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Does Every Siamese Cat Have Blue Eyes? Vet-Approved Facts & FAQ

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While it might surprise you, the truth is that every Siamese cat has blue eyes! But why is this the case when so many other cats have different colored eyes, and what does it mean if you see a cat that looks Siamese but has different colored eyes?

We’ll answer all those questions and more for you here before diving into some more interesting facts you might not know about Siamese cats.


Why Do Siamese Cats Always Have Blue Eyes?

Every purebred Siamese cat has blue eyes, and it all comes down to the genes they carry. Siamese cats have a set of genes that affects how they handle different situations and how they look.

To understand why Siamese cats have blue eyes, you need to understand a bit more about what makes up a cat’s eye color in the first place. Cats, like humans, get their eye color pigment from a structure called the iris.

The iris of the eye is a multi-layered area of tissues with a black opening in the middle, the pupil. The iris contains melanocytes, which are responsible for melanin production. Melanin is what gives skin, fur, and eyes their specific colors.

But because of the genes that Siamese cats carry, they don’t have any pigment (melanin) in their eyes, and the blue coloration comes from light refraction on the iris. Since blue has the shortest wavelength, the light gets scattered and blue reflects back out. Therefore, every Siamese cat’s eyes look blue. If you see a cat that looks Siamese but doesn’t have blue eyes, it means they’re not purebred Siamese.

The only way a Siamese cat can have different colored eyes is if another type of cat passed down genes somewhere. And remember, just because a cat has blue eyes doesn’t mean they’re Siamese.

Siamese cat sitting on table
Image By: webandi, Pixabay

Do All Cats Have Blue Eyes?

While every Siamese cat has blue eyes, not every cat out there has blue eyes. However, it is true that every kitten is born with blue eyes. Over time, pigment develops in the eyes, changing the color to brown, amber, green, or yellow. By the time kittens are about 8 to 9 weeks old, they will have their true color. Of course, if no pigment develops, their eyes stay blue.


Another 5 Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats

While it’s interesting enough that all Siamese cats have blue eyes, it’s far from the only interesting fact about Siamese cats. We’ve highlighted five more interesting facts you might not know about Siamese cats here:

1. Siamese Kittens Are Born All White

White adult Siamese cats will have more colors than just white, that’s not the case for Siamese kittens as soon as they’re born. Because of the same albinism traits that keep their eyes blue, all Siamese cats have white fur when they’re born.

But as this fur becomes exposed to different temperatures, it darkens into the more recognizable Siamese patterns.

Image Credit: Kitti_Kween, Shutterstock

2. Siamese Cats Traditionally Had Crossed Eyes

While today people view crossed eyes as undesirable, before that, it was a signature trait of the Siamese cat. Not only did almost every Siamese cat have crossed eyes, but they also had crooked tails. These traits come from genetic flaws, and today, most Siamese cats do not have these traits.

3. They Live a Long Time

If you want a pet that’s going to live with you for a long time, you might want to take a look at the Siamese cat. The average lifespan of a Siamese cat is 15 years, but it’s not unheard of for a Siamese cat to live over 20 years.

applehead siamese cat
Image Credit: Witsawat.S, Shutterstock

4. They Love to Play Games Like Fetch

While you typically think of games like fetch when you’re thinking about dogs, the truth is that Siamese cats love to play games. You can teach them to play fetch, you can teach them some tricks, and with a bit of training, you can even walk a Siamese cat on a leash! They love spending time with you, so of all the cats to train, Siamese cats make it pretty easy.

5. There Are Two Types of Siamese Cats

If you’re looking at different Siamese cats out there, there are actually two different types for you to pick from. There are “traditional” or old Siamese cats, and then there is the modern Siamese. Traditional Siamese cats have rounder heads and are a bit larger than the modern Siamese. Modern Siamese cats are a bit smaller and have wedge-shaped heads.

Overall, the patterns on both the traditional and the modern Siamese cats are almost identical, but it’s all about their overall size and the shape of their heads!


Final Thoughts

It’s pretty cool that every Siamese cat has blue eyes, but it’s far from the only thing that makes a Siamese cat such a great pet option. They’re full of interesting facts and tidbits, and hopefully, we’ve taught you a thing or two about them. Before you bring one home, do your homework, but we’re sure the more you learn, the more you’ll want to get one!

Featured Image Credit: Andreas Lischka, Pixabay

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