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Does Pet Supplies Plus Sell Animals? What Do They Sell?

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With over 460 stores located in 33 states, there’s a good chance you have a Pet Supplies Plus near you. If you’ve not had a chance to go inside one or check out their website, you might be curious about what they sell. It’s safe to assume they sell pet supplies since it’s in the name, but what kinds of supplies do they sell? And do they sell animals themselves?

Pet Supplies Plus sells a vast range of pet supplies for any pet you can imagine. They also provide grooming and pharmacy services. As for whether they sell animals, some stores do sell a small range, but not all stores have animals for sale.


Does Pet Supplies Plus Sell Animals?

Whether Pet Supplies Plus sells animals ranges from store to store. Some customers of this chain said their local stores did have animals. Others said their stores did not, while others said stores close to them used to sell animals but no longer did.

If your local Pet Supplies Plus does sell animals, these animals could include fish, birds, rodents, lizards, rabbits, ferrets, cavies, chinchillas, and hermit crabs. Again, what exactly your local store might sell—if they have animals for sale in the first place—will vary. Many Pet Supplies Plus stores also participate in dog and cat adoption events.

What Do They Sell?

Most of what Pet Supplies Plus sells is pet supplies for dogs, cats, small pets, birds, fish, and reptiles. They also work with Vetsource when it comes to medications and offer grooming services.


It appears that Pet Supplies Plus has pretty much everything you could need for your dog, no matter what life stage it’s in.

When it comes to food, this store offers a wide range, including wet, dry, frozen, refrigerated, freeze-dried, grain-free, and foods specifically for puppies or seniors. Brands include Purina, Wellness, Taste of the Wild, and many more. This chain also provides a host of dog treats, including crunchy treats such as biscuits, soft treats, dental chews, long-lasting chews, and bully sticks.

And when it comes to dog supplies, this chain has you covered! You can grab a crate or other housing, then follow up with a dog bed or crate mat for your furry pal. You can also invest in gates to keep your pet out of the places they shouldn’t be. Pet Supplies Plus has food and water bowls, collars, harnesses, and leashes. Plus, they have products designed to help train your pup, handle waste management, eliminate odors and stains, keep your pet safely in your yard, and travel safely with your dog.

Then there’s the matter of grooming. Besides grooming tools such as brushes, combs, and deshedders, this chain has eye care, dental care, ear care, vitamins, supplements, and flea and tick control products.

On top of all that, they have a wide array of dog toys for your pet to choose from, along with clothing and accessories.


When it comes to cat care, Pet Supplies Plus carries many of the same items they have for dogs.

Their wide variety of food products includes wet, dry, refrigerated, freeze-dried, and frozen food specifically for kittens and seniors, as well as milk replacements. Brands include Fussie Cat, Taste of the Wild, and Mitten’s Pickins. They also carry treats with various textures, dental chews, and catnip and pet grass.

What other supplies might your favorite feline need? You can shop here and get them a litter box and litter, housing and carriers, a nice bed, gates for your home, food and water bowls, plus scratching posts and cat trees.

It tends to be harder to groom our cats, but if you’re up to the task, you can get grooming tools such as brushes, combs, nail clips, and more here. You can also invest in hairball remedies, dental, ear, and eye care, flea and tick control, shampoo and conditioner, or vitamins and supplements while you’re at it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem there are clothing and accessories for cats here, but they have plenty of toys ranging from catnip to interactive.

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Small Pets

If you have a small pet like rabbits, rodents, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, or chinchillas, you’ll find a little less of a selection of products than you would for dogs and cats. Still, you should be able to get most of what you need for your small pet here.

Feed them not just food designed for your small pet but also hay & alfalfa, and throw in a few treats. Brands include Oxbow, Katee, and Sunseed. Cover them with the rest of their essential needs by stocking up on cages, hutches, habitats, collars, leashes, harnesses, waterers, feeders, bedding, and litter.

You can even keep your small pet well-groomed with items such as shampoos and combs and give them a health boost with vitamins and supplements. And if your small pet needs more toys or accessories like tubes or tunnels, you’ll find those at Pet Supplies Plus, too!


You’ll find all the basics needed for birds at Pet Supplies Plus. Stock up on birdseed, pellets, and spray millets by brands such as Katee and Hagen to keep them well-fed. This chain also carries cages, feeders, and waterers, perches, and decor to keep your bird safe and happy. You can also purchase vitamins and supplements at this store, as well as products for skin care and plumage. Finally, there’s a small array of bird toys you can choose from to keep your pet entertained.

Cardinal Lory Chalcopsitta cardinalis parrot bird
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Pet Supplies Plus carries freshwater and saltwater fish supplies, including freeze-dried and frozen food, fish flakes, pellets, and crisps. Brands include Omega One and Tetra. They also supply all your aquarium needs, such as aquariums themselves, stands, hoods, and decor. You’ll need to keep your aquarium clean and safe for your fish, so you’ll also want to purchase heating and lighting elements, filtering and maintenance products, test kits and strips, and salt here.


You can get quite a bit for your pet reptile at Pet Supplies Plus! Food products range from food sticks to granules to pellets to live crickets and mealworms by brands such as Zoo Med and Zilla. You can also acquire everything your reptile could want for their habitat, including the actual habitat, heating and lighting elements, decor, bedding, products for filtering and humidity, and options for feeding and watering. They also carry a few items to maintain your pet’s general health and well-being.


You can also get some medications for your pet through Pet Supplies Plus. While it isn’t an in-store pharmacy, you can shop for your pet’s prescriptions online. Once you’ve found what you need and the prescription has been confirmed with your vet, your pet’s meds will be shipped straight to your door!

yorkshire terrier grooming
Image By: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock


Pet Supplies Plus also offers a host of grooming services, although with a catch: they only groom dogs. However, if you’re a dog owner, you’ll be happy to know that your dog can get a bath or haircut and be pampered with special treatments here. Plus, they have self-wash stations where you can bathe your dog yourself. According to customers, these are quite popular, as well as convenient and affordable!



Some Pet Supplies Plus stores do sell a small variety of animals such as fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets. However, not every store will sell animals, and not every store will sell the same types of animals. If you simply want pet supplies, though, this chain should have you well covered. They have a large range of products for nearly every type of pet out there, so you can stock up on all the basics and extras you need.

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