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11 DIY Cat Bunk Bed Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Mother cat with four young kittens in pile bed

Providing your cat with a cozy place to sleep is a necessity and when you have more than one cat, you want to make sure everyone has their own space. It’s no secret that our kitties hold themselves to human standards (or above them) and why wouldn’t they? They deserve the same luxuries that we offer ourselves, which is why the market for pet beds exists.

Instead of going out and purchasing a bed though, you could put your creativity to the test and create a cat bed of your own. Here we’ve aimed at multiple cat households and listed some incredible ideas for some cat DIY bunk beds. After all, who doesn’t love a nice bunk bed?


The 11 DIY Cat Bunk Bed Plans

1. DIY Cat Bunk Bed with IKEA Doll Beds by PetitPetHome

Materials: 2 IKEA DUKTIG doll beds, 4 metal pegs or wooden pegs, bedding of your choice
Tools: Drill, sharpie
Difficulty Level: Easy

IKEA has some great pet products to choose from, but if you are looking for a simple DIY to make your very own cat bunk bed, you need to head to the toy section and pick up two of the DUKTIG doll beds. These beds are the perfect size for cats and are very easy to convert into bunk beds.

You don’t need a lot of tools for this project, either. If you have a drill, a sharpie, and some pegs you can throw this together easily. It already comes with a bed linen set but if you want to tailor it personally to your cats, you can pick whatever bedding you want.

2. DIY Triple Bunk Bed for Cats by Catster DIY

DIY Cat Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Catster
Materials: Pine planks, corner posts, screws, metal brackets, MDF sheet, paint
Tools: Saw, drill, small drill bit, screwdriver, hammer, sandpaper, ruler, felt pads, paintbrushes
Difficulty Level: Moderate

You take your bunk bed a step further with this DIY and turn it into a triple bunk bed. This is obviously ideal for those that have three cats that deserve to get in on the luxury. This project does require a bit more tools and material than your simpler throw-together DIYs, but it’s not too bad. It makes a great beginner project for those wanting to get more experience building furniture without being too overwhelming.

Once you have the triple bunk bed completed, you can either choose to decorate as the DIYer does in the instructions, or you can choose to get creative with the paint by picking out your own color scheme or even adding your own designs.

3. DIY Cat Bunk Bed with Stairs and Feeding Station by Budget101

DIY Cat Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Budget 101
Materials: Wood, nails, wood stain, paint, bedding
Tools: Drill, table saw, sander, hammer
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This DIY cat bunk bed is bound to put your skills to the test but once the project is finished, it will surely be well worth it. This bed is technically aimed toward dogs but works just as great for cats and makes for a one-stop shop for feeding and relaxing.

We love that this project includes stairs, which is great for cats with mobility issues or seniors that are having more trouble getting around than they used to. Once it is all up, you can either stain the wood or paint it the color of your choice. You have plenty of room to exercise your decorative side. This bunk bed will take some time and effort, but it is crafted to be sturdy and will last you a long time once it’s all said and done.

4. DIY Upcycled Wooden Crate Cat Bunk Bed by Martensville Veterinary Hospital

DIY Cat Bunk Bed
Image Credit: My Vet Hosp
Materials: 2 crates, 2 cushions, wood stain, stain brush, 1/4″ wood dowel, wood glue
Tools: Drill, ¼” drill bit, hammer, saw (or wire cutter), measuring tape, drop cloth, sandpaper, steel wool
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have some old wooden crates laying around or you know somewhere to get them, you can make yourself an excellent bunk bed for cats that will not only look good but will be sturdy enough to last. Repurposing old materials is definitely the way to go, and this is a great way to do so.

We love how they used dark wood stains upon the completion of the project, making it fit right into the rest of the home décor. This project is only of moderate difficulty, as it will take some work but not nearly as much as some of the other projects on the list that have you building from the ground up.

5. DIY Hammock Bunk Bed for Cats by Make:

DIY Cat Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Makezine
Materials: Pine 2×2s, stool legs, fabric, rope
Tools: Drill, screws, wood glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Do you enjoy lounging around in a hammock and enjoying the quiet? Well, you can give your cat that luxury by choosing this DIY hammock bunk bed. A lot of cats take well to hammock beds, which is why there are quite a few on the market in pet stores and online. This allows you to make your own for a low price and fit in two hammock beds in one place.

It’s relatively easy to throw together but it’s not an option that comes mostly prebuilt for you. The finished product is very satisfying, especially with the finishing touch of rope framing which looks good and can even serve as a scratching outlet. The result is modern looking and makes for a great addition in front of the window so your cats can enjoy the view.

6. DIY Upcycled Bed Frame Cat Bunk Bed from Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown

Materials: Pine bed slats (or lumber of your choosing,) nails, screws, wood glue, 2-inch-thick foam, fabric
Tools: Table saw, bandsaw, benchtop sander, impact driver, drill, circular saw, oscillating tool, orbital sander, jigsaw, hand planer, angle grinder, electric file, nail gun, staple gun
Difficulty Level: Difficult

Last but not least, we have this DIY cat bunk bed that is crafted using an upcycled bed frame. You are basically creating this one from scratch, so it does require knowledge of some complex tools and exact measurements, but it is great for those with experience.

With this DIY, you can watch the video closely to see how it is done and this DIYer does link a lot of his tools in the description box. Not only is the end product nice and sturdy, but it’s also a way to reuse something that would normally go to waste, a real win, win.

7. Simple Rustic DIY Bunk Bed by

Materials: Birch branches, wood crates, wood screws
Tools: Drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

This simple rustic bunk bed is one of the easiest tutorials on our list. While the process is easy and simple, the result is amazing. You’ll be left with an intricate design that will look straight out of an expensive catalog.

The best part of this bunk bed is its adorable appearance, which will attract your cats’ immediate attention and be a conversation starter. It is beginner friendly, so you don’t have to worry about using serious power tools.

8. Cute Wooden Cat Bunk Bed by Dream a Little Bigger

Cute Wooden Cat Bunk Bed by Dream a Little Bigger
Image Credit: Dream a Little Bigger
Materials: 2 travel pillows, pine board, pine lath, mending plates, corner brackets, wood screws
Tools: Power drill, bar clamps
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This wooden cat bunk bed may be the cutest DIY project on our list. It is not only visually appealing to people but is very convenient for cats due to its height and coziness. The lovely blue paint accentuates the soft and gentle style and provides your cats with a soothing resting area. The tutorial itself is generally easy to follow, with minimal use of power tools. You can do it in a day, and it is very affordable.

9. Floating Stairs Pet Bunk Bed by Andrea’s Workshop

Materials: Lumber, wooden dowels, varnish
Tools: Tape measure, chalk, circular saw, Kreg jig, table saw, miter saw, drill, sander, pillar drill, hand saw, chisel, hammer, clamps
Difficulty Level: Difficult

Creating this gorgeous cat bunk bed with floating stairs is a challenging project but will leave you with a unique and high-quality cat bed. Besides being absolutely gorgeous in any living space, it will be extremely comfortable for your cats (and dogs!)

Due to the difficulty of the project and the requirement for power tools, we ranked it as complex, although we’d love to see you test your skill and creativity. With this project, you are welcome to customize the bunk beds to your liking, add some extra features, or even make it simpler.

10. DIY Easy Pet Bunk Bed by Charleston Crafted

DIY Easy Pet Bunk Bed
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted
Materials: Lumber, plywood, foam, fleece, wood finish
Tools: Table saw, drill, circular saw, Kreg jig
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY pet bunk bed is another easy tutorial that will allow you to connect pieces already cut to size and end up with a lovely cat bunk bed in a few hours. After acquiring the lumber and plywood needed, you’ll need them cut to your desired sizes. Make sure to consider your cats’ sizes and the size of your living space before deciding on the dimensions.

This bunk bed is perfect for fitting two cats or even a dog if necessary. It is minimalistic but beautiful because of the rustic stained varnish.

11. Upcycled Suitcase Cat Bunk Bed by Cut Out and Keep

Upcycled Suitcase Cat Bunk Bed by Cut Out and Keep
Image Credit: Cut Out and Keep
Materials: Old vintage suitcase, two pillows, chair legs, screws
Tools: Dremel, hand saw, screwdriver, hammer, bolts
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are looking for a piece of furniture to emphasize your cat’s unique personality, then this suitcase cat bunk bed is an ideal choice. All you need to be able to make this creative bunk bed is an old suitcase and some discarded chair legs. Connect everything, and the result will astound you.

While this tutorial is incredibly easy, it will be a focal point of any room, and your cats will be impressed too! With some additional customization, this bunk bed will become a real home for your pets.


Necessities for Multiple Cat Homes

Since you already have sleeping spots covered, we thought we’d mention a few other items that make life easier in multiple cat homes. There are even some great DIY projects for some of the following items that are worth checking out, too!

Multiple Litter Boxes

There’s no way around it, if you have more than one cat, you need more than one litter box. It is recommended that you provide a litter box per each cat, plus an additional one. Cats are private animals, and some will prefer having their own space to relieve themselves. While they may still share boxes, it’s best to have enough options around the house to keep things flowing smoothly and allow each cat the opportunity for privacy. 

Litter Mats

Litter mats are a great way to keep litter mess outside the box down to a minimum. Cat litter is messy (especially clay litter), and it gets stuck to their paws and tracked outside the box. Not only that but it may also get flung outside the box when your cat is covering up their waste. With multiple cats, you’ll have multiple messes.  A litter mat will catch a lot of the litter that makes its way out of the box so you can easily dispose of it rather than worrying about it being tracked all through the house. 


Cats love to keep themselves entertained and there is no better way to keep them occupied than a wide variety of toys. This ranges from laser pointers, mouse toys, tunnels, wand toys, and more. Providing the cats in your home with toys for enrichment is a necessity, especially if you don’t want them to resort to normal household items to keep busy. 

Burmese cat face before pounce hunting to toy mouse
Image Credit: Viacheslav Lopatin, Shutterstock

Scratching Posts

It’s natural for cats to sharpen their claws and with indoor cats, furniture, fabrics, and carpet tend to fall victim to this activity. When you have multiple cats, you will have a lot more claw sharpening going on. The best way to alleviate damage to the household is to redirect their attention by providing scratching posts. These posts are made from material that will entice them to scratch, so having these around will relieve some stress from you and your wallet.

Cat Tree(s)

Cat trees are great for multiple cat households because it gives cats a place up high to explore and relax if need be. This will help keep them from perching on furniture and counters. There is a wide variety of cat trees available on the market with different features, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. There’s no harm in having more than one, either.

Cat Carriers

When you have more than one cat, you will want more than one carrier. You never know when you’ll need to bring your kitties along for a ride or will need to cart them off to the veterinarian for a dual appointment. Cats shouldn’t travel together in the same carrier for their own safety, so having one carrier for each cat is necessary.

Pheromone Spray

Pheromone sprays have grown increasingly popular over the last few years. They are sprays that can be misted into their air or on fabrics or used in a diffuser. These synthetic pheromones mimic the calming pheromones cats release when they are calm and happy. They can help provide relief in stressful situations. Chances are, you will run across a time when you’ll want to provide your cat some stress relief (car rides, moving, new additions to the house, etc.) and this is worth trying. 

Plenty of Food and Water Bowl

It’s a good idea to provide each cat with its own food bowls, as some cats can get a bit hasty when it comes to sharing. This may not be necessary for all cats though, plenty of multiple cat homes have felines that get along just fine and can easily share. Automatic feeders and water fountains are great choices for homes with multiple cats.

gray tabby scottish fold cat licking its lips after eating food from bowl
Image Credit: P Stock, Shutterstock

Food Storage

Having a handy storage container for food is a must-have for cat owners. Some rotten kitties will try and eat their way through the bags, leaving you a mess to clean up. Having a secure storage container will allow you to stock up on food and keep it safe and well-protected until it’s time for dinner. 

Grooming Supplies

Brushes and other grooming supplies such as flea combs and shampoo are great to have on hand. Regular brushing will provide some quality, one-on-one time with your cat which makes for a great bonding experience. Not just that, but keeping your cats brushed will help reduce excess hair on furniture and clothes from normal or seasonal shedding. Flea combs are good to have on hand to check for those dreaded pests, and bath supplies are always handy in case your cat gets too messy that their self-grooming won’t cut it.

Cleaning Supplies

Finally, make sure you keep some disinfectant spray, enzyme cleaners, towels, scrub brushes, and any other cleaning supplies of your choice on hand. Cats aren’t always the messiest of animals, but some like to hop up on counters and other surfaces, so you’ll want to disinfect. Accidents happen sometimes too, so having enzymatic cleaner on hand is a great idea to neutralize the odors and remove any stains.



As you can see, there are plenty of creative ideas you can look to when you are ready to build your own cat bunk bed. These DIY projects range from simple to complex, so whether you are an experienced DIYer or just want to throw a bed together really quick, there’s a cat bed here that will work for you (and your cats.) Now as for who gets the top bunk, we’ll leave that for the cats to figure out.

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