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7 Awesome DIY Slow Feed Cat Bowl Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Slow feeding bowl for dogs or cats filled with treats and food

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Most cat owners can agree that their cats live a life of luxury, with nothing really to do but sleep and indulge in the magic food bowl that always seems to be filled with tasty kibble. Unfortunately, obesity is a significant problem for felines.

A slow feeder bowl could be a viable option for your kitty. They’re available in various shapes intended to make it more difficult for your cat to access their food. They can help reduce the number of calories your cat consumes by forcing it to eat more slowly over time. Some slow cat feeder bowls look like puzzles that your cat must solve, which has the added benefit of providing mental stimulation.

The fun part is that you can easily construct a slow feeder for your feline friend, and we have compiled some great plans to get you started!


The 7 Awesome DIY Slow Feed Cat Bowl Plans

1. Simple DIY Slow Feeder Dish by No Ordinary Sparrow

DIY Simple Slow Feeder Dish
Image By: No Ordinary Sparrow
Materials: Standard feeding bowl. One smaller size bowl, silicone sealant
Tools: Caulk gun
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY slow feeder for your cat is simple to build. If you already have two different bowls at home, you are all set! If not, they are relatively cheap to buy. All you need to do is glue the small bowl face down inside the bigger bowl, allow it to dry, and in those two simple steps, you have a slow feeder for your kitty! To get the kibble, your cat will have to take smaller bites, slowing down its eating speed.

2. DIY Glass Bowl Slow Feeder by Kelly Langdal

DIY Glass Bowl Slow Feeder
Image Credit: Kelly Langdal
Materials: Glass bowl, drinking glass with smaller width than the bowl
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

This one works just like a bowl feeder, and if you have a glass bowl that is not in use and a spare glass, then you’re ready to construct your own DIY slow feeder. Place the glass inside the glass bowl. If you are nervous about using glass, other materials like plastic and metal will work just as well.

3. Easy, No Mess DIY Slow Feeder by jazzutako

Materials: Dual bowl stand, feeding bowl, cardboard, elastic band, plastic cup
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This slow feeder is made of items that are very likely lying around your house already, so that’s one step done! It will take about 30 minutes to construct, and your kitty will take about 10 minutes or longer to finish their snack.

4. Fun DIY Interactive Slow Feeder by NoLi

Materials: Magnets, cardboard, wooden dowels, glue
Tools: Scissors, small drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Not only will this cat feeder make sure your kitty’s food is dispensed slowly, but it will also provide mental stimulation. It requires problem-solving for the food to come out, but once your kitty gets the hang of it, they will love it! Any crafter will enjoy this project, but it may take time and patience.

5. DIY Cat Puzzle Slow Feeder by Oh My Dog

DIY Cat Puzzle Slow Feeder
Image Credit: Oh My Dog
Materials: Cardboard box, toilet paper inners
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Finally, there is a crafty project for all the toilet paper rolls you saved for a rainy day. All you need for this puzzle slow feeder are toilet paper rolls, paper towel rollers, and a cardboard box. It is one of the simplest projects on our list.

6. DIY Egg Carton Slow Feeder by CatBehaviorAssociates

DIY Egg Carton Slow Feeder
Image Credit: CatBehaviorAssociates
Materials: Large egg carton
Tools: None
Difficulty Level: Easy

Plans are unnecessary for this feeder, and all you need is an egg carton and some treats. This is a great introduction to puzzle feeders for your kitty. Pour kibble or treats into the slots where the eggs are supposed to go. Your cat can then use their paws to try to retrieve the pieces, which will slow their eating speed and provide mental stimulation.

7. DIY Slow Feeding Interactive Dispenser by NoLi

Materials: Wood, wood glue, bottle (60mm diameter, 190mm length), wooden dowel
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This is a fun and interactive feeder to help your pet slow down at dinnertime. It is a simple design that your cat will have loads of fun trying to retrieve its snack. It consists of two bottles attached to a dowel rod that spins when pawed by your kitty. A hole in the lid allows the treat to fall out quickly.



Final Thoughts

These DIY slow feeders for kitties are sure to be a hit. Not only do they assist in slowing down your cat’s eating, but they also provide mental stimulation. Most of the projects are inexpensive, while some won’t require you to buy any materials. If your cat doesn’t take to one, you can quickly try another until you find something that works.

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