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Dog Food Recall Alerts & Information | List Updated in 2024

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Every devoted dog parent wants to keep their furry friend safe and healthy, simply wanting the best for them, which is precisely why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of dog food recalls.

At Pet Keen, we want to help you maintain the well-being, joy, and safety of your four-legged companion, and our up-to-date recall list is designed to assist you in achieving just that! We’re committed is to being your primary source for the latest updates on dog food recalls. Our list is updated frequently, especially immediately after a new recall is issued, and we have an archive of the dog food recalls from the current year and previous ones.

The sooner we can alert you to any recall, the better equipped you’ll be to safeguard your dog’s welfare. We do this by staying on top of of information from authoritative sources such as the FDA, AVMA, and others. This crucial information ensures that your canine companions are thriving on their meals, and you’re not buying anything potentially harmful.

Below, you’ll find the recalls arranged from the most recent to the oldest. Click on the links within the tables to access the specifics of each recall, and join our mailing list below so you never miss a recall again.

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Dog Food Recalls:

List of Dog Food Recalls 2024:

May 17, 2024PedigreePedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dog Food
January 27, 2024Viva Raw Pet FoodViva Duck Recipes for Dogs

List of Dog Food Recalls 2023:

December 21, 2023Blue Ridge BeefBlue Ridge Beef Puppy Mix
October 30, 2023Mid America Pet FoodVictor Super Premium Beef Meal & Brown Rice Dog Food
October 27, 2023Blue Ridge BeefBlue Ridge Beef Breeders Choice #2
October 12, 2023Carolina Prime PetHollywood Feed Carolina Made Jerky Treats
September 27, 2023Texas Farm Products CompanyRetriever All Life Stages Mini Chunk Chicken Dog Food
September 6, 2023VictorVictor Super Premium Classic Hi-Pro Plus
August 16, 2023Arrow Reliance Inc.Darwin’s Natural Pet Products for Dogs Recall
March 13, 2023Stratford Care USAOmega 3 Supplements
March 11, 2023Purina Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets El Elemental (Extended)
February 8, 2023PurinaPurina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets El Elemental

List of Dog Food Recalls 2022:

December 2, 2022PurinaPurina Pro Plan Vet Diet
September 6, 2022Spot & TangoUnkibble
July 14, 2022Stormberg Foods LLCMultiple brands
July 6, 2022Primal Pet FoodsRaw Frozen Primal Patties
June 20, 2022Fresh Pet Inc. Freshpet Select Fresh From the Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken Recipe
February 18, 2022Family Dollar Inc.Multiple brands

List of Dog Food Recalls 2021:

June 13, 2021Freshpet Inc.Small Pet Recipe
June 2, 2021Sunshine Mills Multiple Products
March 26, 2021Midwestern Pet Foods Multiple brands
January 11, 2021Midwestern Pet Foods Sportmix pet food

List of Dog Food Recalls 2020:

December 30, 2020Midwestern Pet FoodsSportmix Pet Food
November 16, 2020Albright's Chicken Recipe for Dogs
October 9. 2020Sunshine Mills Inc.Various brands + products
September 29, 2020Paws Up! / Western FamilyPig ear dog treats
September 22, 2020Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo and Superfoods Recipe
September 2, 2020Sunshine Mills Inc.Multiple dog foods
August 24, 2020Nature's MenuSuper Premium Dog Food with a Blend of Real Chicken & Quail
June 12, 2020CarnivoraFrozen raw pet food
March 23, 2020Icelandic+Whole Capelin Fish Treats for Dogs
Feburary 14, 2020Aunt Jeni's Home MadeAll-Natural Raw Turkey Dinner


Dog Food Recalls – What You Need to Know

Ever wondered about the implications of a dog food recall and its significance for your cherished pets? In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds the responsibility of overseeing various products, including food items designed for our canine friends. The FDA is routinely tests foods, scrutinizing batches for potential contamination and the presence of ingredients that may trigger illnesses, such as Salmonella. Moreover, the examination extends to unapproved pesticides or excessive levels of minerals like calcium.

When the FDA identifies a product as potentially hazardous, it promptly issues alerts to inform the public. Subsequently, most pet food brands opt for a voluntary recall, removing the affected products from store shelves, all in the interest of your pets’ well-being.

What types of dog food recalls are there?

Pet food recalls typically fall into two primary categories: voluntary and ordered recalls. The majority of recalls fall under the voluntary category, indicating that the initiative stems from the pet food company itself. In such cases, the company makes the decision to withdraw the product from shelves and notifies the public about the potential risks. Occasionally, the FDA intervenes, issuing an ordered recall.

Once a product is subject to recall, both the FDA and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) issue alerts. This is precisely where our compiled lists prove invaluable! Swift awareness of potential risks associated with the dog food your pet consumes is crucial. Timely action is imperative, as the consequences of feeding your dog potentially hazardous food can be severe, even fatal, if not addressed promptly. Sign up above to stay informed for the safety of your canine companion.

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