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Why Do Cats Like Bathtubs So Much? 7 Likely Reasons

Cute cat in the bathtub

At first thought, it’s an odd conundrum. Your cat can’t stand it when you want to bathe them, but in between baths, they want to spend all their time in the tub. But while it might seem a bit odd at first, there’s usually a pretty good reason for this.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few reasons you might keep finding your cat in the tub, and after you learn a bit more about them, they’ll start to make a bit more sense!


The 7 Reasons Why Cats Like Bathtubs So Much

While your cat might not enjoy it when you turn the water on in the tub, that doesn’t mean you won’t catch them lying around enjoying the tub in between uses. Below, we’ve highlighted seven different reasons your cat might like hanging out in the tub so much.

1. It’s Cool

If it’s a hot summer day, your cat might just enjoy the cool feeling of the tub. Bathtubs tend to provide a cool surface even on the hottest days, and sometimes, that’s exactly what a cat is looking for. If you pay attention to when your cat is heading to the bathtub to hang out, it might tell you why they like it so much.

Image By: artsandra, Shutterstock

2. It’s Warm

Just like your cat might want to hang out in the bathtub because it’s cool, there’s also a chance they want to hang out in the bathtub because the bathroom is a bit warmer than the rest of the house. If this sounds like your bathroom, it might be why they’re constantly heading in there.

And once they’re in the bathroom, they’re just looking for a comfortable place to lie down, and the bathtub might be it.

3. It’s Cozy & Compact

While you might not think of an empty bathtub as the perfect place to take a nap, there are a few different reasons your cat might think this way. It’s a smooth surface, and the enclosure makes them feel safe, but if something comes up, they can quickly hop out and get away.

This all makes for an ideal place for a cat to curl up or stretch out, and it’s why so many cats simply can’t get enough of bathtubs!

Cat lying in the bathtub
Image By: Natalia De la Rubia, Shutterstock

4. There Might Be Water

While your cat might not like a lot of water, a little water sitting in a nook or a crevice is pretty interesting to them. It gives them something to look at, and if they’re thirsty, they can go over and take a drink. Most cats don’t want to be in a ton of water, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it around.

5. It’s Interesting

The bathtub might not seem all that interesting to you, but sometimes, your tub is full of fun surprises! There might be a little water hanging out on the surface, or the faucet might drip occasionally. Either way, it’s all part of what might make a bathtub so interesting to a cat.

cat in the bathtub
Image By: Irina Borodovskaya, Shutterstock

6. They Want to Be Near You

The bathroom is often one of the most frequented rooms in your home, and many cats want to be near all that activity. It’s also somewhere they can come up and nudge you while you can’t get away as quickly, which is a prime opportunity for many cats.

You might not want them nudging you while you’re taking care of your business, but often, your cat just wants your attention however they can get it.

7. They Might Like Water

While most cats don’t like water, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some cats love being near water, and if they come to associate the bathtub with a place where they can get in the water, they might keep coming back hoping for more.

You should have a good idea if this is why your cat is coming to the bathtub so often simply because they keep wanting you to give them a bath.

Image By: sophiecat, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little bit more about why your cat might like hanging out in the tub so much, perhaps you can narrow it down to the exact reason and set up a few more interesting areas for them.

Of course, there’s a good chance your cat is already happy with what you have for them, just keep giving them access to the bathtub and everyone should remain happy. Just ensure they’re out of the tub before you hop in and turn on the water!

Featured Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

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