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8 DIY Halloween Costumes for Rabbits You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Rabbit wearing halloween costume

Halloween is a time of dress-up and fun with your best friends—and of course, your pets. They may not be able to join in on all the chocolate eating, but they can be dressed up in the cutest costumes and claim the spotlight in all the photos. No one should be left out on Halloween, so get your materials and tools together and start creating!

If you don’t know where to start or need some inspiration, keep reading because we’ve got some awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas for you that you can create for your rabbit in no time. Some of these costumes are a little challenging, but others are as easy as cutting a few holes into some old fabric. Regardless of your level of DIY skill, we’ve got a Halloween costume for your rabbit.


The 8 DIY Halloween Costumes for Rabbits

1. DIY Ladybug Bunny by This Too is Found Here

Materials: Red and black felt, pipe cleaners, and a rabbit harness
Tools: Scissors, superglue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

We’re putting your DIY skills to the test with our first Halloween costume idea as we turn your cuddly bunny into a ladybug. If you don’t have all the materials we’ve listed, work with the materials that you do have. If you want to make a bumblebee costume instead, you can swap your red felt for yellow and continue. The costumes are made the same way other than cutting out strips instead of circles for the body.

First, cut your red felt into an oval shape and fold the front section over your rabbit’s harness’s front strap and glue it down. Cut out black circles from the black felt and glue them onto the red felt to create the ladybug’s body.

Bend your pipe cleaner into a V-shape and trim it down to a length that proportionally fits your rabbit’s head. Glue one small circle to each end of the pipe cleaner. Cut a small circle out of the red felt as a base for the antennas to rest on your rabbit’s head and glue them to it.

Take another pipe cleaner and glue the ends together. Do this once again with another pipe cleaner. These are the wings, so you can glue them onto the ladybug’s body. Place the harness onto your rabbit, rest the antennas on their head, and take a picture because your rabbit ladybug is going to look so adorable!

2. DIY Bunny Bat Wings by Martha Stewart

DIY Halloween Costume For Rabbits
Image By: Martha Stewart
Materials: Rabbit harness, black felt, paper
Tools: Scissors, superglue, pen, computer, and a printer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

There is nothing more Halloween-appropriate than black wings—or black wings on a black bunny. Turn your rabbit into the little dragon they are with hardly any effort. To get the best shape, print out a wing template and cut it out. Trace the template onto the black felt and cut it out.

To thicken the wings and avoid drooping, glue the cutouts of the wings onto each other—you can glue a couple of layers together until the wings are sturdy. You can either draw or stitch the “veins” onto the wings.

Cut a rectangle from the remaining black felt and glue it to the middle of the wings, leaving the ends unglued. Take the loose ends of the rectangle and wrap them around your rabbit’s harness, gluing them together to secure it. Secure the wings to your rabbit by placing them into their harness. Watch their wings flap as they hop around your room.

3. The DIY Witch Hat by Monkoodog

Materials: Black felt and Halloween stickers
Tools: Scissors, pen, and superglue
Difficulty Level: Easy

A witch is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about Halloween, so it’s only right that we make a witch hat for your little rabbit’s head. If you want to match your rabbit’s hat with your other pets, you can follow the same guidelines when making their witch hats—just remember to adjust your measurements to fit their heads.

Cut half a circle out of your black felt and roll it onto a cone shape. Glue the sides together to secure it. Take a cup with a slightly larger diameter than the cone and place it on the felt and draw a circle around it. Cut it out and glue the cone in the center of the circle. You can leave the hat plain or add Halloween stickers or ribbon to it to make it more colorful—it’s up to you!

4. DIY Beanie Baby Bunny by Kaytee

DIY Halloween Costume For Rabbits
Image By: Kaytee
Materials: Harness and leash, string, and paper
Tools: Scissors, computer, and a printer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Have you ever thought your adorable bunny looks just like a Beanie Baby, except better because they can hop around? Well, this Halloween, you can take that thought a step further and dress your bunny up as a Beanie Baby to get all your friends gushing.

Go online and download the “TY” tag logo to print it. If you don’t have a computer or printer, you can use your creative skills and draw the “TY” tag logo on a piece of paper. Cut out the printed or drawn logo and make a hole in it to loop your string into. Attach it to your rabbit’s harness and leash, and you’ve got yourself a real-life Beanie Baby.

5. The DIY Football by Kaytee

DIY Halloween Costume For Rabbits
Image By: Kaytee
Materials: White felt
Tools: Pen and scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

The picture may be of a guinea pig, but a rabbit’s size is more resemblant to that of a football. That’s right; we’re making the classic football costume. You’re going to turn your bouncing bunny into a bouncing football, and all you’ll need are scissors, a pen, white felt, and a good camera to snap memories of the finished look with.

If you’re limited in the creativity department, you’ll do just fine with this easy design. All that’s required from you is to draw the laces of a football onto the white felt and cut it out. Place it onto the back of your bunny, and you’re done! Your rabbit’s oval shape and brown coat color will complete the look.

6. Repurposed DIY Sweater Sleeve Rabbit Halloween Costume by 99JGJ

Materials: Old sweater, needle, thread
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty level: Low to moderate

You’ll need decent DIY sewing skills to make this repurposed sweater sleeve rabbit costume! If you have sewing experience, you can take your old sweater and repurpose it into a great outfit for your bunny! Now, truth be told, this isn’t exactly a Halloween costume, but it sure could be!

You could easily add extra felt pieces and make it into any creature, ghost, or goblin you like! When Halloween’s spookiness ends, you’ll be left with a sweater your rabbit can wear all winter! You can do the same thing with old shirts, sweatshirts, and anything else with sleeves!

7. DIY Devil and Angel Rabbit Halloween Costumes by Lennon The Bunny

Materials: Needle, thread, pipe cleaners (red, white, and black), surgical face mask, cotton material, cotton balls, felt, glue
Tools: Scissors, glue gun
Difficulty level: Low to moderate

This DIY rabbit Halloween costume will be angelic or devilish, depending on which one you create. Do you have two bunnies? Great! You can make both and have a matching set of Halloween rabbits on October 31st! Both plans are easy to make with moderate DIY skills, a glue gun, and supplies you can find at any hobby shop.

8. Repurposed DIY Pants Leg Rabbit Costume by PETS CUTEST PETS

Materials: Old pair of pants
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty level: Low

Although this isn’t a Halloween costume, per se, it could certainly be used for one if you use the right pair of old pants! It is a terrific DIY rabbit costume to make for any rabbit that will keep your favorite bunny warm all winter. Even better, no sewing, gluing, or any other type of DIY clothing skills are needed. You can use a white pair of pants for a ghost costume, a striped pair for a convict, or a flowery pair for a 1960s flower power rabbit costume! It’s easy, fun, and will be a hit with all of your rabbits!


Wrapping Up

There are plenty of DIY Halloween costumes on the internet for cats and dogs, but only a few for rabbits. We hope the ideas listed above inspire you to dress up your rabbit and make wonderful memories with them. If you can’t decide which DIY Halloween costume to use this year, start from the top and give each one a go as the years go by.

Featured Image Credit: Vincent L. Nguyen, Shutterstock

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