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Do Bombay Cats Like Water? Facts, Care Tips & FAQ

bombay cat lies on coastal rock

Bombay cats are a charming breed, known for their jet-black coat and luminous yellow eyes. They are loveable and affectionate and enjoy all the cuddles they can get, which also means they enjoy staying warm and toasty. So, what does this mean for bath time? Do these delightful kitties enjoy water?

Like most cats, Bombay cats don’t particularly enjoy water and typically avoid it. If the water is warm, there are a few rare occasions you may see a Bombay cat enjoying a swim, especially if you have warmed them up to the idea from a young age, but these sweet felines understandably enjoy being dry and warm.


Do Bombay Cats Swim?

Bombay cats can swim but only swim if they must and not by choice. While they do not fear being in water, Bombay cats do not like it. If you spot a swimming Bombay cat, it’s probably because the feline is paddling for its life to get out of the water.

Do Bombay Cats Enjoy Bathing?

Bath time can be tolerated by your Bombay cat as long as the water is not cold. That said, exposing your kitty to this potentially uncomfortable experience is unnecessary, as most Bombays don’t need to be bathed. They are exceptional at keeping themselves clean and can groom themselves without their owner’s help.

If your kitty has perhaps been christened by the saliva of another pet or the drippings of your children’s ice cream cone or decided to have a field day in the mud, then a bath may be necessary. In this case, make sure the water is warm and have some blankets on hand to keep them wrapped up and snug once they are clean.

If you are in a situation where you need to help your kitty tolerate water, there are some tricks to help encourage them slowly. You can put your kitty into a dry, empty tub with its favorite toy while offering treats and praise. After several days, rub your kitty down with a damp face cloth, and once it feels comfortable, add a little water at room temperature.

Next, use a small pitcher to wet the cat, and you can also use your hand to gently massage and reassure the cat. Never force the process; provide treats when your pet remains calm in the tub.

bombay cat taking a bath
Image Credit: Pani Kavetska, Shutterstock

Do Bombay Cats Enjoy Drinking Water?

Felines are less inclined to drink water than dogs, and most Bombays consume water, although they’re not fond of it. Provide plenty of water so your kitty can stay hydrated, but if you notice your cat is not drinking enough, you can serve wet food or add a little water to the cat’s kibble.

Cats usually don’t like their food bowls next to their water dishes, but you can place the bowl 3–5 feet away from the food bowl. Bombays don’t need a particular type of water, but the water should be fresh and sanitary.

A drinking fountain is a good way to entice your kitty to drink more water. It is appealing to cats since most prefer running water.

Do Bombay Cats Like to Go Outside?

Bombay cats are playful and interactive and love to be warm. A sunny day encourages them to venture outside and bask in the sun, but rain will most likely deter their outdoor activities. Bombays will avoid rainfall or even puddles, and not even the opportunity to catch prey will entice them to brave the water.

Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

What Cat Breeds Like Water?

If you are looking for a breed that enjoys water, you’re in luck. The Sphynx cat needs a regular bath to remove the oily build-up on its skin, and it eventually learns to enjoy bath time.

Main Coons are known to be fascinated by water and are usually found playing with their water bowls. Other water-loving breeds include the Turkish Angora, Manx, British shorthair, Burmese, and Bengal cats.


Final Thoughts

Bombay cats prefer to be warm and dry and are not fond of water or getting wet, as they do not enjoy feeling weighted down. There is not much that would encourage your Bombay to go near water. Even if prey is lurking outside, the obstacle of water will keep the cat indoors. Bombay cats are excellent groomers who rarely need baths.

It is vital not to force your kitty into the water because the experience can be too stressful. Spraying your cat with water as punishment is also cruel, and your kitty will lack trust in you and even begin to dislike you. If your kitty ends up wet for some reason, help them get dry and warm, and don’t forget the extra cuddles!

Featured Image Credit: Galina-Photo, Shutterstock

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