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Do Maine Coon Cats Like Water? Facts & FAQ

blue tabby maine coon cat playing with water

Maine Coon cats are one of the most beloved cat breeds in the United States, and it’s no wonder why—they’re fluffy, gentle giants who love to play and get along well with other pets and humans.

However, there’s one quirk that Maine Coons have that often surprises people: most Maine Coons love water.

Unlike most cats, Maine Coons seem to really enjoy getting wet. They’ll splash their paws in their water bowls, play with a running faucet, and even jump into the bathtub or shower with their owners.

So why do Maine Coons love water so much? Let’s look at a few possible explanations.


The 3 Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats Love Water

1. Their Ancestors Came From a Cold and Wet Climate

Maine Coons originated in the snowy state of Maine (hence their name), which partly explains why they evolved to be such big, fluffy cats.

However, they’re also thought to be descendants of the majestic Norwegian Forest cat breed. Norwegian Forest cats are known for their thick, water-resistant fur coats, which have helped them survive in the cold, wet climate of their homeland. This also means they’re more comfortable with getting wet than other cats, a trait that Maine Coons may have inherited.

calico maine coon cat lying on the grass
Image Credit: Aleksei Verhovski, Shutterstock

2. Their Water-Repellent Fur Helps Them Stay Dry

Maine Coons have two layers of fur: a soft, insulating undercoat and a thick outer coat. This double layer of fur is designed to keep them warm in cold weather and dry in wet conditions. It’s also water-resistant, which means Maine Coons don’t have to worry about their fur getting soaked when they jump in a puddle or play with a running hose.

3. Maine Coons Are Curious and Adventurous by Nature

maine coon lying outdoors
Image Credit: barnabashohl, Pixabay

Maine Coons are highly intelligent and inquisitive cats, and this curiosity extends to water-related activities.

Things like running faucets, toilets, showers, fish tanks, and even swimming pools are all fascinating to them. It’s hard to resist those fun reflections, interesting sounds, and the way water moves!

Plus, Maine Coons are known for being particularly adventurous cats. They love to explore and are always up for a new challenge, so it’s no surprise that they won’t hesitate to investigate that big puddle in the backyard.


Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?

Now we know that water equals fun for Maine Coons, but can they actually swim?

The answer is yes! Maine Coons can swim, and there are tons of videos online of them paddling around in bathtubs, lakes, and other bodies of water.

Since their coat repels water, they don’t get as wet as other cats when they swim, and their long tails help them steer and keep balance while they’re in the water.

Do Maine Coons Need Baths?

While we’re on the topic of bathtubs, you might be wondering if you need to give your Maine Coon a bath.

The answer is usually no, especially when you have an exclusively indoor kitty. Cats are excellent at grooming themselves and will usually keep their fur clean and free of tangles.

Since Maine Coons have water-resistant fur, they don’t tend to get as dirty as other cats. If they do get a little dirty, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually all they need.

However, there are a few exceptions. If your Maine Coon has a condition that affects their ability to groom themselves, you may need to give them regular baths. For example, some cats with diabetes or arthritis may have difficulty reaching all their body parts to clean them properly. In these cases, regular baths can help keep your kitty clean and healthy.

You may also need to give your Maine Coon a bath if they get into something really dirty or smelly, like oil, paint, or garbage. If this happens, make sure to use a mild cat shampoo and avoid getting water in their ears and eyes.

Whether you decide to bathe your Maine Coon or not, make sure to keep their fur clean and well-groomed. After all, it’s part of what allows them to enjoy water so much.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Brush your Maine Coon’s fur regularly to remove any dirt, debris, or knots.
  • Use deshedding tools to help reduce shedding and furballs and keep their coats
  • Give them regular nail trims to prevent overgrowth and keep their claws from getting caught on things.
  • Wipe them down with a damp cloth after they’ve been outside to remove any pollen, dirt, or other environmental allergens.
  • If you do decide to bathe your Maine Coon, use a mild cat shampoo. Better yet, use a mild deshedding shampoo to reduce shedding even more.
  • Take them for a vet check-up if you notice any changes in their grooming habits. Examples are excessive shedding, bald spots, or changes in their coat texture. These could be signs of a medical condition that needs to be treated.


Final Thoughts

The next time you see your Maine Coon playing in a puddle or dipping their paw in the toilet, don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal behavior for these curious and adventurous kitties.

Instead, try joining in on the fun. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and supervise their water playtime at all times.

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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