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10 Awesome DIY Raised Cat Bowls You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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DIY plans are the perfect way to use scrap wood from previous projects or add a stylish flare to your décor when you’re on a budget. Your cat can benefit from these projects too. If you’ve been considering a raised cat bowl for your feline but don’t have the funds for one of the fancier ones, a DIY plan might be the way to go.

We put this list of raised cat bowl designs together to help you choose the best one for your décor or personal style. Whether you choose one of the wooden designs, one made from recycled material, or a repurposed raised dog bowl, they’re bound to look like something from the store.


The 10 DIY Raised Cat Bowls

Wooden Designs

Cats aren’t as strong as dogs but they still need a durable, sturdy stand for their food bowls. Wood is one of the easiest ways to make sure your DIY project is heavy enough that it doesn’t skid around the floor while still looking like something store bought.

1. Pet Feeding Station by Charleston Crafted

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted
Materials: 1×4 wood, two matching pet bowls, wood stain
Tools: Tape measure, jig saw, miter saw, drill, wood screws
Difficulty: Easy

Although this pet feeding station is super simple, it’s a sleek, tidy way to keep your cat’s bowls matching and in one place. The hardest part is making sure the measurements match your cat, both the height and the size of the holes for each bowl.

This plan is a great choice if you don’t want to go out and buy more wood too. It’s small enough that you can use leftovers from a previous project and your existing cat bowls. You can adapt the plan for one bowl as many cats prefer to have their food and water bowls separated.

2. Modern Cat Feeder by Remodelaholic

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: Remodel Aholic
Faux marble contact paper, 2×2, gold spray paint, MDF or wood board
Tools: Wood glue, nail gun or drill
Difficulty: Easy

DIYers always have scrap pieces of wood lying around the place, and this modern cat feeder is a great way to use up a few supplies that are too short for other projects. This one’s a firm favorite if you want your cat’s feeding station to mimic the marble counters in your kitchen. With a couple of stainless-steel bowls, this design has a snazzy modern look that will brighten up your home. There’s also a rustic-looking version available.

3. Pet Bowl Stand by Scout Life

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: Scout Life
Materials: Two pet bowls with lips, 1-inch wood, four corner brackets
Tape measure, pencil, carpenter’s square, crosscut saw, ripsaw, keyhole saw, drill, ½ inch spade bit, wood screws, wood glue, sandpaper, wood sealer
Difficulty: Easy

For this pet bowl stand, you’ll need enough wood to hold two cat bowls — stainless-steel bowls with lips will work the best. You can use offcuts from your last project and screws or glue instead of corner brackets to hold the legs in place.

Like the other designs on this list, this one’s easy enough for new DIYers. Remember to adjust the measurements to suit your cat’s needs. You can also personalize it with paint or wood stain to give it a sleek finish.

4. Cat-Shaped Cat Bowls (French) by I Do It Myself

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: I Do It Myself
Materials: Wood board, wooden rods, cat bowl, cardboard
Jigsaw, drill, sandpaper, wood paint or varnish, scissors, wood glue, pencil
Difficulty: Moderate

Rustic wooden raised bowl stands can all look great, but they get a little outdated when everyone uses the same design. Spice up your décor with these cat-shaped raised cat bowls. The instructions are in French, so you’ll need to do a bit of translating, but the pictures are easy enough to follow.

This design also relies on measuring your existing cat bowls — stainless-steel bowls with lips work the best! Using cardboard as a template enables you to challenge yourself by making different cat shapes.

5. Simple Pet Feeder by The Inspired Hive

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: The Inspired Hive
Materials: 1×2 wood, pine board, cat bowls
Tools: Circular saw, jig saw, wood stain, spray paint, brad nailer
Difficulty: Easy

Getting into DIYing can be intimidating, and if you want to try your hand at something simple, this easy pet feeder is a good place to start. It might not look as attractive as some fancy modern designs, but it’s an effective way to use up scrap wood.

Measure the holes using your existing cat dishes, and leave the wood natural or color it with your favorite wood stain. The simplicity of this one makes it easy to adjust the length for a third cat bowl if necessary.


Recycled Material

Wood can get expensive and if you’re new to DIYing, you might not have spare pieces that you can dedicate to a small project like a raised cat bowl. Try using materials that you don’t need anymore with these plans.

6. Upcycled Bowls by Pet DIYs

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: Pet DIYS
Materials: Small bowl, large bowl, plate or tray
Tools: Glue
Difficulty: Easy

Some of the best and simplest DIY designs recycle materials that you have no more use for. This plan upcycles old bowls and a tray or plate that you no longer need to create a stylish, unique raised bowl for your cat. The included tray in the design can catch splashed water or spilled food, keeping the floor around your pet bowls clean.

You can even fix cracked bowls with glue or repaint them to make them look brand new.

7. Plantpot Cat Dish by Instructables

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Plastic plant pot, stainless-steel cat dish
Tools: Marker pen, Dremel, sander
Difficulty: Easy

While this plastic plant pot design is technically designed for dogs, it’s perfect for cats too if you use smaller plant pots. Make sure the plant pot isn’t too tall for your cat, and use your existing cat dishes to measure the size of the hole that you need in the bottom. The rim of the plant pot serves a purpose too, as it acts as a tray to catch food and water spills.

If you can’t find your preferred color of plant pot, personalize it with a splash of paint or a stenciled design.


Repurposed Raised Dog Bowls

Many DIY patterns are aimed at dogs instead of cats but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for your feline friends too. Redesigning a dog bowl stand to suit your cat is a good way to progress from simpler designs and start venturing into designing your own projects from scratch.

8. Dog Bowl Stand by Anika’s DIY Life

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image By: Anikas Daily Life
Materials: 2x2s, wood stain, pet bowls
Tape measure, wood glue, right angle clamp, Kreg Jig, pocket hole screws, drill, miter saw, sander
Difficulty: Moderate

This dog bowl stand is simple but might take a bit of creativity to repurpose for your cat. It’s a good way to challenge yourself by redesigning an existing plan. You’ll need two stainless-steel cat bowls before you start, so you can properly adjust the design. Remember to account for your cat’s height as you put the framework together, and adjust the dimensions accordingly.

Use wood glue and screws for a durable finish, add a touch of paint, and you’re done.

9. Modern Pet Table by Curbly

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image By: Curbly
½ inch plywood, 1x2s, stainless-steel pet bowl, four table legs, brackets
Wood finish, wood glue, nails, painting roller and brush, sandpaper, Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane, miter saw, jigsaw, compass, ruler, pencil, tape measure, safety glasses, dust mask
Difficulty: Moderate

If you prefer more modern style furniture over simple rustic designs, this modern pet table uses two contrasting wood stains for an elegant finish. Despite how easy it is to put together, it looks shop-bought, so you can wow your friends with your DIY skills. The urethane coating makes for an easy-to-clean surface for any food and water spills.

This design is originally intended for dogs, so you might have to adjust the dimensions of the top and the height of the legs.

10. Working With Layers by Garrison Street Design Studio

DIY Raised Cat Bowl
Image By: Garrison Street Design Studio
Materials: ¾-inch wood boards, metal pet bowls
Tape measure, pencil, miter saw, clamps, drill, sander, jigsaw, wood glue, wood stain
Difficulty: Easy

Simple but stylish, this layered raised dog bowl uses wooden boards and tools even the beginner carpenter has on hand. You might have to adjust the number of boards and the size that you cut them to suit your cat and their bowls. If you don’t trust your measurements, stack the boards on top of each other, and let your cat investigate it so you can get a better idea of the height that you’ll need.

Make the layers stand out with your favorite wood stain. For an extra challenge, cut handholds in one of the layers to make it easier to move around.



Cats aren’t fussy about how their food bowls look, but it’s always nice to spoil them with something new. Raised food bowls that are big enough for your cat’s water or food dishes — or for multiple cats — can get expensive, and DIY plans are the perfect, budget-friendly solution. They can be adapted for a single bowl as many cats prefer not to eat next to another cat and to have their water bowl separate from their food bowl. Choose your favorite from our list — or design your own — and try restyling your cat’s feeding area.

Featured Image Credit: Photo_Olivia, Shutterstock

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