Why did the cat still get Christmas presents even though it had been naughty?

  • Because there was a claws in the contract.



While some of you may be tickled pink after reading these puns, we understand that some may be unamused, so please fur-give us. In any case, if you stumble across this article, you appreciate the greatness of a good pun. We hope these Christmas cat puns have got you feline jolly and festive; don’t be afraid to share them or even come up with your own, they will be meowst appreciated. (See what we did there?)

Featured Image Credit: Jon Osumi, Shutterstock

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