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9 DIY Cat Exercise Wheels to Make at Home (With Pictures)

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We all love our cats, but their constant begging for treats can cause them to become overweight, which can cause health problems later in life. Helping your cat stay active can reduce the risk of obesity, but it’s not always easy to set time aside to play with your cat. An exercise wheel can help them burn off excess calories, but purchasing one from the store can be expensive, and it can be cheaper to just make one.

If you like DIY projects, keep reading for a list of several cat wheels that you can build at home.


The 9 DIY Cat Exercise Wheels

1. Cat Toy Lady Cat Wheel

Materials: Poster board, spray glue, caster wheels, duct tape
Tools: Glue gun, screwdriver, drill
Difficulty: Easy

The Cat Toy Lady Cat Wheel is a fun and easy-to-build project that uses mostly dollar-store materials to create a large 4-foot cat wheel that your pet will enjoy. The wheel rolls smoothly and is durable. The project takes only a few hours to complete, and you can modify the appearance by using different wrapping paper, so it matches your décor.

2. Kindermix Cat Wheel

Materials: Cardboard, wagon wheels
Tools: Scissors, staple gun
Difficulty: Easy

The Kindermix Cat Wheel is good for people with kittens or small cats. It uses cardboard and plastic wagon wheels to create a surprisingly durable cat wheel. The author walks you through each step, and you can probably finish it in only a few hours.

3. NoLi Cat Exercise Wheel

Materials: Wood glue, boards, screws
Tools: Drill, saw
Difficulty: Moderate

The NoLi Cat Exercise Wheel is a great choice for someone with woodworking tools who wants a durable wheel. This project uses small boards covered in carpet to create a comfortable surface for your cat. It’s easy enough for a beginner woodworker if you take your time, and it doesn’t take long to build.

4. Rockett Fabrication DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

Materials: Wood glue, boards, screws
Tools: Jigsaw, hand sander, level
Difficulty: Moderate

The Rockett Fabrication DIY Cat Exercise Wheel is a great project for someone with woodworking experience, and it utilizes bent wood to create a stable base for your pet to run. The finished project looks like a large bike wheel and doesn’t require caster wheels, unlike many of the other projects on this list.

5. Evan and Katelyn’s Giant Hamster Wheel

Materials: Wood, aluminum flashing
Tools: Jigsaw, router
Difficulty: Moderate

Evan and Katelyn’s Giant Hamster Wheel is a fun project that uses aluminum flashing to keep it lightweight. The creators use a few fancy tools, like the circular jig, in the video, but you can use a standard jigsaw if you have that instead. The finished project is extremely durable and won’t break the bank.

6. Mystic the Bengal Cat Wheel

Materials: Plywood, screws, varnish
Tools: Jigsaw, clamps
Difficulty: Moderate

The Mystic the Bengal Cat Wheel uses bent wood, so it’s a great choice if you want to improve your woodworking skills. The finished cat wheel is durable and runs smoothly while your cat is on it, so they are more likely to keep playing. The author finishes it with stain and varnish, but you can also use paint to create something that looks great in any environment.

7. Bobby Driscoll Cat Wheel

Materials: Plywood, wood, screws
Tools: Saw, claps, duct tape
Difficulty: Moderate

The Bobby Driscoll Cat Wheel uses a bike wheel style that eliminates the need for a caster wheel-equipped base. However, it would help if you covered the spokes on the inside to protect the cat from injury. The finished product looks amazing and is extremely durable.

8. Custom Cez Cat Wheel

Materials: Wood, particle board
Tools: Jigsaw, clamps, wood glue
Difficulty: Moderate

The Custom Cez Cat Wheel aims for the finished product to look like a large hamster wheel, and it’s one of the most attractive wheels on this list. The project includes blueprints and everything that you need to finish it, so it isn’t as difficult as it might seem when you first look at it. With patience, you can finish it in a few days.

9. Crystal W Cat Wheel

Materials: Hardwood, plywood, hockey tape, yoga mat
Tools: Saw, measuring tape, drill, nail gun
Difficulty: Moderate

The Crystal W Cat Wheel is a great project for someone looking for an attractive wheel that will last a long time. The video instructions are easy to follow, and the finished wheel spins smoothly. This wheel is also large and heavy and will need a dedicated space.



Building a cat wheel to help your cat get more exercise is a great idea, and you can follow various plans, no matter your skill set, to build one fairly quickly. We recommend Cat Toy Lady Cat Wheel or Newsflare Cardboard Cat Wheel for beginners. These are also good projects for people who want to see if their cat will use a cat wheel before building one out of wood. Once you are ready, we highly recommend Evan and Katelyn’s Giant Hamster Wheel or the Crystal W Cat Wheel, which are attractive and durable.

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